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Praggya Joshi Jan 2019
He follows the same orbit
In the same motion,
Devoid of any thrilling emotions,
With desperate dedication
Without changing the pace of his muscles
Or the direction of his notion
Day after day
He isn't allowed to run
Or shift, tilt, step
Even a tiniest bit,
away from this linear trajectory
Which he tries to bruise and beat
Using the enduring might
Of his legs
Yet every morning
He opens his eyes
To the searing light
Of a sun
Pushing and shoving him
Towards the place
of his daily grind
And exertion
Praggya Joshi Jan 2019
The aching brambles of this eternity
Pierce and rip through me mercilessly Tangled between their
inextricably intricate knots
I howl and scream indefinitely
Only to find my desperate voice
Get repeatedly trapped and ensnared within
It's razor sharp bars
And become evidently inept to turn into
A choral symphony
Buried beneath it's empty, vacant
Yet unflinching and determined grip
I struggle and strive to remember
Those dreams that caressed me
Long ago
With a vision that was blissfully distinct
and immeasurably distant than
The endless phases and facets of life
That now surround and besiege me
How can I freeze and pause
This ever-growing loop of perpetuity
Without waiting and wondering about
A constantly flickering yet elusive end
That too,
Refuses to cradle and embrace me
Praggya Joshi Dec 2018
The sky looks marvelously serene
Like a bejeweled birthday gift
Laced with bright ribbons
Of a sparkling sunlit peace
Perhaps it's an evidence of
Our invisible yet invincible
strength and synergy
To continue living or existing
In a clear direction which
Renders us worthy of
A gracious life as well as
Shelters our faith in ourselves
Even when the vicious wintry haze
Makes us shiver and quiver
With ceaseless doubts and mysteries
Let us all bask in the pleasing warmth
Of this heavenly gift
Let's celebrate together
Our mindful victory against
Our very own weaknesses
Merry Christmas to all
Praggya Joshi Dec 2018
A crisp cold day
Reluctantly makes way
For a pale spectral evening
Whose sky isn't willingly beaming
With even a single drop of star
That may rest like a victorious scar
Upon the dim dull curtains of a night
That seem to be enticed by nothing bright
Except dusting the landscape all around
With a deluge of derisive winds that hound
A mighty silence
And an aggravated sentience
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
With iridescent eyes and bewitching smile
Your vision warms these wintry nights
And though I try not to fall into the same groove
Still I sink in a bed of ambrosial dreams about you
You grace me with your ample presence
Without fear I confess that I'm drawn to your essence
These pining heartstrings strum your name
Their hopeless yearning's too strong to be maimed
Yet the jarring reality strikes me hard with daybreak
I realise the futility of coveting you as I wake
In your eyes I'll never see a longing to hold me close
But I'll keep craving you despite knowing there's no hope
Why is it so incredibly hard for you to love me
Why is it so incredibly easy for me to keep falling for you selflessly
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
Don't turn your back to me as yet
Without any word or a glance
I've not yet mustered that much strength
To behold you only in a fleeting trance
I know I've made many mistakes
The price of my pride I must pay now
And before from your mind I'm truly erased
I'd do anything to help you recognize me somehow
apologies wouldn't prune my regrets
They won't bring that shine in your smile
Like the temporary relief from a burned cigarette
Later they'll remind me how I wasted your time
One last chance is all I ask, please trace your tired steps back
Don't let our friendship silently succumb, to this very last attack
A sonnet
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
Within the radiance of your eyes, I eagerly got lost, so easily
Even when you rolled your eyes, I was unable to look away, so easily
Every word that came from your mouth, I listened carefully
Even when they weren't addressed to me, for the sound of your voice, I ached dearly
Through long sleepless nights, I dreamt of you sitting beside me
Even when I knew you, that you could've  been sitting with someone else, quite comfortably
Every day I yearned, to tell you that you meant the world to me
Every moment I suppressed this urge painfully,
cause I knew, my love was meant to be left, unrequited
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