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Nov 2019 · 172
Praggya Joshi Nov 2019
You sway in the past
Linger like a beam
Of a somnolent sunshine
In its moments that swelled you up.
Try to wheedle and root yourself
Like a feathery cypress
On its ochre coloured paths.
Spread yourself like a flowering vine
All over the places and events
Captured with a fervent heart.
Cause even a single toe
Dangling unknowingly into
The external spaces
Of present
Seems to situate you fully
Beneath a cast of whitening skies
With the shape of silence
As your only companion.
Where a thousand different times
You've always struggled
To solemnly exist
In fact.
Nov 2019 · 697
Praggya Joshi Nov 2019
In secrecy her thoughts dwell
So discreet are her actions
That try to slip past the
Nods of harrowing disapproval everywhere.

Feelings that stumble from the mouth
Become a burning garland of despair
Is what she hears
Like a chant everywhere.

Despised is the knowledge
Futile are the facts
That she strives to glean
From the world that's determined
To reduce her size
Into a box of standardize
measurement everywhere.

The hunger that makes her assertive
With a vision of a lioness
And a vigour of an athlete
Is seen as anomaly
A jarring discrepancy everywhere.

In thus a queer, uncanny world
She's forced to exist
Suspected as a devil
Rather than a marvelous human everywhere.
Aug 2019 · 229
Praggya Joshi Aug 2019
Dear one,
The trial of your slow waning, is what haunts me like a wretched spirit. The way my dayly moments, that used to resonate with thy invaluable presence are dwindling like a destitute's wealth, renders me a maniac, ridden with an inexorable anguish. What am I supposed to do. I cannot lift these sacks of grief. Enfeebled by a dolour, tis like I'm fighting a lost battle, with a forlorn capacity. Nary a thought grips me still. Thine picturesque glance, the blithe cadence of thine lips, upon which I nurtured and reared banquets of poetry, now tend the flames of a halcyon past, that singes me with a rapacious melancholy. The throes of longing imprison and harass me till I'm cemented within a dank spite for myself, and ruefully discard any smidgen of reprieve. Beloved, I'm a convinced bearer of countless blunders I agree. Mine miserable apologies will only vacate the gasoline of thy peace. But a miniscule opening is all I seek. With reverent hope, I beseech thee. Indeed, for I will become a bane for myself without thy caress to redeem me.
Jun 2019 · 199
Crimes of passion
Praggya Joshi Jun 2019
Adoration reigns supreme, like a never lost battle
Every word, every act expresses a tale of untold desire,
Nothing seems to placate, the restive thoughts that rattle
Everything burns and heats, in an incredibly untamed fire,
What then aches to be released
Like a jaunty bird from inside a trap,
Are unheard, muffled truths hidden within heartbeats
That seek some reason to eagerly unwrap,
So long as they’re coerced to solemnly stay
Within the confines that imprison their devout expression,
All the seasons will persistently make way
For the sins and crimes of an inordinate, unrequited passion.
Apr 2019 · 156
Some days
Praggya Joshi Apr 2019
There's this unforseen announcement
An unanticipated dissemination
Of an abstract, unsolicited thought
That ricochets within every single cell
Of my facade
And furtively causes
A mass hysteria
A bedlam which I am
Unable to dominate.
Then there's this smoke
A bevy of pungent fumes
That rises insidiously from
The blight of all my sense and sanity
And the ensuing frustration
That yields nothing
But a night full of relentless tossing and turning
And a dawn full of panicked breaths
That renders my anatomy
As scarred and stricken
Yet leaves it to trail
Amid the gusty shores of life
Mar 2019 · 183
Praggya Joshi Mar 2019
You look beautiful, with a matchless splendor,
The taste of your voice
Breathtakingly delectable
To all the four senses
Eager to embrace you
With a sprightly endeavor,
You seem like an aesthetic vision
That I'd love to comprehend
With the mind of a cartographer
And eyes brimming with happiness,
You feel like a melange
Of glowing colours
Shedding those petals of dusk
That bind the hope of dawn
For a budding floret,
I only wish that somehow
I was able to map the distance
Which spreads persistently between
Your presence and my reverent arms,
Before it's too late
And this life spirals away
In meaningless motions and tasks
Jan 2019 · 189
Praggya Joshi Jan 2019
He follows the same orbit
In the same motion,
Devoid of any thrilling emotions,
With desperate dedication
Without changing the pace of his muscles
Or the direction of his notion
Day after day
He isn't allowed to run
Or shift, tilt, step
Even a tiniest bit,
away from this linear trajectory
Which he tries to bruise and beat
Using the enduring might
Of his legs
Yet every morning
He opens his eyes
To the searing light
Of a sun
Pushing and shoving him
Towards the place
of his daily grind
And exertion
Jan 2019 · 196
Praggya Joshi Jan 2019
The aching brambles of this eternity
Pierce and rip through me mercilessly Tangled between their
inextricably intricate knots
I howl and scream indefinitely
Only to find my desperate voice
Get repeatedly trapped and ensnared within
It's razor sharp bars
And become evidently inept to turn into
A choral symphony
Buried beneath it's empty, vacant
Yet unflinching and determined grip
I struggle and strive to remember
Those dreams that caressed me
Long ago
With a vision that was blissfully distinct
and immeasurably distant than
The endless phases and facets of life
That now surround and besiege me
How can I freeze and pause
This ever-growing loop of perpetuity
Without waiting and wondering about
A constantly flickering yet elusive end
That too,
Refuses to cradle and embrace me
Dec 2018 · 282
Praggya Joshi Dec 2018
The sky looks marvelously serene
Like a bejeweled birthday gift
Laced with bright ribbons
Of a sparkling sunlit peace
Perhaps it's an evidence of
Our invisible yet invincible
strength and synergy
To continue living or existing
In a clear direction which
Renders us worthy of
A gracious life as well as
Shelters our faith in ourselves
Even when the vicious wintry haze
Makes us shiver and quiver
With ceaseless doubts and mysteries
Let us all bask in the pleasing warmth
Of this heavenly gift
Let's celebrate together
Our mindful victory against
Our very own weaknesses
Merry Christmas to all
Dec 2018 · 174
Praggya Joshi Dec 2018
A crisp cold day
Reluctantly makes way
For a pale spectral evening
Whose sky isn't willingly beaming
With even a single drop of star
That may rest like a victorious scar
Upon the dim dull curtains of a night
That seem to be enticed by nothing bright
Except dusting the landscape all around
With a deluge of derisive winds that hound
A mighty silence
And an aggravated sentience
Nov 2018 · 148
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
With iridescent eyes and bewitching smile
Your vision warms these wintry nights
And though I try not to fall into the same groove
Still I sink in a bed of ambrosial dreams about you
You grace me with your ample presence
Without fear I confess that I'm drawn to your essence
These pining heartstrings strum your name
Their hopeless yearning's too strong to be maimed
Yet the jarring reality strikes me hard with daybreak
I realise the futility of coveting you as I wake
In your eyes I'll never see a longing to hold me close
But I'll keep craving you despite knowing there's no hope
Why is it so incredibly hard for you to love me
Why is it so incredibly easy for me to keep falling for you selflessly
Nov 2018 · 171
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
Don't turn your back to me as yet
Without any word or a glance
I've not yet mustered that much strength
To behold you only in a fleeting trance
I know I've made many mistakes
The price of my pride I must pay now
And before from your mind I'm truly erased
I'd do anything to help you recognize me somehow
apologies wouldn't prune my regrets
They won't bring that shine in your smile
Like the temporary relief from a burned cigarette
Later they'll remind me how I wasted your time
One last chance is all I ask, please trace your tired steps back
Don't let our friendship silently succumb, to this very last attack
A sonnet
Nov 2018 · 269
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
Within the radiance of your eyes, I eagerly got lost, so easily
Even when you rolled your eyes, I was unable to look away, so easily
Every word that came from your mouth, I listened carefully
Even when they weren't addressed to me, for the sound of your voice, I ached dearly
Through long sleepless nights, I dreamt of you sitting beside me
Even when I knew you, that you could've  been sitting with someone else, quite comfortably
Every day I yearned, to tell you that you meant the world to me
Every moment I suppressed this urge painfully,
cause I knew, my love was meant to be left, unrequited
Nov 2018 · 277
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
The sun languishes beneath the peaks
Without a goodbye it closes its lids
darkling skies gather with a fevered haste
A droopy moon arrives but quivers with rage
I trod upon ***** ribbons of empty streets
To the sound of my breath and heartbeats
a soft breeze gently strokes my creased skin
Reminds me of a caress that i dearly miss
The doors of a vacant home stare at me
Inside i'm greeted by the sound of my feet
This house seems small from the outside
But i swear it's cavernous from the inside
The only thing i yearn here is to fall into a drunken asleep
Without sinking into a bed of broken dreams and memories
Sonnet style
Nov 2018 · 151
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
I still believe that we'll meet again
Maybe in another life,we'll find each other again
With open arms we'll greet each other soon
Without any doubt,we'll embrace each other again
Together we'll swim against the tides of fate
From the spears of grief and sorrow,we'll save each other again
Under the bright skies of fulfilled dreams
we'll forge new bonds of love for each other again
Lets spend this life learning from our irrevocable mistakes
Trust me,in another life we'll never say goodbye to each other again
A ghazal
Nov 2018 · 135
I was
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
When I was a child,I used to laugh endlessly
And when I cried,I never cared who was around me
When I was a child,I was the apple of everyone's eyes
And I kept smiling,as I never cared to find anything other than joy around me
When I grew up, I began to laugh periodically
And I never cried before scanning the premises around me
When I grew up, I became a reason behind many furrows and frowns
Cause even though I kept smiling,I kept finding reasons to hate everyone around me
Oct 2018 · 204
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
When i begin to wilt
Do sprinkle some words
Of hope upon my skin
Let a slender ray of kindness
Caress the lids
Of my downcast eyes
And try to spend some time
By my side
Making me realize
How im getting stronger
With every passing moment
In time
With such precious
and tender caring
Soon you'll see me
Bloom into a
Breathtakingly beautiful flower
That'll sway with the melodic wind
Shining with glee
Oct 2018 · 786
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
Even though the distance
Of light years between them
Will never subside
And will always remain
But this has never stopped
The soft waves of cerulean
Seas and oceans
As well as their moonlit lover
From recognising and feeling
The gracious presence
Of each other
And joyfully confessing
their sparkling eternal love
To each other
Even in the absence of
Any means to ever
come close
Or touch each other
Oct 2018 · 210
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
Who am i
I am a mote of sand
Shifting through
The winding dunes
Of time
I am a scratched leaf
Swaying under the
Whims of wind
Through the vast
Unending brows
Of forests
In this planet
I am a tiny
Drop of rain
Melding with the
Arterial waterways
I am an infinitesimal
Speck of life
Amid the infinite circle
Of an inordinately
diverse life
But how am i
I am alive
I can breathe
I can percieve
By myself
And this is the
Sole reason
Why i should aim
To be contented
With how
I exist
Isn't it
Oct 2018 · 198
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
In the midst of
Many powerful
And loud voices
You suddenly
That your soft
And tranquil voice
Was worthy of
Being heard
And capable enough
To form
A sound opinion
Oct 2018 · 210
Boys like you
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
Boys like you
Do notice
Girls with a pretty heart
And soul
Girls who don't
Look like cover models
Girls who don't follow
The latest fashion
Boys like you
Do smile at
Girls who aren't
Restrained by opinions
Girls who determinedly
follow their passions
Girls who aren't unnerved
By societal notions
Do boys like you
Really exist
Or is it just a dream
That I wish could be real
Inspired by the song 'girls like you' by maroon 5
Oct 2018 · 232
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
October reminds me
To be cautious
And pack enough
Warm clothes
For wherever I go
Cause I might not know
That this weather
Is known for its
Uncertain winds
Vacillating between
Pleasantly warm and
Bitterly cold temperatures
So I need to prepare myself
And protect myself against
Highly prevalent
Capricious temperament
Of this season
Oct 2018 · 192
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
orange skulls open their
Large scary eyes
Amid a frightfully
Dark night
Only to make us
Laugh and smile
And celebrate
A life that exists
Very close
Yet beyond the realms
Of our sight
Oct 2018 · 293
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
September winds
Have turned lukewarm
Yet a pale sun
Still manages to evince
A crimson warmth
September nights
Although kissed by
The cracked lips
Of a cloudy mist
Still manages to
wipe itself
With the distant glow
Of a few scattered
sidereal bodies above
The colors of
spring and summer
Have doubtlessly faded
Into a dark oblivion
And the residual beauty
Of autumn
Is marked by long sunsets
Bleeding into the horizon
Yet the pearly dews
Speckled upon
Radiant sunlit petals
Hasn't turned
Into lumps of frost
Even though the
Frigid breaths of winter
Touches their bare skin
As I open my sleepy eyes
Which makes me
Smile and simply believe
That if not all
Mostly everything
will be
Sep 2018 · 211
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
You have always
Closed your eyes
Amid the heavy gloam
Of starless nights
Only to see
stygian shadows
Ravaging your insides
Making you
bitterly cry
If you'd try to
Do the same
Under the glow
Of radiant sunlit dawns
Then perhaps you'll
Notice a difference
Perhaps you'll find
Those shadows
Receding under
The beaming sky
In their place
Perhaps you'll find
Some colours
Of the brightest shade
Swirling all around
And I don't really think
That this time
It'll make you
Bitterly cry
Sep 2018 · 229
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Can you cuddle
With my heart
It's as soft as
a pair of tiny
Fluffy kittens
Smiling endlessly
Into the void
Always dreaming of
Soothing summer hands
That would warm
Their winter flesh
With a soft love
That would linger
Through the grey weathers
And crystal clear skies
A desire that is exhaled
From its pores
On starry sidereal nights
Tickle it with a playful smile
Not with a playful mind
It beats melodically
for an everlasting caress
Come near
You can listen to it
Only when you'll try
Sep 2018 · 747
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I dream of our
skins intertwined
Adorned with the
Sparkling stardust
Of forevers
But dreaming cannot
Change the reality
That we've become
Ghosts of who we once
Were to each other
Our silhouettes
Now dusted
In the dirt of
Unsaid goodbyes
And never evers
Sep 2018 · 219
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The leaves groan
And fall down
From the bare boughs
In a pitiable abundance
Like a profusely weeping
Timeless wound
Forming a carpet
Of rusted blood beneath
The waning warmth
Of melancholic sunsets
Isn't enough to infuse
Life into them
And the soulless wind
Refrains from picking
Them up
Only mocks at their plight
Which it cannot
ever fully comprehend
Soon the blanket
Of a wintry frost
Will strangle the breath
Of their dying hopes
For forever and ever
And through a dreary mist
No one will ever know
That a season of
Unrequited longing
Has passed into
An unfillable emptiness
Sep 2018 · 193
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
In an eerie silence
As the clock strikes 3
And the roaring black clouds
Pile atop each other
The coffin lids
of unmarked graves
Slowly open with a
Lamenting refrain
From its shadowy
soggy depths
Rises skeletal hands and legs
With ***** cobwebs
Tangled between their
Piercing bony fingers
And as the wind begins
To wail and howl
And the drooping willows
Begin to weep and sob
These restless
tormented spirits
Commence their march
To find those who
Sliced their life in half
Before they could ever hear
Their roll call from above


If ever you find yourself
Awake at this witching hour
And hear the distressing
disembodied cries
Of these wounded souls
From somewhere outside
Your doors
While everyone else
In your house
is warm under the blanket
of a sound repose
And your eyes become
Red with terror and dread
While your heart
Races at a perilous pace
Leaving trails of a fetid sweat
All over the skin of
your strained muscles
Then you should be
Thoroughly aware of the
Spine-tingling truth
That those bellowing revenants
Are hunting for
Someone just like you
Would you now
like to finally confess
That you committed
An unforgiving offence
Cause they will come again
Every night
they wont rest
Until they find you
How long can you
Hope to hide inside
Its time for you
To say goodbye to life
Sep 2018 · 165
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
You scratched
Me with your
Lesser love
And its stubborn
Painful scars
Continued to
Brutally remind me
For the longest
Period of time
About the presence
Of a fatal flaw
Within my system
That rendered me
As an
Ineligible seeker
For an unconditional
Infinite love
Sep 2018 · 330
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
There is something
In this fathomless ocean
That doesn't dares to quit
Even with the shifting
Tempestuous currents of time
And the doleful glare
Of a tired enervated moon
It's effervescent waters
Continue to reflect
Sparkling jewels and
Brightly colored diamonds
Even amid a dusky
wintry gloam
Sep 2018 · 172
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The radiance
Of your smile
Defies the need
For an elegant
Porch light
To brighten
The starless skies
Or the need
Of a beaming sun
To soften a
Frosty dawn
I just wish
That in your
luminous eyes
I could
someday find
A pleasing evidence
That'll make me
Hopefully surmise
That a few
Of those glittering
days and nights
I could happily
Spend by your side
Sep 2018 · 131
Paper heart
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Make my
Paper heart
Rustle melodically
By caressing it gently
With your soft fingers
As if you're reading
Your favorite piece
Of prose or poetry
Written upon it
Please don't turn
The page suddenly
After you've read
My story
Bookmark it
And keep coming
Again and again
With a smile
On your face
As if you can
Never get enough
Of it
Sep 2018 · 260
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Let it rain,
Everything will look better than,
Before afterwards it.
Sep 2018 · 160
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
That rustling
Leafy canopy
Still shines
Like a famous painting
In the hues of a
Vibrant autumn
It hasn't stopped
sheltering smiling
And sad faces
Without any obligation
The placid waters
Of that sun speckled lake
Still reflect
iridescent rainbows
Even after torrential
Bouts of rains
They always find a way
To look beyond the
Clouds of gray
And the sky still reverberates
With the songs
Of halcyon winds
They never let
The silence stretch
Endlessly for an eternity
Believe me
The only thing
That has
Steadily changed
With time
Is that we've
Become too busy
In our lives
And have slowly forgotten
That such a place
Used to exist
In our ideal
Blissful friendship
Once upon a time
I guess
Sep 2018 · 210
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The colour of
My throbbing
And swollen heart
no longer resembles
The colour of
Your dusty red lips
It matches the
Colour of my
large dilated pupils
And the colour of
your capriciously moving
flickering obsidian
Sep 2018 · 195
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Even in a stygian
cloudy night
I'll search for
A single flickering
And with its
Shadowy glare
I'll find a
radiant star
That would
Make you
Wish and hope
That everything
Will be alright
If not today
Then tomorrow
I'm sure
Sep 2018 · 162
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I'm tragically alone
In the bed
Of my own desires
Which shrieks
And groans
Under my weight
And the piercing sound
Of its cries
Richochets ceaselessly
Off the gray walls
That incarcerates
My restless body
And brutally
afflicts me
With an excruciating pain
Is this the fate
To which i'm bound
To slowly rot
And woefully succumb
Staring at the
Surreal visage
Of my unfulfilled wishes
With wrinkled eyes
On the sunken
Ceiling above
Or will i hear
A muffled knock
On the rusted doors
And a balmy fragrance
Of blissful serendipity
Would gently renew
My weary senses
And slacken
The reluctant grip
Of resignation
Seizing my muscles
I wish i knew
I really do
Sep 2018 · 399
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I hallowed your name
Adored you
With every breath
That escaped
from my lips
In the dawning glow
That reflected
On your burnished skin
As well as
in my paradisaic dreams
And cherished thoughts
Every day
Carefully aligned
The chords of my heart
To the sonorous melodies
That resonated
Somewhere from your core
Weaved an intimately
vital connection
From my soul
For my existence
With my trembling hands
Tirelessly knelt before
Your sparkling facade
Never once looked
Past its exquisite splendour
Asked nothing from you
Except for your undying affection
But all you did
Was bequeath me
An undying fear and suspicion
When you recklessly
And loconically
Made me realise
That i was
Relentlessly worshipping
A heartless demon
Instead of a deity
For such a dangerously
Long duration
With all of my strength
Sep 2018 · 198
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I'm delighted
To welcome you
Into my world
Follow me
As i stumble my way
Through the
splendid tapestry
Of vastly intricate labyrinths
In my mind
Walk tenderly
Holding my hand
through the
Melodically creaking corridors
In my heart
And feel the
Cooling atlantic currents
That may slightly dishevel
Your well groomed countenance
Standing within the
silent chambers
Of my soul
But before you
Turn to leave
Please don't forget
To tell me
If you'd like to
Visit again someday
Perhaps stay
For an extended period
Of time
Can i conjure
A blissful possibility
This time
Sep 2018 · 257
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
You are as enigmatic
As a scintillating
Night sky
For a mere prosaic bird
Like me
No matter how high
I try to fly
Using every ounce
Of my might
I cannot hope
To touch your
Gleaming stars
For even a momentary
Breath of time
I can only stare
At your
breathtaking visage
With a voiceless
And hopeless longing
Bruising my insides
Before i stumble down
Faraway from the
Scenic landscape
Of your onyx eyes
Sep 2018 · 140
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Spoon me
Against your heart
Grant me
Your tranquil warmth
Suture the seams
Of my weathered soul
With your loving gaze
And ardent voice
Hold me
In an eternal embrace
As long as you can
Sep 2018 · 207
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Cupid's arrow
Pitilessly pierced
my heart
And down I fell
Into the abysmal depths
Of love
Sep 2018 · 203
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Inhabit my mind
Like the beads  
Of rain
Gently stroke
A sun baked land
Like a honeyed wind
Calms a blistering spell
Like the moonlit beams
Fondly caress
Razed and ragged clouds
Be the season
Of mellow respite
From this flaky weather
All around
Do not let my
withering thoughts
Singe the seams
Of my mind
Sep 2018 · 176
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
If I could
I would have
Decapitated this
Irredeemable longing
In a gruesome manner
Long ago
But I've never been
The strong or potent one
And In the sunless hollows
Of my broken and
Flimsy bones
I still slip
Slivers of strangled hopes
which although
Have breathed their last
Seasons ago
Yet their charred remains
Sluggishly fuel
My painfully exhausted
And perplexed self
To keep on weaving listlessly
Porcelain skinned dreams
With trembling hands
And don a glowing countenance
When their shattered and
razor sharp edges
Inflict countless wounds
On every inch
Of my scarred flesh
And bleeds out
The residual drops
Of perseverence
From my essence
Leaving me to start
From scratch
Once again
Sep 2018 · 217
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The sparkling
summer skies
Changed into
Thundering red clouds
In your eyes
And the autumnal warmth
Of your smile
Changed into
A lacerating
ice-cold frown
And all of a sudden
That year
An unanticipated
bitterly cold winter
Left me shivering
And gasping for
a temporary respite
Sep 2018 · 201
Dont worry
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Dont worry
My wounds
have almost healed
And Ive doubtlessly grown
a very thick skin
Over it
Now the bullets
That you fire
From the seams
Of your mouth
Wouldnt harm me
Like before
They would
just scrape
My edges
And i wont
Even bleed
A little
And yes
I'll soon forget
All about it
Aug 2018 · 382
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
We get intoxicated
With happiness
When we reach
The pinnacle
Of happiness
That we fail
To watch our steps
And within seconds
We slip and slide
Down the edge
Of that mountain
On whose glorious peak
we climbed
By burning our muscles
And tearing our flesh
Aug 2018 · 240
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
A velvet twilight gently spreads
Over bruised skin
A silken blanket of hope
Attempt at a haiku
Aug 2018 · 130
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
You withered my skin
Slowly and gently
By throwing countless stones
At me
Tenderly but frequently
To remind me
That I was always
an entirely
inadequate entity
But when I wilted
And all of my energy
Perished utterly
And the stones that you
Never stopped hurling at me
Ceased to hurt
My immobile body
You did
What you intended to do
Since the beginning
You left
Leaving me curled
Into a ball of
Absolutely nothing
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