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9.0k · Apr 2018
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
Remember that old uphill trail
We used to meander along
With matching footsteps
Under the sunlit canopy of leaves
Carving words for each other
On the bark of aged trees
Who may have known
what would become of us
But nevertheless smiled
acted as a blank canvas instead
And watched the moments
Filled with playful laughter
Peachy smiles
Lingering gaze
Warm caress
Unfold lazily between us
The winds of time
May have blown us miles apart
Our footprints may have long eroded
That sunlit canopy may have withered
And we may walk that trail
Only in our dreams
But those words are yet to fade
they were the voice of our soul
Etched into the lap of nature
And as I run my fingers along its rugged edges
I reminisce about you
And hope that wherever you are
You are thinking about me too
2.2k · May 2018
Praggya Joshi May 2018
Something about your love feels shady
Something about your love feels like neon lights
Drunken kisses
hurtful slurred confessions
Seeing the wrinkles of your chapped lips
Colored with a shade darker than my lipstick
Shattered heart
broken trust
Countless shots of alcohol burning my throat
To rewire my brain
So it would justify your actions
And lull me to forgive you again
Something about your love makes me feel like
I would live in a perpetual state of hangover
Of your memories
When you would have moved on
Without looking back at me even once
Something about your love smells
Horribly wrong
I won't fall in love with you at all
914 · Jul 2018
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
Hand me the palette
If you can
I'm not a great artist
But I'll try my best
To colour the universe
inside your weary soul
In kaleidoscopic hues
Brighter than the rainbows
Of spring summer
And other verdant seasons
I'll try to revive
It's lustre back
Make the sun shine
As bright as I can
Scrub away
The clouds of despair
And the monsoon rains
I'll wipe with my hands
After I've accomplished my art
I'm sure I will see
your smile again
Your eyes will gleam
With boundless joy
And you won't even remember
What made you feel
So sad and desolate
In the first place
786 · Oct 2018
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
Even though the distance
Of light years between them
Will never subside
And will always remain
But this has never stopped
The soft waves of cerulean
Seas and oceans
As well as their moonlit lover
From recognising and feeling
The gracious presence
Of each other
And joyfully confessing
their sparkling eternal love
To each other
Even in the absence of
Any means to ever
come close
Or touch each other
752 · Apr 2018
Is it too late
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
Is it too late
To run back into your arms
The sun hasn't dipped deep enough
The birds are still singing their love songs
Can I play with your hair
You can run your fingers along my neck
It isn't summer yet
But the cool breeze feels so refreshing
As it blows across our tousled hair
Will you whisper sweet nothings in my ears
I promise I won't shake if it tickles
But don't you pause
Let your breath caress every inch of my skin
Lets dance beneath the evergreen trees
The night is still young
And the sky is still blushing
Lace your fingers around mine
Lets see the flowers bloom again
And pluck away the weeds of melancholy
Is it too late
To gather the remnants of our love
Pile them up neatly
Smile once again together
At its abundance
Meant for you and me
747 · Sep 2018
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I dream of our
skins intertwined
Adorned with the
Sparkling stardust
Of forevers
But dreaming cannot
Change the reality
That we've become
Ghosts of who we once
Were to each other
Our silhouettes
Now dusted
In the dirt of
Unsaid goodbyes
And never evers
708 · Mar 2018
Colourless days
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
My days crawl in a vapid succession
My eyes fixated upon the inscrutable way
In which pastel days fade into pallid nights
Languid sunrise dwindles into dreary sunsets
As I wander in between listlessly
Gathering it's dusty remnants
And threading them together
In unembellished phrases
Hackneyed to death
As the first weary ray of dawn
Ruffles through my hair
I yawn, sigh
and repeat again
697 · Nov 2019
Praggya Joshi Nov 2019
In secrecy her thoughts dwell
So discreet are her actions
That try to slip past the
Nods of harrowing disapproval everywhere.

Feelings that stumble from the mouth
Become a burning garland of despair
Is what she hears
Like a chant everywhere.

Despised is the knowledge
Futile are the facts
That she strives to glean
From the world that's determined
To reduce her size
Into a box of standardize
measurement everywhere.

The hunger that makes her assertive
With a vision of a lioness
And a vigour of an athlete
Is seen as anomaly
A jarring discrepancy everywhere.

In thus a queer, uncanny world
She's forced to exist
Suspected as a devil
Rather than a marvelous human everywhere.
696 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
I hope that those
Who think that
they are free
Cause that's what
They're made to believe
Soon realize
That real freedom
They haven't yet achieved
And gather their strength
To resume their fight
Against those
Whose tyranny
Haven't yet diminished
682 · Jun 2018
Best mistake
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
The best mistake I made
Was believing
as a child
In the idyllic world
Of pixie dust strewn fairy tales
Laughing at the prospect
Of a strange world
Where happiness
Wasn't always there to stay
Where the triumph of good over evil
Didn't necessarily happened
Where those who professed
To love you dearly
Didn't always turned distant
Where sleeping beauties
Didn't always woke up
Where the shining sun
Didn't always warmed your frostbitten skin
Where a beating heart
Wasn't always a sign of life
Where being older
Didn't always meant
Being stronger
Where bruised knees and scarred wrists
Weren't always a consequence
of slipping on the stairs
Or tripping on the sidewalk
I happily believed
In a world
Which I realized
When I grew up
Could only exist
In the realms
Of my heartfelt dreams
But could never be real
667 · Jun 2018
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
If many people knew
That words
Once out of our mouths
Can either pierce
A perfectly beating heart
Or caress
A woe-stricken soul
They can either be a balm
And soothe the aching burns and scars
Or lodge as bullets
Inside a mind
Bestowing wounds
To be nursed for a lifetime
They can either make
A skin shimmer with hope
Or strip it of its lustre
Like dull ancient sculptures
If only many people knew
That their words are endowed
With a power so surreal
Which can either save
Or wreak havoc
Then perhaps
Less tears would be shed
More smiles would be exchanged
And this world
Would indeed become
A better place
579 · Apr 2018
The wounded
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
The wounded isn't as weak as you perceive
The wounds are just an evidence
Of the battles fought gallantly
Of undying courage and perseverance
A brave show of resilience
When faced with crippling tragedies
The wounded knows how it feels
To push through searing pain
When bruised skin burns
And the night forgets to end
The wounded knows the agony
Of silent screams and voiceless aches
Invisible to the naked eye
A cause of further torment
But a wounded won't ever
Drown in the waves
Of treachery and deceit
His actions are marked by prudence
He's turned wary and vigilant
The wounded is a survivor
He dares to hope tirelessly
Don't mistake him as an injured minion
His scars are a testimony of his strength
535 · Apr 2018
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
Sometimes I dream about you
And I can see your bright eyes
Twinkling and beckoning me to come home
The cool breeze playing with your hair
Wisps of caramel brown curls caressing your forehead
And the blazing sun beating down upon your tanned shoulders
As I steal multiple glances to admire
The outline of those round rippling muscles
But something doesn't feels real
And when i try to touch you
You disappear without a whisper
That's when I feel the sharp sun piercing my skin
The reality set in as Im forced to open up my eyes
How desperately I cling on to the hope of 'us' again
Under the same sky
Breathing the same air
Just to sooth the ceaseless ache in my chest
A neverending anticipation
Deliberately ignoring the fact that you're obscured under a new wind
And blissfully painted a place anew for yourself
In a horizon
Far away
504 · Jul 2018
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
I keep finding flaws
In my natural reflection
And keep searching for beauty
In my unnatural reflection
then sit and wonder
Why am I bereft
of any sort of happiness
460 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
i had mercilessly turned myself
As frail as a skeleton
In obsessively trying to justify  
your repeated slips and faults
To myself
Rather than contemplating
To hold you accountable
For them
Shading your lies and fables
Like a greedy politician
Hungers for power
And striving hard to find
The smallest fragment
of truth within them
By using every bit of my
Increasingly deteriorating strength
Making incredibly sure
Like an absolute maniac
That you don't notice
Any visible sign or symptom
Of the eye-watering peace and clarity
That freely bled
From the recesses
Of my mind daily
And obliterating the faint voice
In my head
That sometimes tried
To make me aware
About the naked fact
That i didn't deserve
So much pain
That i was deliberately
yet unknowingly
Inflicting upon myself
For someone like you
Just because
I was terrified
Of another biting fact
Apart from you
No one had made me feel
Worthy of
a half hearted and spiritless love
Ever before
421 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
When the silence
Of their absence
Does'nt feels deafening
When the bittersweet memories
Aren't able to induce
as much pain
As they did before
When you begin to forget
The shape of the smile
That swelled your heart
With boundless delight
And when you suddenly realize
That you haven't thought about
Going back in time
For a very long while
Then perhaps
You can very well surmise
That its time for you
To slowly and gently
move on in life
To make new memories
And taste new experiences
With someone who yearns
To hold your hand
For the rest of their lives
421 · Jun 2018
Something different
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
Let's try something different today
Let's laugh with our demons
Instead of sulking and crying
when they slither out of our minds tonight
Perhaps it would scare them away
And make us fall asleep in time
Let's greet the sunlit morning
With a smile instead of a frown
And hope that the day would bring
Heaps of joys
Rather than reasons for us
To worry about
Let's paint the dreary world around us
With vibrant colors
Of kindness and compassion
Save our karmic demise
And rejoice when we see their eyes
Widen with a pleasant surprise
Let us try to trust ourselves tonight
Let go of our fears and doubts
Drain every ounce of hate
Out of our veins
Forget about our flaws and faults
Under a star speckled sky
Let's try
To fall in love with ourselves
Without any rhyme or reason
Without hesitating for a moment
For the rest of our lives
399 · Sep 2018
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I hallowed your name
Adored you
With every breath
That escaped
from my lips
In the dawning glow
That reflected
On your burnished skin
As well as
in my paradisaic dreams
And cherished thoughts
Every day
Carefully aligned
The chords of my heart
To the sonorous melodies
That resonated
Somewhere from your core
Weaved an intimately
vital connection
From my soul
For my existence
With my trembling hands
Tirelessly knelt before
Your sparkling facade
Never once looked
Past its exquisite splendour
Asked nothing from you
Except for your undying affection
But all you did
Was bequeath me
An undying fear and suspicion
When you recklessly
And loconically
Made me realise
That i was
Relentlessly worshipping
A heartless demon
Instead of a deity
For such a dangerously
Long duration
With all of my strength
394 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
The souls
of those great
men and women
Who suffered
And sacrificed
More than we can
Ever perceive
But never surrendered
Their iron will
to persevere and fight
Against those tyrants
Who brutally shackled
Their lives
And thus made it possible
For us today
To breathe
And live as per
Our wishes and needs
Will find peace
Only when
The rich diversity
Present in our country
finds itself
Unmistakably tethered
By the golden thread
Of brotherhood and fraternity
And our democracy
works for the welfare
Of every single person
Who resides within its boundaries
Completely Ignoring all differences
Based on class creed and colour
Of our skin
And granting all sentient beings
Equal opportunities
To blissfully flourish
Only then
We'll be able
to assert confidently
That freedom
We have indeed achieved
Happy independence day to all!
390 · Jun 2018
How long
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
For how long
Will these memories
Heavy with profound melancholy
Cloud my thoughts in a twilight shade
And blur my vision
With puddles of perpetual monsoon rain
How long
Should I wait
For the hands of time
To caress and heal my seared skin
Peel off its dense layers
Scarred and stinging
with fathomless anguish
Of premature losses
Repressed resentments
Maturating like wine
Cause a diminutive hole inside
Has gradually become cavernous
Filled with a darkest void
In it echoes my voiceless cries
Resonating with an intensity
That renders me senseless
Paralysis me to an extent
That my reception and comprehension
For any invigorating and uplifting stimulus
Becomes remarkably impotent
And I can read
Heartless written in their eyes
Which hurts
More than I can write
382 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
We get intoxicated
With happiness
When we reach
The pinnacle
Of happiness
That we fail
To watch our steps
And within seconds
We slip and slide
Down the edge
Of that mountain
On whose glorious peak
we climbed
By burning our muscles
And tearing our flesh
377 · Apr 2018
I spy
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
I spy the rising sun
How it peeks above the horizon
Pouring it's radiance all over our world
It's gentle warmth
Filling every jagged and rugged crevice of earth
I spy the soil beneath
How many civilizations
Have flourished upon it
Does it still carry the footprints
Of Adam and eve
Are the fragments of past
Still hiding beneath it
I spy the night sky
the profound infinity
In which it abounds
And wonder
If those blazing stars
Still carry those that are gone
Does that mean
Our hearts may stop beating one day
But our soul is eternal
Till infinity and beyond
377 · May 2018
Praggya Joshi May 2018
Another day is laid to rest
But the night
Seems to be blissfully crawling
Like a tired infant
Aching to be held
Minutes and seconds
Feels so distended
like the colossal hours
That would submerge us
Before either of us catches the amber light
Glistening from over the crest
Maybe you can say some solitary words
try to make this vapid scenery a little less unforgiving
No rambling like we used to
just enough to keep the conversation from sinking
A few old jokes which cracked us before
May stretch our lips in a half smile
While bits and pieces of rusted secrets
Can be tossed above into the hazy sky
We've still got strength I believe
To find flaws in this impeccable silence
between you and me
The silvery moonlight and the glistening starlight
Possess the celestial ability
To heal our woes and hidden resentments
Lets seize this fleeting opportunity
Perhaps when the morning strikes
We'll view each other in a different light
And the memories that we'll forge
Will be as sweet as the pearly dew drops
Glittering upon the lush greens
371 · Apr 2018
This night
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
When the stars don't shine
I like to think
That maybe they are tired tonight
Of tirelessly flickering all the time
And chasing away the blackness
That spreads far and wide
when the radiant sun disappears down the horizon
And the shadows become stronger and sharper at the same time
Maybe they too need some time to relax
A moment to rest and unwind
So they bury themselves
Under a blanket of dusk
Yawn and sleep for some time
Ready to wake up with a renewed vigor
So tomorrow there'll be
An absolutely gorgeous
Luminous night
Just a thought that came in mind while I was standing in my balcony and watching a starless sky
365 · Mar 2018
Familiarly different
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
We are sisters from another mother
Brothers from different places
With a soul that speaks
A heart that beats
With eyes that glitter
Like fairy lights
And a smile
That sparkles like a starry sky
Counting the colors of sunset
Watching the beauty of sunrise
Our Hopes desires and dreams
Held tightly within our hands
Swaying with the wind of life
Each having a different story to tell
363 · Apr 2018
Searching for you
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
I know you are with me always
Like the stars and the moon above
I can see you everyday
Smile at you
Wave at you
But I cannot touch you
I cannot breathe you
I cannot hope to hear your laughter
Or laugh with you at all
The distance is too much for me
I can travel to the ends of this earth to seek you
But you're lightyears away
And I've tried a thousand different ways to get to you
But none of them left me at my destination
And I came back without my hand clasped with yours
Without your jacket propped upon my shoulders
Without your smile that kept me warm
Just cold air making me shiver all over
And making me wonder
Will I only be able to watch you from afar
Will I only be able to touch you in my dreams every night
Will I ever hear your voice again
Or do I have to wait for the time
I close my eyes
And fall into the arms of sleep for life
362 · Jun 2018
A Place
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
There's a place
Where a radiant sun
Beautifully illuminates and embraces
The rugged contours of a jagged skyline
Before dipping into a gilded horizon
But never forgetting its promise
To return with an enriched fervor again
While an exquisite scythe like moon
shines like the weapon of goddess kali
And drives away the darkness
Not only from the sodden skies
But also from the core of our souls
And the eternal stars flawlessly carve
a splendid intricate tapestry
of flickering constellations
That doesn't seems so far
Light years away
We can touch them
With our heartfelt dreams and desires
That we've buried somewhere along the way
the air still tastes like sweet nectarine
And washes away the agonizing tang
of festering rues and regrets
While the heavenly scent of rubescent flowers
Mingles with a velvety wind
That wafts through a vibrant foliage
And conjures songs so deliriously melodic
Which magically lightens a heavy heart
And gently soothes restless minds
replete with chaotic contemplations
In this place
the crimson flames of sublime love
Never turns livid and blue with hate
Every breath alleviates our despair
It's ethereal ambiance dampens our unease
Let us try to find that place
Before it's too late
Let's go there
362 · Jul 2018
My window
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
Outside my window
The silent beauty of nature
naturally puts me at ease
And gently heals
something within me
It stifles the rule
Of chaos within my mind
And mends my heart
Which tends to grow weary over time
It tickles my senses
With fragrant comfort and bliss
When life's complexities
Seem to deplete my energies
It clears the fatigue
That muddles my insight
Which stretches my lips
in a peaceful smile
And makes me feel
Truly alive
Which no amount of luxury
Inside my room
Is capable of making me feel
I think
July evenings
356 · Mar 2018
Words left unsaid
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
I was awestruck by the sublime heat of our love which filled every jagged and rugged crevice of my soul.
But it only took a lightening bolt and soon we were dusting its ashes from our clothes
It burned swiftly like the scorching indian summer when we first met
Your hazel eyes glued to mine
The sultry southern wind could do nothing to calm your untamed passion that i innately knew would perfectly rival mine
The swooping birds whistled your lovesong
Tickling me tainting my dreams with specs of reality
Everything felt so inevitable
Maybe i was naive or
Stupid enough
I coudnt smell any warning
Maybe i was inebriated by your smouldering scent
Or did i deliberately turned a blind eye
Or a deaf ear when the placid waters of the tranquil lake began to roar
Impelling me
Trying to save me from going astray
But my heart knew you would save me
If only i knew
That you never ever felt the same
Cause you were never the one to stay
356 · Apr 2018
I've been watching you
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
I wrote about you
When we were only 10
But you acted older than that
A hastily made rhyme it was
About how you caught me
Hidden behind your shelf
In those unfair games of hide and seek
We used to play
I wrote about you
When we were 16
Trying to wade through life
In those years of youthful adolescence
When you had a growth spurt
And your beard began to grow in patches
A not so hastily made rhyme it was
About the way your lips curled
when you smiled
And why my heart raced
when you passed me by
I wrote about you
When we were 20
You were still a confused mess
But partied as if
There was no tomorrow ahead
A free verse it was
About how much I craved
To trace your contours
And kiss those furrows between your brows
As you slept and I stared
Then covered you with a blanket
I remember we were freezing that night
We are 25 now
And I still write about you
More than half of my diary entries
Are filled by thoughts of you
The way you blink your eyes
The way you shake your head
Your random compliments
That make me blush and look away
The goosebumps that I get
When your hand brushes against mine
The embers of the setting sun
That I see in your eyes
I've been watching and waiting for you
But you still don't have a clue
How can you be so oblivious
To a yearning so profound
Help me believe in magic
give me a hint or sign
Let me witness a miracle
I've been searching all my life
340 · May 2018
Praggya Joshi May 2018
You were a cold hearted magician
Skilled in the art of trickery and deciet
It was so easy for you
To carve an illusion of your undying love and compassion
And it is so difficult for me
To still believe
That I was only a passing object of your fascination
The comfort and warmth that I absolutely believed
I could find in you
Was only a figment of my imagination
With your second trick
you made it painfully clear
That I was only one of the many stations
At which you paused
Took a breath
And then left
When your work was done
339 · Mar 2018
Growing up
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
Growing up
I forgot
What I was passionate about
Caught up in a rat race
I struggled to find my way
I forgot
I had a  voice
It was always crushed under
The louder dominant expression
That violently subdued
Any other form of opinion
I forgot
I was beautiful too
Just because I couldn't match
The standards of beauty
decided our society
I forgot
I was worthy of love
Just because he was filled with lust
And said I was meant to be choked
And rubbed all over
I forgot
How my smile looked like
It was always hidden behind
A lovely mask
That was far from who I was
I forgot
What it felt like
To be part of a group
Always pushed around
like a victim
Of a terrible stampede
Growing up
I forgot what it was like
To be myself
I forgot
Who I was
Was i even worthy of being alive
335 · Jul 2018
Your smile
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
Your smile still gives
wings to my hopes
And they soar high
Like an eagle
Into an infinitely beautiful
Limitless sky above
But your words
Never fail
To clip their wings
And impair their flight
Till they fall down
Like a corpse
And turn nebulous
With doubts
Only to rise again
Like a Phoenix
From oblivion
The moment your smile
Greets my eyes  
Yet again
330 · Sep 2018
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
There is something
In this fathomless ocean
That doesn't dares to quit
Even with the shifting
Tempestuous currents of time
And the doleful glare
Of a tired enervated moon
It's effervescent waters
Continue to reflect
Sparkling jewels and
Brightly colored diamonds
Even amid a dusky
wintry gloam
326 · Jun 2018
Solar flare
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
You almost made me believe
That love could be
As beautiful as the changing hues of sunset
As delightful as a pleasant midsummer dream
As heartening as a cool and salubrious spring
Imbued with an affectionate warmth
More comforting
Than the benign rays of sun
Lacerating a biting mist
To soothe a frostbitten skin
And replenish it's ebullient lustre
Like a stunning byzantine scenery
Painted tenderly
To envelope the void of a canvas
But with a reverent intensity
A passionate fervor
Unleashed with a breathless ferocity
As well as an incredible desire
To never snap a profound bond of intimacy
Gleaming like the flames
of mighty solar flares
Before you left me
322 · Mar 2018
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
When you look into my eyes
Do you see a kaleidoscopic soul
colored in vibrant hues
It's pieces interlaced finely
with silken gossamer threads
Mirroring a million silver spiraling galaxies
speckled with countless flickering stars
burning like fireflies
Residing at the center of this galactic disk
An everlasting play of cosmic dance
Waiting to be discerned
in its fathomless depths
Or do you sight war torn lands
inhabited by vast swathes of emptiness
320 · May 2018
Light and shadow
Praggya Joshi May 2018
I wish i could tell you
Youre beautiful beyond reason
Like a priceless exquisite gem
You shine brighter than any sun or moon
I see you and i forget to blink
You hypnotise me without even realising it
Seems like i'll never be able to get enough of you
I can easily spend a lifetime just watching you
Your beauty captivates me so
Like a magnet it pulls me closer to you
But im afraid if i'll ever get too near
My dark shadow will drive away your  radiance
I dont want to spoil your lustre
I dont want my darkness to swallow your vibrance
I wish i could touch you
Feel you once
But my place is behind the walls
And from the holes carved upon it
Is all i'll ever see you from
I just want to see you flourish
Thrive vigorously and keep on sparkling
I may not be able to talk to you in this life
But atleast theres something for me everyday to write about
309 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
I am small
But I'm eons away
From being insignificant
And trivial
I am tiny
But my mind possesses
Fathomless proportions
I am willowy
But my bones are ripe
With a strength
of the oldest living tree
My voice is faint
But I roar like a lion
With my actions
So think
Not only twice
But a million times
Before you decide
To sweep me off
Like an atom of dust perhaps
Of my imperceptible
Yet piercing brilliance
309 · Mar 2018
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
You make promises of always and forever
With exquisite words
Adorned with priceless gems
Of 'love' and 'life'
And drape it around my neck
Fastening it with a rosy kiss
Filled with fervent longing and ardor
Then step back
And admire me
With round wide eyes
And for a fleeting moment
I believe that I see
A fiery truth within you
Its smouldering flames
Swiftly burning away
Those allegorical fable
That you keep buried beneath
My naive heart doesn't care about the fact
That those gems aren't priceless
And the necklace is second hand
Borrowed before being  scrubbed clean
309 · Jun 2018
Dark dawn
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
The yawning distance between us
filled with the lurid remains
From an untimely demise
Of a blooming love
Cannot be traversed
In this life
By either of us
But if you too
Mourn it's irrevocable loss
In stygian dark nights like these
Know that
I can hear your cries
In the shrieking thunder
Of the lugubrious skies
Which blights the weeping silence
That stabs me
In your aching absence
Although I cannot hold you
in a hearty embrace
And wipe your tears
Yet I fervently hope
For the wailing wind
To caress your grief stained skin
And make your sobs slowly recede
By whispering in your ears
If not in this life
We both will share
a radiant dawn
in another lifetime
Someday we'll fall
In an eternal sleep
Only to wake up besides each other
With tickling warm sunshine
Flooding our veins with timeless joy
our fingers intertwined
And our hearts dancing
with heavenly delight
305 · Jun 2018
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
These identities we create
And forge upon others
Do we really hold a right
To decide
About the patterns of behaviors and dispositions
Or the appropriate demeanors and preferences for others
Why do we crave
to change the inherent tendencies
Or the intrinsic inclinations of some individuals
That differs from our own
And briskly label them as 'unusual'
Why does it feels so challenging
To add a few more words in our vocabulary
Rather than sweeping them all in a category
Hiding It from others
Talking about them only in hushed whispers
Why do we deem
their emotions as inappropriate
Instill fear in them
For feeling a certain way
Forgetting that
They are a beautiful creation of God
Just like us
Made to blend homogeneously
Not plucked inhumanly
Out of a heterogeneous population
Written for LGBT pride month
293 · Oct 2018
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
September winds
Have turned lukewarm
Yet a pale sun
Still manages to evince
A crimson warmth
September nights
Although kissed by
The cracked lips
Of a cloudy mist
Still manages to
wipe itself
With the distant glow
Of a few scattered
sidereal bodies above
The colors of
spring and summer
Have doubtlessly faded
Into a dark oblivion
And the residual beauty
Of autumn
Is marked by long sunsets
Bleeding into the horizon
Yet the pearly dews
Speckled upon
Radiant sunlit petals
Hasn't turned
Into lumps of frost
Even though the
Frigid breaths of winter
Touches their bare skin
As I open my sleepy eyes
Which makes me
Smile and simply believe
That if not all
Mostly everything
will be
289 · May 2018
Blend into summer
Praggya Joshi May 2018
I wish I could blend into summer
A summer as riveting as I've read in novels
Made up of crisp warm breeze and sweet fragrances
The sun not too high and not too hot
Just enough
So I can cherry pick in a golden sundress
And sit under the shade of the tallest tree
As old as my heavenly ancestors
Alas if only summer felt as beautiful
As a fictional background
And the stifling heat of a raging sun
Accompanied by the searing winds
Didn't make me wince and whimper
I wouldn't think twice
Before stepping out of my house
And let it's scintillating splendor
Drench me in an awe inspiring wonder
Rather than shrivel and recoil
At this onslaught of a scorching hot weather
Which glares at me when I look outside my window
Like a sinister slayer
With a red hot knife chiseled to perfection
Waiting to pounce upon me
The moment he hears a creaking of the doors
To devour me whole with a furious anger
His flaming knife slaughtering my body
Till I'm nothing but puddle of sweat
Trails of crystal clear liquid
Left to dry
And dissipate into the thirsty sweltering air
Thick with the moisture
Of other hapless victims
Now do you believe
Why I don't blend
But melt in summer
Just for fun.. Hope it brings a smile in your face
287 · Aug 2018
Ever after
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
The gusty gales of time
Lacerated our youthful dreams  
Of happily ever afters
With plenty of misunderstandings
Lingering doubts
Tainted promises
And a gradual withering
Of once ardent emotions
Till they couldn't breathe
And painfully succumbed
To their tragically imminent demise
Leaving behind a dusty trail
Of bittersweet memories
On which we kept walking
Further and further away
From each other
Misty eyed
with a heart
with fathomless sadness
And a woeful ballad
Bleeding from the recesses
Of our souls
For the rest of our lives
286 · Aug 2018
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
I dance with the
Ethereal shadows
Of sublime melancholy
Under the violet skies
On some nights
They take my hand
And spin me around
Round and round
Till my breath comes out
In deep sighs
And i can no longer breathe
The scented breeze
That makes
The leaves sing
A hauntingly beautiful song
So with a weary heart
And a drowsy mind
I sink into the void
Of a languid sleep
With a hope tucked
Somewhere in my crevices
That the elysian world
Of dreams that'll greet me
Will replenish my
departed energy
And my bones
wont feel so empty
As dawn unfolds
Before me
284 · Dec 2018
Praggya Joshi Dec 2018
The sky looks marvelously serene
Like a bejeweled birthday gift
Laced with bright ribbons
Of a sparkling sunlit peace
Perhaps it's an evidence of
Our invisible yet invincible
strength and synergy
To continue living or existing
In a clear direction which
Renders us worthy of
A gracious life as well as
Shelters our faith in ourselves
Even when the vicious wintry haze
Makes us shiver and quiver
With ceaseless doubts and mysteries
Let us all bask in the pleasing warmth
Of this heavenly gift
Let's celebrate together
Our mindful victory against
Our very own weaknesses
Merry Christmas to all
283 · May 2018
Write for you
Praggya Joshi May 2018
I'll write to you
I'll write for you
That's the only thing
That soothes my soul
When your thoughts become overwhelming
And start trickling from every corner of my mind
When the ripples of your voice
Bounce back  from the deepest recesses of my being
When the flickering stars at night
Remind me of that glimmer that used to dance  in your eyes
When the crescent moon nestled between the clouds
Reminds me of your smile
When the dense dark sky stretching above
Reminds me of your thick ebony locks
And the spiral waves kissing a moonlit shore
Reminds me of those beautiful curls
With which you were naturally blessed
The rosy blooms of spring
Reminds me of your scarlet lips
And  the rising sun each day
Fills me with a renewed hope and strength to find you again
When the languishing sun each evening
Casts a feeble light upon my empty bed
My tears glisten in the dying embers of sunset
And the cradle of my heart begins to yearn for you again
Before an ashen moon rears it's pale head
And another vacant day comes to an end
283 · May 2018
Praggya Joshi May 2018
Your  heart is filled with unconditional love
That you selflessly share with all
Your arms are always wide open
They've always been my destination
When I'm worried and scared beyond doubt
You toil through immense difficulties
Just to see me smile
In silence you suffer through pain and sorrow
But never can you see a single tear
Trickle down from my eyes
You never panic when circumstances become compelling
you brace yourself to fight
You're my constant companion
Through thick and thin in life
No one can take your place
No one is made to take your place
You're a goddess in disguise
My mother
I wish you live a long happy life
Happy mothers day :)
Praggya Joshi May 2018
From the cracks in the sidewalks
of old weather beaten tracks
With gravel roads full of grime and dust
Near dilapidated walls
Where days old refuse has accumulated
And the air lacks it's unique fresh scent
You find a way to thrive and shine
And your smile grows wide
As the sun sails by
Even though you won't be able to change your spot
This forgotten decrepit place
Will be your home throughout your life
Yet you don't seem to mind at all
For you've carved your happiness here
A happiness that seems to last
Even when you're surrounded by grey crumbling life
Day in and day out
You've found a reason to breathe and boom
you're unperturbed by what's around
And that's the reason your beauty sparkles
Way more than those who grow in perfectly manicured lawns
277 · Nov 2018
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
The sun languishes beneath the peaks
Without a goodbye it closes its lids
darkling skies gather with a fevered haste
A droopy moon arrives but quivers with rage
I trod upon ***** ribbons of empty streets
To the sound of my breath and heartbeats
a soft breeze gently strokes my creased skin
Reminds me of a caress that i dearly miss
The doors of a vacant home stare at me
Inside i'm greeted by the sound of my feet
This house seems small from the outside
But i swear it's cavernous from the inside
The only thing i yearn here is to fall into a drunken asleep
Without sinking into a bed of broken dreams and memories
Sonnet style
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