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Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
I'm the glittery golden cover of your favorite layered chocolate draped cake
Adorned and embellished
To astound and amaze
Just to be crumpled  disposed and tossed away
I am the silken silvery fabric of those scintillating dreams
That you aspire to fulfill
Only to be deffered and never accomplished
I'm a classic best seller
A captivating page Turner
Read twice by him and thrice by you
Now pushed to a corner
Enveloped in a blanket of dust
I'm your soft adorable blue eyed doll
With rosy cheeks and strawberry lips
Apple of your eyes
That fills your heart with joy
Only to be pushed aside
When you're bored
And grown up
To realize
That it could be exchanged for so much more
I'm a nostalgic memory
Now abandoned and forgotten
Scattered by the winds of time
Who could never find someone
Desperate enough to call mine
Praggya Joshi May 2018
In your absence
Days have become longer
Life has lost its lustre
Colorful has become colourless
A passively growing longing
Is breeding a profound sense
Of melancholy and nostalgia
In my head
Yet I have no inkling
When would I inhale your scent
Peer into your ochre eyes
And this ceaselessly stretching void
Filled with a deep yearning for you to come back
Will shrink and shrivel like a dried autumn leaf
Which will shriek and die under your feet
As you'll trudge upon it
And will hold my weary heart
Before it breaks and shatters
Under the leaden weight
Of this ennui in your absence
Life sad happy heart people bored
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
A slight ache in my chest
Becomes clearer and stronger
Whenever I see that distant look
Slowly spread in your almond shaped hazel eyes
And those scarlet lips
Shiver tremulously
As if struggling to hold
Those last bits of resilience
Threatening to fade into an abyss of oblivion
At that moment
all I really wish
Is to traverse the distance of your gaze
Climb upon that nameless horizon
Dive into the infinite darkness
That has wrenched your source of happiness
Ruthlessly devoured a prominent piece of you
And return back with a speck of hope
Anything that stirs your anticipation
relinquish your source of misery
Revive your languished faith
Makes you gather your shattered pieces
And wrap you in one of those embrace
That turns you sanguine and buoyant again
Cause no matter what I say
Something inside me fails to believe
That you will ever return
To how you used to be
Before this calamity fractured your resolve
Beyond repair
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
I'm reluctant to admit
That these curtains of flesh
Hide static empty rooms
The cold hard floors of which
Have shrieked with so much pain
When thick calloused feet
Trudged shamelessly upon it
That a timeless ache
Now reverberates constantly
From its sodden interiors
I'm reluctant to admit
That the numerous clusters
Of sparkling galaxies
Which used to shimmer and shine
Resplendently within me
Have been swallowed
By a ruthless black hole
Which has rendered their shine
Imperceptibly weak
I'm reluctant to admit
That I've slowly become
a pale ghost
Of who I once used to be
And so I'm always afraid
To admit distressingly
That you will never
be able to find
The epitome of
A happily ever after
That you so desire
To seek in me
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
The advent of our desires
Makes us scramble
For the basic necessities in life
The culmination of those desires
Makes us bereft
Of a single atom of peace
And sanity in our lives
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
I still believe that we'll meet again
Maybe in another life,we'll find each other again
With open arms we'll greet each other soon
Without any doubt,we'll embrace each other again
Together we'll swim against the tides of fate
From the spears of grief and sorrow,we'll save each other again
Under the bright skies of fulfilled dreams
we'll forge new bonds of love for each other again
Lets spend this life learning from our irrevocable mistakes
Trust me,in another life we'll never say goodbye to each other again
A ghazal
Praggya Joshi Mar 2019
You look beautiful, with a matchless splendor,
The taste of your voice
Breathtakingly delectable
To all the four senses
Eager to embrace you
With a sprightly endeavor,
You seem like an aesthetic vision
That I'd love to comprehend
With the mind of a cartographer
And eyes brimming with happiness,
You feel like a melange
Of glowing colours
Shedding those petals of dusk
That bind the hope of dawn
For a budding floret,
I only wish that somehow
I was able to map the distance
Which spreads persistently between
Your presence and my reverent arms,
Before it's too late
And this life spirals away
In meaningless motions and tasks
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
There's a place
Where a radiant sun
Beautifully illuminates and embraces
The rugged contours of a jagged skyline
Before dipping into a gilded horizon
But never forgetting its promise
To return with an enriched fervor again
While an exquisite scythe like moon
shines like the weapon of goddess kali
And drives away the darkness
Not only from the sodden skies
But also from the core of our souls
And the eternal stars flawlessly carve
a splendid intricate tapestry
of flickering constellations
That doesn't seems so far
Light years away
We can touch them
With our heartfelt dreams and desires
That we've buried somewhere along the way
the air still tastes like sweet nectarine
And washes away the agonizing tang
of festering rues and regrets
While the heavenly scent of rubescent flowers
Mingles with a velvety wind
That wafts through a vibrant foliage
And conjures songs so deliriously melodic
Which magically lightens a heavy heart
And gently soothes restless minds
replete with chaotic contemplations
In this place
the crimson flames of sublime love
Never turns livid and blue with hate
Every breath alleviates our despair
It's ethereal ambiance dampens our unease
Let us try to find that place
Before it's too late
Let's go there
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Cupid's arrow
Pitilessly pierced
my heart
And down I fell
Into the abysmal depths
Of love
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The leaves groan
And fall down
From the bare boughs
In a pitiable abundance
Like a profusely weeping
Timeless wound
Forming a carpet
Of rusted blood beneath
The waning warmth
Of melancholic sunsets
Isn't enough to infuse
Life into them
And the soulless wind
Refrains from picking
Them up
Only mocks at their plight
Which it cannot
ever fully comprehend
Soon the blanket
Of a wintry frost
Will strangle the breath
Of their dying hopes
For forever and ever
And through a dreary mist
No one will ever know
That a season of
Unrequited longing
Has passed into
An unfillable emptiness
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
Our recent conversation
Swelled my heart with solace
I needed to talk
So the crackling silence of the night
Amplified by the relentless pulsating of the clock
Wouldn't keep me awake
Even though you didn't utter a single word
I felt content in believing
That you were indeed listening
With a ferocious attention
And an ardent curiosity
that furnished me with ample strength
To keep going
Without gasping for breath
Or clearing my throat
I drenched the moonlit air between us
With infinite words
divulged my heartfelt thoughts
And deep accumulated emotions
Making sure that you heard every one of them
Cause you understand me like no one else
Until the layers of ephemeral night
Receded and waned your glistening silhoute
I never stopped to hear your imperceptible replies
It was only when a gilded light
Warmed my skin and hugged me tight
I realized you were nowhere in sight
Perhaps you had gone to your home
But I forgot to tell you
I will be waiting eagerly
To talk to you again tonight
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
My life has always been centered around sunsets
Although i long to savour beautiful sunrise
Ive always felt at ease
When im shrouded by the dark veil of a starry night
Although i long to chirp like a tiny bird
When the world gets colured in a golden light
I always find myself drenched in memories
Reminiscing about  things that i loved so in the past
Searching new ways by which i could go back someday
Although i know its impossible
So i try to act like i live in the present
But i actually live in between the layers of  past
They say i dream a lot
My dreams are incredible they say
Because they arent ambitious enough as theirs
They dream of reaching new heights in their careers
passing the toughest national level examinations and a life filled with finest pleasures
I dream about floating with pearly white clouds as curly as the strands of my hair
Making paper aeroplanes
Which has my sloppy rhymes written upon it
Swinging upon a smiling crescent moon
Weaving a garland of stars
That will shine like a diamond necklace
When darkness invades their life but doesnt goes away
Its a bunch of crap they say
Urge me to come out of a fantasy world
And embrace reality everyday
So i try to get up from those curly clouds
And try to become earth bound
But i land so clumsily
slip and trip
fall with a resounding 'thud'
I see bruises all over
With blood trickling out from them
I wasnt made to live in reality i guess
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
Don't turn your back to me as yet
Without any word or a glance
I've not yet mustered that much strength
To behold you only in a fleeting trance
I know I've made many mistakes
The price of my pride I must pay now
And before from your mind I'm truly erased
I'd do anything to help you recognize me somehow
apologies wouldn't prune my regrets
They won't bring that shine in your smile
Like the temporary relief from a burned cigarette
Later they'll remind me how I wasted your time
One last chance is all I ask, please trace your tired steps back
Don't let our friendship silently succumb, to this very last attack
A sonnet
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
When the dusk
Grazes our back
We'll hold hands
And slowly undress
our deepest fears and endless doubts
And the things that make us frown
Toss them out like dust
Into the leaden sky above
And wait for the strongest wind
To take them away from us
In the darkness of the night
Perhaps in a very long while
We'll feel our chaos abate
And a long lost sense of ease
Will truly gratify our senses
As the clock ticks
And a chirping dawn
gently unwinds  itself
Perhaps we'll greet
our feathered friends
With a grin
That we hid
For so long
And didn't even knew
Was as wide
As this neverending universe
Praggya Joshi Aug 2019
Dear one,
The trial of your slow waning, is what haunts me like a wretched spirit. The way my dayly moments, that used to resonate with thy invaluable presence are dwindling like a destitute's wealth, renders me a maniac, ridden with an inexorable anguish. What am I supposed to do. I cannot lift these sacks of grief. Enfeebled by a dolour, tis like I'm fighting a lost battle, with a forlorn capacity. Nary a thought grips me still. Thine picturesque glance, the blithe cadence of thine lips, upon which I nurtured and reared banquets of poetry, now tend the flames of a halcyon past, that singes me with a rapacious melancholy. The throes of longing imprison and harass me till I'm cemented within a dank spite for myself, and ruefully discard any smidgen of reprieve. Beloved, I'm a convinced bearer of countless blunders I agree. Mine miserable apologies will only vacate the gasoline of thy peace. But a miniscule opening is all I seek. With reverent hope, I beseech thee. Indeed, for I will become a bane for myself without thy caress to redeem me.
Praggya Joshi May 2018
Beneath my painted skin
Caramel brown eyes
Lined precisely with a black ink
Flicked at the end
Forming the most exquisite wing
Roseate lips coloured with an oxblood maroon
A peachy radiance
Emanating from the apples of my cheeks
There's a heart
Tenderly beating
And a soul
That desires love
Try to look beneath
And reach for it
Rather than gaping and grabbing a corner of my surface
Which causes nothing but sheer pain in me
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
The best mistake I made
Was believing
as a child
In the idyllic world
Of pixie dust strewn fairy tales
Laughing at the prospect
Of a strange world
Where happiness
Wasn't always there to stay
Where the triumph of good over evil
Didn't necessarily happened
Where those who professed
To love you dearly
Didn't always turned distant
Where sleeping beauties
Didn't always woke up
Where the shining sun
Didn't always warmed your frostbitten skin
Where a beating heart
Wasn't always a sign of life
Where being older
Didn't always meant
Being stronger
Where bruised knees and scarred wrists
Weren't always a consequence
of slipping on the stairs
Or tripping on the sidewalk
I happily believed
In a world
Which I realized
When I grew up
Could only exist
In the realms
Of my heartfelt dreams
But could never be real
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
Can you look beneath the surface
Beyond the meticulously painted
canvas of my face
You see me smile
Can you still say
There's something that I hide
You hear me talk a lot lately
Can you still tell
There's even more on my mind
But I never let it
slip out of my mouth
Inside these hazel brown
Mascara Laden eyes
Can you see the melancholic clouds
Sometimes sailing by
Can you hold me then
And whisper gently
That whenever it'll rain
You'll be around
Just in case I get too wet
I can take shelter in your house
Can you try look past my facade
Inside the window of my soul
Find out what's buried within
And then let me know
Will you stay
Or will you leave
Praggya Joshi May 2018
I wish I could blend into summer
A summer as riveting as I've read in novels
Made up of crisp warm breeze and sweet fragrances
The sun not too high and not too hot
Just enough
So I can cherry pick in a golden sundress
And sit under the shade of the tallest tree
As old as my heavenly ancestors
Alas if only summer felt as beautiful
As a fictional background
And the stifling heat of a raging sun
Accompanied by the searing winds
Didn't make me wince and whimper
I wouldn't think twice
Before stepping out of my house
And let it's scintillating splendor
Drench me in an awe inspiring wonder
Rather than shrivel and recoil
At this onslaught of a scorching hot weather
Which glares at me when I look outside my window
Like a sinister slayer
With a red hot knife chiseled to perfection
Waiting to pounce upon me
The moment he hears a creaking of the doors
To devour me whole with a furious anger
His flaming knife slaughtering my body
Till I'm nothing but puddle of sweat
Trails of crystal clear liquid
Left to dry
And dissipate into the thirsty sweltering air
Thick with the moisture
Of other hapless victims
Now do you believe
Why I don't blend
But melt in summer
Just for fun.. Hope it brings a smile in your face
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
Boys like you
Do notice
Girls with a pretty heart
And soul
Girls who don't
Look like cover models
Girls who don't follow
The latest fashion
Boys like you
Do smile at
Girls who aren't
Restrained by opinions
Girls who determinedly
follow their passions
Girls who aren't unnerved
By societal notions
Do boys like you
Really exist
Or is it just a dream
That I wish could be real
Inspired by the song 'girls like you' by maroon 5
Praggya Joshi May 2018
The air we breathe
Is made up of our breaths
That means even if we're no longer together
I still inhale and exhale you everyday
An inherent part of you still manages to touch me leave me and repeat
Just like you actually did
And no matter how hard i try
It makes forgetting you harder than it is
I hope you know
I may never be able to fully forget you
For doing it
I'll have to stop breathing
Suffocate and choke myself first
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
Your scorched skin
And burnt fingers
Won't heal
With any medication
Over the counter drugs
Or elixirs
It will continue to hurt
As long as the cauldron
of boiling self hate
Inside you
Keeps searing your bones
As long as you let
your insecurities and regrets
Devour you like a devil
As long as you keep viewing your flaws
With a magnifying glass
Relentlessly condemn your every action
That couldn't win their approval
With marked ruthlessness
A gross feeling of inadequacy
Will spread inside you like an epidemic
The day you are able
To convince yourself
That you are more than enough
Worthy of infinite love
And profound affection
Let those unattainable standards
you've set for yourself
Crumble like a piece of dried earth
View your vulnerabilities
As assets instead of liabilities
That day you will heal
Completely and miraculously
Without any aggressive intervention
It would take time
But better things never happen
In the spur of a moment
Although it is easier said than done
But believe me
It'll set you free
From the aches and pains
That you think
You're doomed to suffer
But were never meant for you to feel
In the first place
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
Caress my soul
With your silken touch
Let your suppleness
Permeate inside
My parched
And jagged contours
And rouse my deadbeat soul
With a mosaic
Of ambrosial emotions
That have been doused
By my scarred hands
A Long time ago
Let me feast
On your presence
Embrace your scintillating aura
And replenish my ashen complexion
With radiant hues
Let me snuggle within your halo
So I may become whole
Once more
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
We walk towards a deserted cemetery
Between weather beaten tombs and spectral souls
You wrap your arms around my waist
Rousing a shiver as I lean against your chest
We dance between the depths of the dark
Under the pastel skies above
With Silver moonlight Caressing our skin
Wilted petals beneath our feet
The silence of the solitary night
Splintered by our sonorous heartbeats
When thick fog engulfs us
Your soft lips press against mine
I feel a chill as time stands still
Wishing this moment would never pass by
As the iridescent mist receeds
An icy wind ****** my skin
I ponder and wonder where you are
I see your waning silhouette against the pallid sky
Reality stabs me ruthlessly
I tremble and quiver convulsively
Upon seeing you beside the withered old tree
Resting beneath the earth heedlessly
Turned into Grey ashes
Just a fragment of lasting memory
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The sparkling
summer skies
Changed into
Thundering red clouds
In your eyes
And the autumnal warmth
Of your smile
Changed into
A lacerating
ice-cold frown
And all of a sudden
That year
An unanticipated
bitterly cold winter
Left me shivering
And gasping for
a temporary respite
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
My days crawl in a vapid succession
My eyes fixated upon the inscrutable way
In which pastel days fade into pallid nights
Languid sunrise dwindles into dreary sunsets
As I wander in between listlessly
Gathering it's dusty remnants
And threading them together
In unembellished phrases
Hackneyed to death
As the first weary ray of dawn
Ruffles through my hair
I yawn, sigh
and repeat again
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
You are the star
That I seek
Whenever I'm drowning
In the murky depths
Of a dark turbulent sea
When the pale moonlight
Fades between the stormy skies
And Im caught in the undertow
Desperately struggling
To find a way out
That's when I look up for you
With desperate eyes
And there you are
Wearing that same stoical smile
Shining like a diamond
Brighter than the sun
The divinity that you exude
Gives me  infinite strength
You illuminate my path
When shadows become bigger than before
With your radiant coruscations
You gently guide me ashore
Praggya Joshi Jun 2019
Adoration reigns supreme, like a never lost battle
Every word, every act expresses a tale of untold desire,
Nothing seems to placate, the restive thoughts that rattle
Everything burns and heats, in an incredibly untamed fire,
What then aches to be released
Like a jaunty bird from inside a trap,
Are unheard, muffled truths hidden within heartbeats
That seek some reason to eagerly unwrap,
So long as they’re coerced to solemnly stay
Within the confines that imprison their devout expression,
All the seasons will persistently make way
For the sins and crimes of an inordinate, unrequited passion.
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Can you cuddle
With my heart
It's as soft as
a pair of tiny
Fluffy kittens
Smiling endlessly
Into the void
Always dreaming of
Soothing summer hands
That would warm
Their winter flesh
With a soft love
That would linger
Through the grey weathers
And crystal clear skies
A desire that is exhaled
From its pores
On starry sidereal nights
Tickle it with a playful smile
Not with a playful mind
It beats melodically
for an everlasting caress
Come near
You can listen to it
Only when you'll try
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
The countless folds of thick dark curtains
Cogently conceals what's hidden beneath
A tempest of emotions wreaking havoc
Arousing chaotic commotion
Debilitating me
Some buried
Some hovering ominously
Raucous silence
Exhausting my insides
My resilience wavering
As I struggle to stay afloat
My numb fingers beckoning you
to save me
Before I become
A broken shard of memory
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
Even the most delectable elixir
Cannot wash this dismal taste
Of a profound yet nameless yearning
That appears to have immobilized
Every flavorful sensation in my mouth
Even the most euphoric scent
Seems to drown
in this overwhelmingly pungent smell
Of a wistful nostalgia
That appears to have sedated
The stimulus of every other olfactory receptors
In my brain
Even the most resplendent
Scintillating and ineffably radiant dawn
Fails to diminish the melancholic darkness
Which perpetually shrouds my heart
Late night musings
Praggya Joshi Jun 2018
The yawning distance between us
filled with the lurid remains
From an untimely demise
Of a blooming love
Cannot be traversed
In this life
By either of us
But if you too
Mourn it's irrevocable loss
In stygian dark nights like these
Know that
I can hear your cries
In the shrieking thunder
Of the lugubrious skies
Which blights the weeping silence
That stabs me
In your aching absence
Although I cannot hold you
in a hearty embrace
And wipe your tears
Yet I fervently hope
For the wailing wind
To caress your grief stained skin
And make your sobs slowly recede
By whispering in your ears
If not in this life
We both will share
a radiant dawn
in another lifetime
Someday we'll fall
In an eternal sleep
Only to wake up besides each other
With tickling warm sunshine
Flooding our veins with timeless joy
our fingers intertwined
And our hearts dancing
with heavenly delight
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I hallowed your name
Adored you
With every breath
That escaped
from my lips
In the dawning glow
That reflected
On your burnished skin
As well as
in my paradisaic dreams
And cherished thoughts
Every day
Carefully aligned
The chords of my heart
To the sonorous melodies
That resonated
Somewhere from your core
Weaved an intimately
vital connection
From my soul
For my existence
With my trembling hands
Tirelessly knelt before
Your sparkling facade
Never once looked
Past its exquisite splendour
Asked nothing from you
Except for your undying affection
But all you did
Was bequeath me
An undying fear and suspicion
When you recklessly
And loconically
Made me realise
That i was
Relentlessly worshipping
A heartless demon
Instead of a deity
For such a dangerously
Long duration
With all of my strength
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I'm tragically alone
In the bed
Of my own desires
Which shrieks
And groans
Under my weight
And the piercing sound
Of its cries
Richochets ceaselessly
Off the gray walls
That incarcerates
My restless body
And brutally
afflicts me
With an excruciating pain
Is this the fate
To which i'm bound
To slowly rot
And woefully succumb
Staring at the
Surreal visage
Of my unfulfilled wishes
With wrinkled eyes
On the sunken
Ceiling above
Or will i hear
A muffled knock
On the rusted doors
And a balmy fragrance
Of blissful serendipity
Would gently renew
My weary senses
And slacken
The reluctant grip
Of resignation
Seizing my muscles
I wish i knew
I really do
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
Did I ever found my way up
From that half finished whisky in your bottle
About to be kept aside or drained as per your wish
Did I ever weighed more than the joint you used to smoke fervently behind the dark walls of the underground subway
I wanted to believe that maybe you craved me more than your favorite double cheese burger that fuelled your dinner every other day
But you heartlessly made me believe that I was just a gum that you used to chew when you got bored and coughed it out when the smell of delicious delicacies reached you
Praggya Joshi May 2018
I experienced love in the form of a disease
Which didn't felt too bad
When it was incubating
But then it slowly spread as an epidemic
Throughout my being
In the form of unkept promises
Contradictory actions
Weightless and later vile words
Lack of concrete commitments
Reluctance to compromise
Monstrous ego
Blighted dreams
Which wrecked havoc with my emotions
And caused terrible mental agony
While amplified carnal lust seared my body
And imparted a lasting soreness to it
I may not have succumbed to this disease
But I'm still recuperating and recovering
It has slayed my strength and desire to love again
Just a morass of tear Inducing memories
Is all I'm left with
Life love sad melancholy memories grief hurt
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
I do love you a lot
A lot more than what your capable of imagining or perceiving
But it doesn't mean
That i would beg you
To love me in return
If you do not want to
I can cross countless limits
Fight a thousand furious battles
And endure the pain of ghastly looking lacerating wounds for you
But my self worth is more important to me
Than you think
I wont lose it for your half hearted love
I deserve more than that
I hope you'll realize it someday
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
Dont worry
My wounds
have almost healed
And Ive doubtlessly grown
a very thick skin
Over it
Now the bullets
That you fire
From the seams
Of your mouth
Wouldnt harm me
Like before
They would
just scrape
My edges
And i wont
Even bleed
A little
And yes
I'll soon forget
All about it
Praggya Joshi Jul 2018
Let me know
When loving me
Begins to feel
Like a chore
It'll take some time
But soon I'll find
An exit door
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
I passed by the house
I once stayed
Amid tall trees and Verdant grass
Where I once played
Although Covered in dust and rust
It looked the same
And I felt the cool wind envelope me
Like a mother's embrace
As I stepped upon the soft ground
Where my youth was spent
An avalanche of memories
Came crashing down
Feeding my parched longing for yore
And all I did was let it pour
Praggya Joshi Mar 2018
In my dream
I'll be the one you'll be holding tonight
Slowly filling me with ecstasy
My eyes will be turning misty with joy
You'll see
How every tremble
every shiver
emanating from my body
Will sob your name
My sighs will turn to  moans
With every kiss that you'll planting
On the slopes of my skin
With our fingers intertwined
And your warm breath caressing my spine
You'll be making promises of forever
And I'll be smiling with delight
As the starlight envelopes us
I'll gather the courage to tell you
That which I could only write about
you'll pull me closer
And with the sunrise
I won't be leaving your side
As you'll be ready to tell the world
That I'm yours
And you are mine
In my dream tonight
Instead of her
Your lips would be pressed against mine
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
The melodic wind
sings a timeless song
In a dulcet voice
That carries the sediments
Of my thoughts
To an ethereal horizon
Smeared with a melange
Of glittering rosy hues
Like the colour of
My heart
If i overlook
The slightly unsightly
Of the hands of time
Upon it
But i wont
Because reality
Is where i live
And that's the only
Of living so much in it
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
Be the lighthouse
That would gently illuminate
The ever-expanding wilderness
Beneath my soft seas
Be the breath
Of a rarefied wind
That would blithely stir
This supine silence
With a mellifluent melody
Be the glorious beams
Of an enthralling
Aureate moon
That would caress and adorn
My weeping shores
With delicate shades
And delightful nuances
Be that dream
That I've forgotten
To blissfully dream
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
In an eerie silence
As the clock strikes 3
And the roaring black clouds
Pile atop each other
The coffin lids
of unmarked graves
Slowly open with a
Lamenting refrain
From its shadowy
soggy depths
Rises skeletal hands and legs
With ***** cobwebs
Tangled between their
Piercing bony fingers
And as the wind begins
To wail and howl
And the drooping willows
Begin to weep and sob
These restless
tormented spirits
Commence their march
To find those who
Sliced their life in half
Before they could ever hear
Their roll call from above


If ever you find yourself
Awake at this witching hour
And hear the distressing
disembodied cries
Of these wounded souls
From somewhere outside
Your doors
While everyone else
In your house
is warm under the blanket
of a sound repose
And your eyes become
Red with terror and dread
While your heart
Races at a perilous pace
Leaving trails of a fetid sweat
All over the skin of
your strained muscles
Then you should be
Thoroughly aware of the
Spine-tingling truth
That those bellowing revenants
Are hunting for
Someone just like you
Would you now
like to finally confess
That you committed
An unforgiving offence
Cause they will come again
Every night
they wont rest
Until they find you
How long can you
Hope to hide inside
Its time for you
To say goodbye to life
Praggya Joshi Jan 2019
The aching brambles of this eternity
Pierce and rip through me mercilessly Tangled between their
inextricably intricate knots
I howl and scream indefinitely
Only to find my desperate voice
Get repeatedly trapped and ensnared within
It's razor sharp bars
And become evidently inept to turn into
A choral symphony
Buried beneath it's empty, vacant
Yet unflinching and determined grip
I struggle and strive to remember
Those dreams that caressed me
Long ago
With a vision that was blissfully distinct
and immeasurably distant than
The endless phases and facets of life
That now surround and besiege me
How can I freeze and pause
This ever-growing loop of perpetuity
Without waiting and wondering about
A constantly flickering yet elusive end
That too,
Refuses to cradle and embrace me
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
The chair that you rendered
Permanently empty
So suddenly
and unintentionally
Without any prior warning
That would have given me
A moment's worth of time
To prepare my heart and mind
Not to succumb
In the depths of
the excruciating void
Of your aching absence
From my life
Still sits
At the solitary corner
Of our house
Hopelessly wondering
If you really wanted to leave
Without saying
a goodbye
Praggya Joshi Nov 2018
The sun languishes beneath the peaks
Without a goodbye it closes its lids
darkling skies gather with a fevered haste
A droopy moon arrives but quivers with rage
I trod upon ***** ribbons of empty streets
To the sound of my breath and heartbeats
a soft breeze gently strokes my creased skin
Reminds me of a caress that i dearly miss
The doors of a vacant home stare at me
Inside i'm greeted by the sound of my feet
This house seems small from the outside
But i swear it's cavernous from the inside
The only thing i yearn here is to fall into a drunken asleep
Without sinking into a bed of broken dreams and memories
Sonnet style
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
Even though the distance
Of light years between them
Will never subside
And will always remain
But this has never stopped
The soft waves of cerulean
Seas and oceans
As well as their moonlit lover
From recognising and feeling
The gracious presence
Of each other
And joyfully confessing
their sparkling eternal love
To each other
Even in the absence of
Any means to ever
come close
Or touch each other
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I dream of our
skins intertwined
Adorned with the
Sparkling stardust
Of forevers
But dreaming cannot
Change the reality
That we've become
Ghosts of who we once
Were to each other
Our silhouettes
Now dusted
In the dirt of
Unsaid goodbyes
And never evers
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
The gusty gales of time
Lacerated our youthful dreams  
Of happily ever afters
With plenty of misunderstandings
Lingering doubts
Tainted promises
And a gradual withering
Of once ardent emotions
Till they couldn't breathe
And painfully succumbed
To their tragically imminent demise
Leaving behind a dusty trail
Of bittersweet memories
On which we kept walking
Further and further away
From each other
Misty eyed
with a heart
with fathomless sadness
And a woeful ballad
Bleeding from the recesses
Of our souls
For the rest of our lives
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