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  Apr 2017 Sabrina
Savannah Becker
My hands are getting shaky
My heart is beating fast
I really just want out of here
How long will this last

I hear some people laughing 
I bet it's right at me
I tried to look my very best
Is there something I can't see

My head is getting dizzy
My lip squeezed beneath my teeth
I wish I had my hoodie
Something to hide beneath

I heard somebody say my name
Oh please don't make me talk
Maybe they won't notice me
If away from them I walk

My hands are getting kinda shy
So I pull down my sleeves
My lungs are getting kinda stuffy
I really want to leave

They're looking in my direction
Guys, staring isn't nice
I know I'm not the prettiest
I cried about it last night 

I become a little more frantic 
I can't speak even if I try
I'd do anything to get away
Even if it means I have to die
  Apr 2017 Sabrina
Sorry I fail at communicating.
    Sometimes I get nervous when I talk; my words don't always come out right.
Sorry about the thing I said.
     I promise it didn't sound that way in my head; I'm trying to get better at that, I promise.
Sorry I'm bad at having conversations.
     I care a lot about what you think of me. Sometimes I get scared that I'll say something wrong, so I won't say anything at all. This is one of those times.
Sorry I don't speak a lot.
      I'm really interested in what you're talking about, I just can't think of things to say right now.
  Some toddlers can hold conversations better than I can.
  Thanks for putting up with me anyway.
Revised post. I found this on tumblr; I related to it completely. It didn't give credit to who wrote it, but everything on here is something I struggle with day to day.
  Apr 2017 Sabrina
Pray to your God
The God that allowed Satan to torment Job for his own amusement
Pray to your God
The God that allows trials to rain on both the just and the unjust
Pray to your God
The God that turned away from his own son in his time of need
Stand in front of a train and pray to your God
Prayer is powerless
No matter how many times you pray "let this cup pass from me"
In the end you'll come to realize that you are praying to a God who has abandoned you

— The End —