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Thomas M Franey Nov 2015
I have realized, that we could never enjoy a sunset together, only because..
  I would be to paralyzed by the radiant colors of your personality.

  Watching the night sky together would never work, only because...
  the brightest stars will still be masked by your amazing brilliance.

  There would be no reason to sit in front of a fireplace, only because..
  you laughter and smile fuels enough warmth to melt the largest glacier.

  Running along the beach would be senseless, only because...
  spending time with you has already cast upon the vigilance and energy of a beautiful ocean.

  I would wish to dance to a slow song but cannot, only because...
  the thought of you creates the loudest beat of my heart that can rock anyone's world.

  Fancy jewelry would not be needed to be bought, only because...
  Their is no diamond in the world that matches your clarity, flaws, and beauty that I adore so much.

  I would toast and drink the greatest wine, but cannot, only because...
  I am drunken by a bond we have that makes me shiver and fall onto the ground with excitement.

  Traveling the vast world would be a great for anyone except us, only because...
  I already have the pleasure of knowing the person who fulfills any wonder of the world.

  Writing the poem would not do any good, only because...
  like any great piece of art, your eyes and voice is full of unconditional beauty. "
Thomas M Franey Nov 2015
I was one who was down and sad, until a shooting star blasted against me
Not just a star, but a star full of diamonds that speck thee.

The star, noble and bright, opened my eyes and my heart.
I felt love for a few days like viewing a piece of beautiful art.

I love this star, and will fight to keep and grow it deeply.
My star, I want to be with it so bad and feel it weekly.

I will stop at nothing as I found love, true love, and will prove myself
As for I, I am over the past and now open to the future self.

I love you Alane!
Quirky love poem to win back the heart of my new guy. I want to my Saturday date :P..
  Sep 2015 Thomas M Franey
"Sometimes you just need one person. Maybe forever..? Maybe for just a little while. Not long. Being alone is hard, but being with a lot of people can be hard to. Find someone is okay with talking for hour about stupid ****, but at the same time, would enjoy silence with you. Someone who would hike 10 miles then sleep all day. You just need someone to help you balance. Sometimes you need someone to help you keep your center of gravity."
It may have never been enough,
It may have been in pieces,
****, It may even have been the worst you've ever gotten..
But I gave you the best parts of me.
I gave you all of what's left of me.
Thomas M Franey Sep 2015
I apologize - I mean no love for you in this poem - *******

I am vastly viewing the plains of my thoughts, alas, looking for a song to play.
I will sit in my chair, pondering the notes and clefts through the day.

The song I will play only for you and you only, as I search for the note or key that sounds.
I will frolic through the keys as I know that one key is important, within the mounds.

In harmony, I will play, to match my keys to the key of our heart, only for a smile.
If the key of the heart is touched by my keys, I will await for you to dial.
I'll sing to you, as you listen, however, off the notes are, I will fulfill the rhythm of your soul, by each stroke.
short , random poem :)
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