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I'd love to see a butterfly
float across the golden sky
You never looked back when you said goodbye
you left me alone and unable to cry

My heart did burst and fell to the floor
I whispered your name as you shut the door
"I love you darling", that's what you said
just before you hit my head

You took the hammer and swung it high
and turned our love into a lie

I tried to make it to the door
so **** dizzy I hit the floor

I tried to duck and hide my head
never thought I'd wind up dead

They watched her crying at my grave
someone told her she was brave

Here I'm lying in this ditch
I'd like to **** that little *****

They buried me so very deep
it's time for my eternal sleep
Forever I shall see
that you belong with me

Forever in the night
I shall hold you tight

Forever and a day
I will always stay
this awful summer heat
makes me feel like a piece of meat

thrown on an open fire
I surely will expire

You can hear my moans
as it burns me to my bones

I don't like this at all
I am so ready for the Fall
The buzzer is ringing, the cookies are done
now I'll eat them one by one

The smooth frosting just like silk
wash them down with chocolate milk
I gaze upon her heart and what do I see
A beautiful girl and she's in love with me
How could such a tiny flower
over my heart have so much power

You will always have my heart
it was yours right from the start
I love to sit in the bogs
and listen to the frogs

I love to hear the sound
as they hop upon the ground

Their croaks "music to my ears"
it always brings me to tears

The place I like to romp
inside the darkened swamp
Her eyes are bluer than any sea
to my lost heart she holds the key

Her love I'll hold within my heart
I fell in love right from the start
to me summer is the greatest season of all
my second favorite, well that would be fall

summer is dandelion fluff and shirts with no sleeves
fall is pumpkin pie and tumbling leaves
My heart remains in your delicate hand
the most beautiful princess in the land
Autumn sunrise, cool wind through my hair
Day off today, I haven't a care
the river flowed smoothly at first
and then it decided to burst

now around my house is a moat
and **** it I don't have a boat

this will be an uphill battle
because of course I don't have a paddle
The early morning sunlight
bidding adieu to the gentle night
My heart crumbled, I fall to my knees
I didn't realize you were a tease
the sapphire sea is within her eyes
her smile will light the darkened skies

— The End —