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You never looked back when you said goodbye
you left me alone and unable to cry

My heart did burst and fell to the floor
I whispered your name as you shut the door
Carolyn Cagnon Dec 2016
And I swear to you...
In that moment it was only you and I.
We were the only humans left,
Although it meant we were all alone,
I didn't mind it very much at all.
For in that exact moment my dear,
All the others need not exist.  
That my sweet prince,
Is what your presence does to me.
You make everyone else disappear
And you make everything seem okay.

Now if only it were more than a dream,
For you and I will never again be "we."
Where do i go now that i dont have you? Go away, Go away, Go away
How can  I live without you there * Together forever,Together Forever,Together Forever
I should've gone so long ago  
Leave, Leave,Leave*
But you made me wanna stay Come Here Baby, Come Here Baby, Come Here Baby
Where do i start when all that i've ever known is gone? Stay, Stay,Stay
How can i move past this thing that seems to go on and on You will never get away, Never get away, Never get away
So i'll sit here and figure out
** Where To Go From Here
This is break up therepy
Sorry if its bad
I just gotta get this out before it consumes me
Warm paint upon my hands
the canvas calling to me
my hands trace the fabric
leaving memories of you
streaked across the white
I chose black first of all
for your deceitful heart
and red for my fuming anger
the last color I choose
for this horrific masterpiece
is blue to represent
my never-ending regret
Jemma Jun 2016
As dumb as it may seem, after all the bad times, she honestly thought it was meant to be
Despite all of the do not cross, slow down and proceed with caution signs she thought she was ready
Tear after tear, heartbreak after heartbreak, she still didn’t get the memo
You see because, he said I’m sorry and covered her bruises with that Band-Aid
All awhile his love for her slowly fade
Those butterflies in her tummy made her think she was in love
But that was just a sign of uncertainty from the one above
But she couldn’t let the boy of her dreams go because she couldn’t sleep at night
Even though deep down, she knew something wasn’t right
She went through 5 long years of pain, suffering, defeat and denial
While he enjoyed lust, the fast life and a couple girl trials
Attempts to speak to him and tell him about her problems was a lost cause
Because he didn’t care about her anymore because his love life now had no laws
Then she told him she loved him and waited for his response in return
10 long seconds of waiting made her stomach churn
Then she realized that their love wasn’t meant to be and she painfully asked herself
Why??? Why did this have to happen to me?
Then he looked up and whispered, you know I love you too
But they both knew that what he said wasn’t true
So she took a deep breath and she quietly said
Its official, the love I once had for you is now dead!
Pauline Morris May 2016
Just go the **** away
I don't want to hear what you have to say
Your words cut like a jagged knife
All you your sweet tinged words **** out my life
Go ahead and take a bite
Devour my soul till I'm out of sight
Break my spirit
I use to fear it
But now I don't
Leave me in the dark to *****
I was just a clown
You kicked me to the ground
A heart turned around
Desperation the only sound
Just ******* go away
Because I hate you even more today
antxthesis Oct 2015
Everyday I lose pieces of myself.

Looking back to a couple of days ago,
I found myself lost in the "whys"
Of my previous love
Or was it just a fling?
Like: "why wasn't I enough?"
"why did you stop answering my messages?"
"Why didn't we work?"
and "why can't I move on?"
Like "why am I still hypnotised to the sound your footsteps made
The last time you walked by?"
And "why, why the hell does this feel like I'm singing the same old song?"
"Why doesn't this feel new?"

Looking back to a couple months ago
I found myself rummaging through the remains of your mind
Trying to decipher the meaning behind everything you do.
Why one minute you love me and the next you don't.
Why one minute you're a book,
Free to open and to read
And the next, you're a closed door,
With a lost key.

I keep losing myself.
I lost pieces of myself in you
I should be used to this
But the thing is,
I had hoped to find myself in you.
Don't lose yourself in people things places or anything. It's not a nice feeling
Rhea Sheilah Jun 2015
did not notice
   when dawn   broke
as for me, till the end
you'll always be my moonlight
Sun shone  for  us last summer
and i ran  to your welcoming arms
till night came and i realized
our love had gone with the setting of the sun

— The End —