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her long weary eyes watch silently
as the slow dying sun
falls back into
the gentle arms of night
she sits high upon a lonely throne
eternally isolated from all that is real
memorizing his latest words

she twists and spins each one
carefully in her mind
as if they were made of antique crystal

she pounds and grinds them
like one would a diamond
turning them into a fine crystalline dust
so she may inhale them
and be with him
where ever that may be

when her world is full of happiness
his words inspire her
to reach deep inside and find the truth
and never once stop dreaming

when sadness is upon her doorstep
his words lift her
light as a roaming feather
floating endlessly in the spring air
and he becomes her liquid light

when fear rules her head
his words embrace her
as his strong arms would
if they were to share the same space

when rage fills her blood
his words burn upon her
like a fresh branding would
the pain being a reminder of life

and when her body aches
his words soothe her
touching her as only a man can
fueling her womanly desires

and in turn

she speaks to him
of dark unrequited love
writhing limbs
in midnight embraces

her words spill from crimson lips
inviting his heated skin to feast
her sinful hands
hold the poisoned pen

her dark ink
will forever drip upon his dying bones
and his decaying skin
will bear her metaphors
like a poetic tattoo

and as the darkness grows
within his unfed belly
he will become her marionette dancer
her penetrating words pulling his wires taut

black shadows fall across her face
and she writes deep into the night
of forbidden prayers and innocent flesh
while moans of the dead ring in her ears

her toxic pen to his paper
much like a molten kiss
as she whispers of quivering flesh
and damp bodies entwined

her wicked words call to him
to his hidden dark side
tempting him
captivating him
she is his irresistible curse

and when he lies upon the burning bed
becoming ashes to her beguiling ways
she will gladly give him life
if only to **** him again

sitting back on her haunches
much like a night creature would
catching his scent
she will wear his words
like a glorious dark crown
her come hither eyes is where it all began…

two perfectly shaped almonds
behind smooth velvet lashes
housing a kaleidoscope of winter blues
and flecks of frosted periwinkle
a most unusual combination

it has been said that
if a man were to gaze into them
for more than a mere moment
he would be swallowed whole
endlessly spiraling
into a sea of azure bliss

sun kissed curls
the color of late harvested wheat
draped upon delicate shoulders
bearing the most subtle hue of
gingered copper

it has been said that
if a man were to touch her hair
whether intentionally or just in passing
he would be eternally entangled
perpetually falling
into a field of golden tendrils

through pouted pink lips
harboring the tiniest scent of
slowly warmed cinnamon
her scandalous words dripping
like sweet honey nectar

it has been said that
if a man were to kiss her lips
and taste the pure dark sweetness
he would be forever doomed
permanently enslaved
to an existence of unending pleasure

silver winter moonbeams
dancing upon corrupted skin
her more than generous curves
provocatively wrapped
in the finest of ancient silks

it has been said that
if a man were to experience her skin
bared and willing to his touch
such rousing desire would occur
stimulating each and every nerve
and he would beg for a set of nefarious hands
to deliver his fiendish delights upon her

notorious for her titillating behavior
and wanton attitude
most any man would be hard pressed
to not fall under her deceptive spell
finding himself nothing more than
a simple possession

it has been said that
if a man were to be in her presence
as the clock ticked away the minutes
his transformation would be swift
from confident skilled hunter
to a quivering helpless boy
fixated on his own secret desires
I took my first wintry breath
the cold flowed through me
like crystalline moonlight
piercing the midnight sky

rejuvenating my lifeless lungs
each breath was painful
yet somewhat pleasurable

I bathed my pale skin
in the seductive darkness of it all
slowly wrapping myself
in black laced moans

and in that very moment

Mother Night spoke to me

her silent shadow fell upon the earth
and my long dead bones
trembled with childlike anticipation

she spoke four simple words
“death holds all dominion”

her sharp tongue
burnt each word upon my brain

just like a branding iron would


I must tell you this

in the later haunting hours
when I dared to dream of atoning
for my many heartless deeds

I came to a stark realization


I had become a ghost to my own fate

somehow twisted
                 within my own angry blood

the only lesson I learned
was that all light would end
and I would live in perpetual darkness
with all of nights creatures

              such a place

where the blackness of death keeps score
He was the dark pit at the bottom of a nightmare
the coffee grounds of something that was once warm
that is now only bitter and cold
the stale cigarette **** at the bottom of a bottle of blood and turpentine
a swollen pulp of flesh covering rotting bones
the stinch and stink and decay of death without the comforts of the last kiss
the broken heart hidden in the devils tears
the sin beyond redemption
beating in an angels wing
a thread ripped out of time broken and frayed
forgetten by dreams and love and hope
drifting through nothing and nowhere
lost between eternity and birth and sleep
Come inside, out of the noise
be still
Find strength.
Be nurtured and encouraged.
wait a while.
let God's presence surround you with his love.
Let his blanket of comfort embrace you.
let the sun shine on you.
in transparency and light.
let the gardener tend you,
let him give you wisdom
like you, but different
leaving you stronger.
More fruitful.
down to the roots.
the fruits in your life
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