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He was the dark pit at the bottom of a nightmare
the coffee grounds of something that was once warm
that is now only bitter and cold
the stale cigarette **** at the bottom of a bottle of blood and turpentine
a swollen pulp of flesh covering rotting bones
the stinch and stink and decay of death without the comforts of the last kiss
the broken heart hidden in the devils tears
the sin beyond redemption
beating in an angels wing
a thread ripped out of time broken and frayed
forgetten by dreams and love and hope
drifting through nothing and nowhere
lost between eternity and birth and sleep
Come inside, out of the noise
be still
Find strength.
Be nurtured and encouraged.
wait a while.
let God's presence surround you with his love.
Let his blanket of comfort embrace you.
let the sun shine on you.
in transparency and light.
let the gardener tend you,
let him give you wisdom
like you, but different
leaving you stronger.
More fruitful.
down to the roots.
the fruits in your life
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