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Michelle Apr 2020
after all this time
here i am
thinking about you.

you stared at me
as you tore me to shreds.

were my eyes the only thing
beautiful enough to keep
stare at me and tell me you didn't destroy me.
Michelle Apr 2020
This all feels so awfully familiar.
Like coming Out of a vapor made,
From a witch's brew.
This stupor holds me tight.
O let me sing the hymns I once knew,
Knowing that Time is long gone.
Memory serves only those,
That choose to remember,
Michelle Apr 2020
I know the feeling of burning,
As I come ever closer to
The Sun.
Go my wings
As the flames
Ensnare my feathers in a crown of red.
Michelle Apr 2020
Your eyes are distant from mine.
I stare in the expanse of Whatwas,
and the Whatwas changed into the
and the Whatis created a distance.

Michelle Apr 2020
The emotion of fools.
Who have forgotten responsibility.
Inject it into your veins,
and pretend it makes you martyr.

God is watching,
but I am not sure
he cares all that much
about us.

He does not pity us.
He does not pity.
Michelle Apr 2020
I only wanted you
To love me
Where I couldn't love myself.
Just love me in all of the spaces that are empty. just love me until I can hold myself together again. You! Your love will take me home.

Home is the empty spaces you are too scared to inhabit yourself.
They call to you.
Eery is the space you do not know. Invite it in.
Offer it tea.
it will call out in a familiar song soon enough
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