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  Nov 2015 Tajia Williams
My inner demons have looked me in the eyes for the last time yesterday.
They screamed, clawed the floor for help.
They pointed to my head, my heart and my stomach as they are all golden like they once were.
I named them all after bad habits and bad addictions.
Their eyes are red and their skin is black. They never spoke, but one of them told me in a soft voice, 'I hope it all works out for you.'
Thank you, guilt. I hope so, too.
  Mar 2015 Tajia Williams
Effortless it used to be,
now it's a constant strain
You used to be on the same page with me
now i wonder if we are even a part of the same story?

How rude of days and nights to pass completely oblivious of our pain
How audacious of me to think it was you who the stars  told me about

Closest you used to be,
now there is always an unseen barrier in between
I used to be your home once
But now I'm just a noose you cant free yourself from

How rude of me to say "it's been a tough day" for a year now
How thoughtful of you to pretend it's not because of the sweet nothings you have been feeding me

A day dream turned to reality, you were
Now i realised some things can only be loved from a far
I used to wish your hands never leave mine
But now i just wish you happiness, no matter who you choose to share it with

**How rude of stars to be so out of my reach
How tragic of our story that they are closer to me than you'll ever be.
.....But i can't stop loving you
  Mar 2015 Tajia Williams
Parker Louis
I want your hello, goodbye, and everything in between
I'll be your king if you be my queen
I'll show you things unseen
And sing you things unheard
We'll never get bored
Because we'll travel
Until the clothes on our backs unravel
I asked you to join me on an adventure at the beach
But I promise I won't be clingy like a leach
Meet me at six
So you can give me my fix
Because I'm fixated
So don't be frustrated
We'll bring the horizon
Either you can orican
And we will
Because I think you're straight ill
And I'll do whatever just to give you your fill
Stay like a tattoo
Because I need you like, stat too
Because with out you things seem askew
You didn't expect the question but my bandana knew
You're a cutie pie so around you flies flew
If it's finders keepers
Then I'm glad I have such sharp peepers
So sharp they'll pop your heart
But can you feel mine?
If you can that's fine
With it beating so hard it's hard not to
Cause when I saw you I thought ooh
And I'm so glad I caught you
Looking at me
7/8/2013 2:14 a.m. I wrote this the night I asked some one out (it was in the a.m. so technically the day after). It has a lot of references specific to our us. I asked her out on the **beach** with a note on my **bandana** that said "Do you want to go out with me" and I asked her to read it. There's references to **Bring Me the Horizon** and **You Me At Six** two bands we both liked at the time.
  Nov 2014 Tajia Williams
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