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Pariah of Abyss Jul 2018
The wind had it all
Commenced from the hills
Brought down by currents
It flew
Urged me to reminisce
That brought
Benevolence in my heart
It was this same wind who taught me
Not to dwell upon the past grievances
But to maintain my constant endeavours
It was the same wind again
With its tender sweet soul
Showed me how beautiful life is
And it's worth living
A million times....
The name is “zephyr"
Pariah of Abyss Jul 2018
Behind the woods,
There lies a jungle
A jungle that maintains sanctity
It's where life exists
We were inhabitants there once
When life became too fast for us
When cultures competed for power,
We forgot to ponder
From where it all began.
I'm impressed
With the ladies on this site
So much talent
Amazing words they can write

Lady RF
And her magic pen
Looking forward
To reading you again

Your highness
Ultimate Panic Queen
Writing so good
It's really obscene

Oh Gwendolyn
Our talented gypsy
Writing so intoxicating
It makes me feel tipsy

Penelope the Poet
A creative young scribe
Reading your stuff
Gives me a sweet vibe

Valsa George
A writer of nature and things
When I read her
A smile it brings

Sedoo Ashivor
Writing poems with such taste
Every word having meaning
Not one she will waste

Thank you to all you wonderful ladies
For the work you share
I'm headed back to Hello Poetry
I hope to see you there
  Apr 2018 Pariah of Abyss
Valsa George
Far away in ancient Jerusalem
Stood a garden, long, long ago
Home to giant oaks and figs
And plants and shrubs of every kind.

On every season, from time to time
Merrily they would burst into bloom
Filling the air with fragrance sweet
And fuelling the hearts with joy and cheer.

Amid the riot of flashing shades
Where Poppies and Pansies held their heads
In a corner, there a Lily stood,
Sans scent and sans grandeur.

A poor loner never once noticed
Nor skilled to steal the show,
Those, brilliant in shade and shape
With contempt openly quipped

‘It’s such a shame
She grows among us
With such pallid shade
And nothing to rave’,

‘Lilies are such lazy lot
Giving only seasonal blooms’

Rang aloud their haughty comments
Rashly blurted out and blunt

The poor Lily wilted in shame
Wishing she had never been born.

Late that evening, through the garden
Into the newly dug up grave
A band of people came with lights
Bearing someone cut and scathed.
With blood oozing, drop by drop
From wounds, left by piercing nails

The body, carefully wrapped in linen
Was the body of Jesus - Son of God
The one who bore the sins of the world
And courted the most accursed of deaths.

The body embalmed was laid inside
And sealed with a giant block of stone
Soldiers posted to guard the tomb
And every vigil so prudently kept.

Early by dawn, three days hence
While it was still very dark
From inside the tomb had come
Rumbling sounds and a blinding light.

Flowers en masse blinked their eyes
Beheld a man, gently walking out
The wounds still fresh on his palm
And the linen that swaddled, lying behind.

As they watched this queer sight
In awful amazement, they did see
A host of Lilies, white as snow
Far more beautiful than any of them
Bowing their heads in reverential glee
And singing Hosanna to the Lord of Life.

All the flora in silent shock
Sighted from whence the Lilies came
They sprang unforeseen in those spots
Where drops of blood from his body fell

Then onwards, without fail
April sees the grandeur and grace,
Of snowy lilies - those delicate blooms
Sprouting suddenly from the crust of the Earth
Joggling their heads in whiffing breeze,
And giving delight to all who behold.
Wish all my friends a Happy Easter ! Let the resurrected Lord fill joy and peace in every heart!!
Pariah of Abyss Mar 2018
It came
Like a warm breeze
Offered a temporary solace
Within it carried some deep emotions
Transferred it to me
Put me in despair
And I'm now wallowing
Like a vessel hit by currents, storms
Going aimlessly...

.... continued...
Pariah of Abyss Aug 2013
thoughts passed away,
as your days went away,
you forget the past,
even you had at last,
that moment is a pause,
for which i waited for a cause,
and this is your day,
where i wish you a happy birthday...
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