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Echo Feb 2015
~Two years ago, I met somebody.
Someone who could make me laugh,
A special somebody.
Only on that Friday,
Did he tell me he liked me.
And at the moment,
You were the only guy I could see.
A special feeling.
Did I forget my true love though?
Did I forget the one I had left behind?
You're miles from me,
Yet you're the perfect find.
You showered me with love,
The love of a lifetime.
I can't believe I nearly fell in love with a player,
When I should've always known,
You are the perfect one for me,
And I will be the perfect
Like it? (:
Echo Feb 2015
~You're the only one for me,
And I'm the only one for you~
aj Dec 2014
beacons of thunder,
glow of a kindled lantern

small embers that whisper,
but clap like god shot a gun

shimmering in that darkness
of disconsolation and remorse
a diamond of its own

a soul looking for a love to call their home

and my heart still glows
bright like the lights that leads me off cliffs
Nicholas Nov 2014
A poetry reflects what your soul's 'bout
It shows, how gratifying your love is
The words consider how one speaks through a verse
Love needs one breath & the lips look desperate for one kiss

My dreams working around your daze
I'm so lost into my own stupefy maze
You wrap a wisp of your love around my life
Your love gives me a jack to give you a high raise

A white fog speaking though your voice;
Your love for me coming through my rejoice
A leaf of ecstasy wants you to be mine
So, My heart needs you cause my spirit has no other choice.
He was a grey wisp
Of thought, and of feelings deep,
That I couldn't catch.
Timeless, shapeless and colourless
Yet I demised after your fading trail
Excruciatingly hallucinating of a dark veil
Sobbing, for my torment is painless.

Would I deserve you at any era?
Shame would keep me from you.
I could be Zeus, you could he Hera,
But such wasn't destiny’s brew.

How powerless are my sails
Against a windy, furious sea
Maybe trying a couple of ales
Will make me invite you for tea.

— The End —