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28/F    I like deep connections, sensuality & brutality.. contemplation, late nights, open minds, the dark - the light and the grey in-between.
...and who i screamin' for anyway?...there's nobody about to hear my pathetic cortellings. and i doesn't zactly groove on auto-screamin' either... of course, it do ...
Olivia Twisp
My name is Olivia, and I write only when I am inspired. My inspiration comes in spurts, and these spurts, while rare, are the most ...


Joan Karcher Aug 2012
Delicate, delicate will o' wisp,
As bright as the ocean
As light as the wind
Eve is your haven
Sunrise your peace

Will-o-wisp, will-o-wisp
So caring, so fragile
One of a kind
Wavering sorrow,
Flickering happiness

Oh my will o' wisp
Poised overhead
Floating from me to you,
To him and her
Spinning and blinking
And silently crying

Poor, poor will-o-wisp
Only a glance
A smile
Or wink
Seeking attention
Love, and adoration

Sweet, sweet will o' wisp
Don't despair
You are cherished
Valued and prized

Tiny, tiny will-o-wisp
Please stay awhile
A blessing
Your presence
Brilliantly radiant
For all to see
Florence Maude May 2015
Little wisp of hope
You're drifting away
And so soon

Little wisp of hope
I wish you would stay
And sing your little tune

Little wisp of hope
Why must you always leave in the end?
Without a farewell?

Little wisp of hope
Am I not allowed to have a forever real friend?
Instead only for a spell?

Little wisp of hope
Why must you torture me?

I almost wish
That you'd just leave me be.
Fictional character stuff again
King Panda Nov 2017
tenderness leaves
my eyes in capillary ribbons.
your diamond lips are chalked,
released from rock.
your head, a knot of angel pine—
a dark-brown blooming
sticky and lucked to the back
of my throat.
it is in this moment that
I hear a wisp of rapture
blowing through the oak overhead.
my heart’s motor cranked
like October’s last churning
bumble bee.
be gone…

you kept looking past me,
your hand on my shoulder.
the precious gauze of your profile
mixed porcelain doll and found a
chisel to perfect your nose.
I feel the love of everything and
you—so unaware of your