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aj Aug 2017
i am imagining my guts spilt all over
your bedroom floor;
and you are licking my skin clean of all the
***** blood -

but the bones are all white and strong,
built tough from the labored years
of having a life
not worth living.

you will pick your teeth with them and call the police -
tell them:

there's been an emergency...
i'm a killer, stone cold killer
and there is no blood on my hands
aj Jul 2017
a red beginning on the crown of his head;
king of nothing,
prince of everything -

there's room to grow.

under a black horizon,
the shades of red hidden in bleak
are delicious and

demon king, demon king

he spreads his wing under the eclipsed sun:
a shadow of a former self.

no longer does he wait for the world
for a seat at the table.

he has learned that hell can be raised
when heaven won't come down.
  Jun 2017 aj
Zero Nine
Everyone I know is dead inside
So let's throw a party
Inside our miserable lives

How I love that twist
When I manipulate the situation
My others strike misdirected

Let's fill the empty
With motions from the oceans
Of our others' lives
Let's play chess for battles fought
In happy clouds of datura
Dusting our design
aj Jun 2017
i'll blow my brains out
to your favorite song;

if you see the lyrics
spelt out in my gore
maybe you can see
how much i cared
aj Jun 2017
i wish i could tell you i love you, but i can not.

the words are too heavy on my tongue
to utter such a
bone-dry lie.

i'm high on your tar-black darkness -
that sick cloud of evil;
deep, dark, and broken.

my sun-blood will swallow you whole, so i can not tell you
that i love you.

you must split my lip and lick the lie from
my dripping

then beg me
to **** you again.
aj Jun 2017
my mouth has been filled with a flood;
the waters are tainted with the acid of the world.

it wears my teeth down into
and they cut the insides of my cheeks -
mixing in
bad blood with
a devilish pollution.

i cannot release a cry.
i cannot stomach the feeling.
i cannot ***** the sickness.

i've been sleepwalking into blackholes,
turning cartwheels by oblivion
with a hell
stuck between my lips.

i've been swallowed from the inside out -
flashing in and out of life
with the firestorm of

the reds and blues scream in unison
for a world greater than you and i.
aj Jun 2017
there has been a silence in my life
that has been ringing  
with the furor
of gunshots.

the hot-smoked blow of air
giving birth to death in metal -

and my ears bleed a red
more red than blood.

i am deaf to all reason and numb to every feeling.

i am a doll made of dirt
and fake gold.

no marks of teeth will ever scar me.

i stand proudly with a broken back
even though
there's nothing to live for.
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