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Nicholas Oct 2015
Emotionalism of your romanticism imbued with the shades of my iridescent heart,
& the honey-eyed hum of etching breath emerged into sultry itched snore. . .
. . oft. harass us ov’r the mid-dew of introspective night,
I soothe you with the possession of stately transcendent obsession,
Unless the distortion of B–grade–B-lust have you erupted down to the ripples of my insatiable life
My life – the night – a shade – an ash – the sin – one delight –  
An inflection of unsatisfied love – of all the hunger above –
the sniffle of quizzically blown winds unseen, my love…
drag you straight to the ruthless constellations of boulevard’s ****** street,
I cover your uncover body, lying naked in our bed, with the pleasure of my whole emperor warmth
Unless you go twitched, from the very top to naked bottom, like a vulnerable slave completely enslaved with defeat.
Nicholas Jul 2015
She had a glow to shine; had a shine to glow
Love unleashed the life to heart
& the heart relinquished everything to bow
She had a lit to flicker so she flickered overnight
I watched her wavin'  'pon transculent winds
as if she "Voosh-ed" the lamp with smile
Darkness got us pleased around, oh her very warmth on surround
She closed her raring eyes in love & I fiercely broke her unbroken shell, Unbound.
Nicholas Jun 2015
Your curvaceous body had me swayed ov'r the bed
to chase the dream, unseen
Salted warmth portrayed the tapestry 'pon life
& I went through the love-stream
to reach out to nowhere but to the doorway of your heart, I gleam
“The Desperation” lit the spark to beloved spirit;
Gratification drove us to lonely-Island
You belonged to firewall & your love supersonic
It's always been a pleasure to me...
to let your breast crush under my chest for the spark of having gratification, electric.
Nicholas Mar 2015
My poisonous love - A poetic soul
The modification of puckish heart- A cold - blooded bowl
full of your deviant love
stirred with the taste of your strawberry lips , I howl

Real night comes along midnight tranquility
I hear the echoes of yous, Oh cold - Breeze
drives me to your enthral heart
making me lost inside you; 'bout your spellbind heat...
.. resided to your deepen love belonged to mine
With night, you undress your flowery spirit for me, A sly
I rolled up the whole drooling persona of yours with... in the blanket
like a heart seems to be hooked up with its every salacious beat,
~ Oh My French romance & your Italian love so Italic ~

Habibi, I sing you a lullaby
Like a God blessing the whole heart, deeply
The game's made to be over, but not my love, sweetly
Sanorita, Maria, Bri-bee, hey, Nina bonita, oh honey-bee
whatever your name is; wherever you reside to, my spirit needs you completely.
Nicholas Mar 2015
And the heart messed up with precious moments
with no reason to get hurt itself,
Ecstasy brought it the pleasure of fake components
Which help it residing to the new-corners of book-shelf

Old, dusty, & rotten pages of books
serve it a real nice pleasant scents of its artistry,
As the time ticked by with looks
It goes emerged into the words of literacy

*No more hurt, No more love
Only the memories of past
seem to be saved to the broken-heart

The heart always gets hurt,
no matter if it treats the love right,
Love makes the heart brutal, faithless, & nerd
which costs it further with much price

So, the heart decides not to get fallen in fake love
again 'n again,
Seasons come every year so the rain... with pain

Love's fake, but the true love ain't, so are we
Love makes the hues of heart desperate so do we
What's lost and whatsoever just found
Love ain't a thing that's meant to be sepulchred “under” the grave of conspired-ground

And, by the end, the heart makes all the old and new books
its noble friends...
which pat on its flesh, & make it running along new-trends

Dusk falls down, Night comes down
It slept away, & the morn appears around
And the heart gets spoken;
It says,
“It feels good thinking 'bout new-lit
& forgetting everything even all the pleasure off sin,
Literature becomes the beat; a passion, No more spit
Now I re-start off the life... living along wisdom, I admit."
Nicholas Mar 2015
You never wished to get what you already deserved
but the heart brought you a life where you got emerged
with the temptation of **** mind
that took you away.... away from your life
The love beyond the region crowned you... the queen of my realm
You took a flight & flew off the kingdom of wicked world
& reached out the desperate, & so restless glory of my helm
The destiny of your cantankerous heart led you to the fifty shades of my fractious love
& brought you a new life - A life that labeled you - A white dove
A Dove - an omen; a mark; a zodiac sign of freedom
Oh, the night with you makes me an Italic pigeon
who flies across the world over the nights;
steals your every shimmery breath under the full-moon-night,
& gives you everything with pleasure when the rain love beating again your our galvanize.
Nicholas Mar 2015
Love smoothly soothed out;
takes cold spirit beyond the dark-cloud'
The rain comes down;
desperately falls down all ov'r the ground,
Home seems to be secured, & the heart lost in the crowd
Love on the red covered with 'caramel-paint'
The paint upon heart makes the spirit more vivid
Salacious romance reaches beyond its limit
Naked bodies upon bed...
It's probably not mimic, but the night seems rigid
Complexity of its vibes, & the brutal effect of heart - Everything so frigid
Either treat it right or treasure it lustfully wrong,
Love will never make you feel lone (not even in the morn)
Feel it inside her sighs when she touches you with a tone
A tone of her anaesthetic moan - Oh, the "Night" (turns) on
Make a best room for her in your heart not in your home
It's found in your eyes,
how you admire her beauty in ov'r the night
Simplicity with love, love for simplicity
Hungry heart unleashed to her pristine spirit
Authenticity of electrified heartbeats go turned into intensity,
& She rolls down all ov'r the bed like a phosphoresce lyric
listened to your soul whenever she visits
across the gallery of your night
to make an every phase of your life “numb” within the... a minute.
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