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Essa Freedom Feb 2019
He was burning to ask the question
We sat down and talked
A nice dinner, but he was sweating the whole time.
Dessert came and so did a ring.
Right there in the cold desert
Cold like my answer would be.
Down on one knee
He spoke four words
With so many people around.
Did he really love me?
I didn't want to be another trophy
one-ring love lost loss fear wedding nervous  one ring scared no
Essa Freedom Jan 2019
They took him once
and soon again

To some unknown land
yet to be forsaken

So long he was gone
to bring so-called peace

A war lasting way to long
in a country that never wanted us there

How long will they take him
this time around

One Year?
Maybe 2?
Essa Freedom Nov 2017
I put up walls to hide myself
My family won't understand
I have to hide who I am
Why can't I decide
I fall on the rainbow
I am purple, white, gray, and black
My family stays on the ground
They avoid the rainbow
I feel alone in my head
I can't tell them the truth
I have to hide myself
I wish I could fly away
I wish my colors could show
These walls keep me safe
My family won't understand
I am Ace
Essa Freedom Mar 2017
Who are you?
Perhaps spirted?

What have you been called?

Who do you want to be?
A sister?
A solider?
A friend?
A doctor?
A parent?

There are so many things that define you
That make you who you are
Why let other tell you who you are?

Do the things they call you make you happy?
Are they true?

You may be thinking;
Who is she to be asking me this?
There's the fun part
I dont know

I myself am still defining who I am
Just like you

With every action
Every word
And every moments that passes by
We work on defining who we are
And who we want to be

So I will ask just one more time
And I beg you to think
Who are you?
Essa Freedom Mar 2017
Every book I open
Every story I read
Another adventure I start
Another Life I begin

I live with them
And laugh
And run
And cry with them

I just don't belong
Not in the real world
But however unlikely
In literacy I find a place

In the end
The pages ripped my heart
They pull me apart
They ruined my life
And they changed who I am

Yet without them
My life is nothing
I am incomplete

The author who holds the knife
Dangles it over my head
With each character's death
A new tear in my soul

A new life in literacy
A gift not all can receive
Without literacy  
I would have no life at all

Such is the curse of the reader

Do not feel sorry from them
Feel sorry for those those who do not read
For those who live but one life
A life a ignorace at that
Essa Freedom May 2016
What are you running from?
What are you running to?
Is it the past?
Maybe the future?
The tears?
The memories?
Why do you run?
Essa Freedom Mar 2016
I miss you
I really do
Not a day passes by when I don't think of you
I miss the emails
And the way I used to always look forward to Monday's
And the way I could count on a smile just by seeing a new email...
From you
The times have changed and the emails have stopped
My faith in you remains
While my faith in God wavers
Surely if God want all of his children happy he wouldn't have let you forget
Forget about me that is
I do not blame you for not remembering me
You have important work while i have none
Yours Truly
A waiting Me
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