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We all meet up
Down by that old
Black muddy river
To see all the angels

They come to bless
Us through the night
And gift us tea and wine
And open up the sky

So the heavens can sparkle
And enter each and every
Persons eyes
And open minds

The cosmos bring us
A night of love, friends
And memories
All during that night by the

This For all the dead heads out there that know that lifestyle partying by the old black muddy river. Song is the same name too
mark john junor Feb 2017
Quixotes is a dream,
It's a fireplace and songs
Its strong friendship and
beautiful moments shared
It's a thought that guides souls
to a peaceful way
It's wood and brick paint and posters
built with gentle care and loving soul
Quixotes is a world away from the world
where dance is freedom
Laughter and joy are the air we breath
Song a rich tapestry that tells the tale
of how we came to be
Song a river that has flowed thru our lives
in this palace, in this beautiful dream
Quixotes is a sweet jem
sparkling in the sun
forever home for our hearts
Quixotes is a music venue i used to work at, i was the nightwatchmen
stone the bear Apr 2016

This launched,
a devious
something the whole
world needs to

Society makes its mark,
their wish came true.
&elieve; me when i say
they thought nothing of me
or you.

they only drew you near.
You be-
to them,
you we-
re dear.
But then one day, you realized, you were no longer their peer.
Leaving their reputation:

You told them your worries
you said them LOUD and clear,
they didn’t give a ****;
instead they riddled you with fear.

they really shouldn't care.
but you had to leave your mark, when
living in their massed produced ware
forced you to spend your days in the dark.

it is true
within everything they do.
they do not really care.
society serves to exploit me
while exploiting you, too.
So this is where we stand,
among all the **** in the land.
and we still wonder why another man’s grass
is far more grand.

we must eradicate
everything we were told to ever know
do you know the devil
may live within your own
very home?

So many sit and wait
with their message in a bottle,
but what we need to do
is go heavy on the throttle.

Build yourself a sanctuary,
somewhere in merry's land
become Mr. Manson,
or maybe you prefer,
Scarlett Johansson.
my reaction to bowling for Columbine," orchestrated by Michael Moore

— The End —