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You look at me as I come by
A strange allure as you say hi
I look you up and down for now
I want to get close to you somehow
I find you against the shimmering moonlight
That dowses the scene in a serene glow.

I hear your soft breath in the dead stillness of night
Softening against the natural sounds of the night
The crickets whirring and the wind rustling the leaves.

I smell your sweet perfume, invading my nostrils
Giving me that comfortable feeling of being with you.

I feel at home when you are here, tasting your kisses
Noting that your mouth tastes like milk.
Striving forward, the bustle of the daily grind
The need to be that one percent better each day
We're all putting in this effort to find
The goals that lead us on our way.

Remembering not to compare ourselves to anyone
To focus on our own path and growth
Taking care not to forget to have fun
And to avoid the things that we loathe.

Each and every one of us has a unique story
That unravels as we work towards what we find worthwhile
For some its joy, for others its glory
That motivates us to move in our own style.

On our way we meet other people
And really this is the trick to life
To surround ourselves with those we feel
Are also working towards something worthwhile.
Helplessly I surrender to the sight of her bare flesh
Another instance of **** embellished by her perfect figure
The pull of magnetic attraction
Is this all we long for in each other?

Helplessly I try to align our lives
Make time to find common ground
I want to know her from within
Deeper than what meets the eye.

But our intentions seem to differ
She spends very little time at mine
And within that time together
Not a single thread of fabric touches my skin.

I ask her "could you be using me?"
She says "We're having fun aren't we"
But I long for more
Than what happens behind closed doors.
She speaks to me in whispers
Beckoning me to the dawn of the day
Awakening me with her voice
Soft, caressing and dulcet.

She speaks to me in whispers
Her voice present without a body
She floats in the ether
I wonder can anyone else hear her?

She cleared the energy in my space
Banishing malevolent entities
Although I've never seen her face
Her voice is a reality.

She tells me about the minds of others
Thoughts I cannot hear
Between all the psychic clutter
She makes my energy clear.

She says she is a shaman woman
And works with energy
I see her as someone
Who understands me.
It's sticky and fogs your mind
This green friend of mine
Inhale to feel just fine
As slowly it steals your time.

It comes in the form of a leaf
With it there is no grief
It leaves behind some keef
But it is the time thief.

Many days can go by
****** or completely high
Without blinking an eye
Time begins to fly by.

It makes you do less
You begin to forget success
All you want to do is rest
And smoke it to your chest.

When its time to quit
You realise you're unfit
And couldn't give a s**t
You'd rather smoke and sit.

You might become addicted
Your brain power is restricted
Completely self inflicted
Your motivation misdirected.
I left this poem without a resolution to make a point.
She has yet to enter my life
Like a ship approaching the coast
The winds that carry her to me
Are my own thought vibrations

My thoughts about her ring out
And create waves
Bringing warm waters
To my shores

She has yet to enter my life
Like the sun on a summer's dawn
Bathing the pastures in glowing warm light
She is the warm rays in the morning of my life.
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