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aL Jan 2019
Pagbabadiya sa panibagong giyera
Ako ay alipin na ng kaba
Sa iyo ba ay mahalaga na
Ako na naghihikahos sa dusa?
Yugtong panibago, babago sa mapait na buhay
Sugal sa kapalaran, pambili ng matatag na gabay.
Bago pa man sarili ay ilisan
Ako ay iyong na ring hagkan
Mahina pa ang aking damdamin
Na kaya pang itaboy ng hangin.
Mahahalagang salita na bulong mo sa akin
Hindi malilimot ang boses **** malambing.
Sa aking pagkakasala, lahat ay iyong patawarin
Magulong sanlibutan lang ang gumagambala sa'kin.

Ako na hirang mo, mapa~gabang
1 am blues
Poetic T Dec 2018
If time is consious
      Are we
but a fleeting

Yet to fade into obscurity.

Or are we a
Of repeated ideas,
That just need
         to be tweaked.
xmxrgxncy May 2016
Haven't you noticed
that I'm not like them?
You're taken
-believe me, I know-
but she's not any different
from those you yourself
despise with your whole being

I feel things
I know how you operate
Messages portrayed through
a screen like this
mean less than spoken word
but what if I
could speak with
the pentameter of
a keyboard....

Your eyes shine brighter
that the bright white light
that emanates from my
electronic book
of wonders
yet I do not understand
how you don't
feel it too

We are both tweaked
a bit lost
and a bit lonely
Need a place
a loving face
and I think for you
I could be
the one
Dia May 2014
I don't care if he's perfect or not
I love him the way he is.
He may not think so,
But I know that all he has to offer
Is all that I need
I don't care if it's not much,
Because just having him call me Darlin'
Is enough
Just having him
Is enough

I want to tell him how much I care
But I'm afraid I'll become even more attached
And it'll break me when,
Like the ****-up I am,
I ruin this thing that's barely gotten the chance to start
And push him away and make him leave

And the sane part of me will just sit back
And watch me ruin this great thing
10:11pm last night. He was tweaked...wanted to OD and **** himself. I talked him out of it. This poem was kind of inspired by when he said "I have nothing to ******* offer you".

— The End —