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Kaila Martin Jan 2015
I see it in you
Don't give up on yourself
Bring your heart back from that dusty old shelf

You make me feel new
And I can see right past
The wall you have painted, it's made of glass

I'll help you pull through
I'm in love with your mind
Please let me in, let our thoughts intertwine

What I need to do
Is burn down your disguise
Don't be a part of your own self demise
first lines- 5 syllables
second lines- 6 syllables
third lines- 10 syllables
Jack P 2d
lighting matches on the stove
it's awful cold in golden grove

joy is wielded from the deep
it's awful warm in farron's keep

policemen said to take a seat
another death on pirie street

lonely? got some time to ****?
take a stroll 'round silent hill

(()) (())

..when these decaying organs fail
there's one thing keeping me from dying
i close my eyes and try to live
a thousand lives better than mine.
live from an empire builder
So many people have become the forgotten
of our society because
the rich In our country
are only Interested In
getting richer they
not want to take any responsibility helping
those In need desperate
for their help

Would be nothing to give a little kindness but I see very little evidence of this
ever being but who are blind to the facts It Is
they who are responsible
for the situation, our poor suffer
In their everyday struggles just to survive the rich who live In a world hard to imagine by us poor for they who forget that most the time they got there riches through Inheritance or were just
The life that most of us never have but the worst of all their minds have conditioned by
a selfish bunch of
who made them believe that the poor of our society somehow to deserve to be treated like low life scroungers worthless less than humans
But they will pay for the crimes against humanity one day they will answer
for the suffering, they forced upon our most vulnerable In our
But when It's my turn to die I will have no fear of
death for I have always done my best to help other
even though at times I'm as poor as they are but life Is
all about helping each other that Is how we humans
Some things the rich have long since forgotten I only shed tears for the forgotten old disabled sick Homeless lonely starving families there poor children SHAME on the rich of society that allows people go hungry die on our streets
while they live their comfortable lives
well fed and warm I'm
glad to be amongst the poor for I have a conscience that's all I
SHAME one the riches country In the world we send aid to other countries nothing wrong with that Intill you relies we allow poeple to die on the our streets we should be helping them first
And as I fall to restless
sleep deep In thoughts
of my sweetheart for
she's be forever on my

And my heart won't let
her go for If ever did my
remaining days I have
left would have absolutely
no meaning anymore

For just to have my
Dreams and The memory
of her Its to those that
have ecarried me thus
so far  

So I guess I'll continue to
sleep my restless nights
with my sweet heart
forever on my mind and
her lo
Love so strong It will never die I will carry her In my dreams and sleep my restless nights
do not have to exist
of words
that rhyme.
They can simply be
made up
of words from your mind.
Even though I just rhymed, I hope that the message was realized   :)
Bohemian Feb 12
Those chests inflated of pride
Sheer a bit more
A bit more as they conceive a wound more
to have another one
To the ranger within,just as an evil within
To each of us
Rules are made to be broken.
Guilty :)
Lie to me;
tell me what I want to hear.
Tell me that I am
a strong lady with
no fear.
Tell me that I am
a lady who is always happy.
Tell me that I am
a lady who is never angry and is always
sweet as candy.
Tell me that I am beautiful,
and that I never get
in trouble.
Tell me,
lie to me,
what I want to hear.
Cuz sometimes the truth hurts!
If there is
a way
to happiness
I will do whatever it takes
to get there.
Over mountains and lakes,
oceans and trails,
I will get to happiness
no matter what
it takes.
It's somewhere out there...
yes you.
Please show me the way
to happiness.
I'm having a hard time to find happiness right now
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