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Moeshfiekah May 2018
A blank sheet of ripples
Let the ink roll down the tip
Many thoughts in the galaxy
Picking burning stars from the sky
Words rumbling from the mouth
Slipping out of the lips
The earth calling out my name
And I'll fall down down 6 feet under
Shay May 2017
You treat me as though I am glass that might crack or snap;
overprotecting me and encasing me in bubble wrap –
you’re concerned I will fall apart so easily and become tattered
but you cannot break what is already torn and shattered.
Shay Jul 2016
Explosions of blue and purple cover my skin;
like fireworks where raining punches have been,
and my scarlet gashes are dolorously healed;
harsh memories of my war on the battlefield.
Shay Feb 2016
Her words are boa constrictors causing detrimental suffering and sometimes even death,
with her victims crying themselves to sleep every night, hyperventilating with every breath.
Her raining punches feeling like a thousand needles piercing their flesh time and time again,
her victims wonder why they get up each morning just to suffer the same pain.
Her poisonous taunts run through their bloodstreams and haunt their minds;
and lead some to scar their bodies and others to perish entirely leaving their family behind.

— The End —