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Andrii Panfilov Jan 2019
Put it on my mama, that violets are blue, roses are red, and my heart is dead and so is your heart.
Moeshfiekah May 2018
A blank sheet of ripples
Let the ink roll down the tip
Many thoughts in the galaxy
Picking burning stars from the sky
Words rumbling from the mouth
Slipping out of the lips
The earth calling out my name
And I'll fall down down 6 feet under
What hides behind the tears of a clown
A man whos sanity has been lost
And cannot be found
Ive settled my demons
They no longer make a sound
As each waking hour passes
As time keeps counting down
What hides behind a happy face
Is a wicked frown
As all my twist3d thoughts
Keep spinning around and around
Why cant I escape from this
This carnival of hell
But thats a story id rather not tell
So until next time
I wish you all well
Until the day we meet in hell
Collaborative art with my big bro Klever Madness

— The End —