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the president's past tax returns

might well haunt him yet

they'll be made available for

Democrats to freely vet

on the figures being thoroughly


any anomalies shall be heavily


as we all know the devil is always

in the fine detail

where no executive order will be

seen to prevail

congress won't let up on its

relentless quest

in finding revenue that wasn't

paid unto an IRS request
...a graveyard of all things
across the street of this house I've rented on the beach
a family plot on the opposite end of an empty 3 or 4 acres
this wasn't in the description
but I find nothing more comforting than a few dozen resting souls
while I too rest
I awoke the first morning to a sigh and then another
as clear as if she were laying beside me
and later that day...near dusk
I paid a visit where she rest
and returned with the sounds and images of my new friends
the Austins, the Stowes, the Farrows and the Wades
the blackbirds squawked and jumped from tree to tree
they did not approve of my interest
perhaps they are the protectors of these souls
settlers of the Outer Banks
this just occurred last week. I will be posting the video on Youtube. There are several anomalies...voices, etc. One of which is unquestionably a breath, sigh, inhale...that comes at the gravestone of William S. Stowe. I will add a link after I post the video.

— The End —