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Alexis May 2018
Do you ever wonder what the message that I never sent said?
The message that from your side could only see it pending, while I read it back to myself over and over, hesitant to click send because I knew that depending on one small movement of my index finger, my world could either burst with colour and become complete or drain to grays and crash down, never to be rebuilt as sturdy again.
The message that pulled me away from society and slowed time while I was trapped in my subconscious, unaware of the events unfolding around me because the only thing that mattered were all the different storylines that could become my life in a matter of seconds depending on if you read that one message.
The message that was so carefully phrased and forged through a mixture of sudden confidence, the truth of how I felt for you, and my desperation for change; to change the way that I spend every night alone longing for your love, and to replace my sadness and tears with the solace knowing that you desire and care about me.
The message that I ended up losing faith in and erased, for I was too scared to risk it all, because if it hit me that my fears were now my reality, it would have been the one blow that shattered my cold, cracked heart into millions of shards so sharp, anyone who tried to put them back together would just end up damaging themselves too.
So in those moments where I let my mind drift, the question that will forever lack an answer often resurfaces;
Do you ever wonder what the message that I never sent said?
Traveler May 2017
Caught in the cross hairs
Of Death's Sights
We are merely bullets
Traveling at the speed of life

A big bang of eternal flight
Endless days, countless nights
A straight shot to the end
A loaded clips of original sin

So get out there and aim to win
Take another shot and shoot again
So many bullets gone astray
Life is a gun at the end of the day

Traveler Tim
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
Don't be afraid of love,
that fear will never let you find it.

Cherie Nolan© 2016
....? ; )
[Love] is a risk.
                   No matter who you give yourself to.

     Whether it's your first or your second or even your fifth love.

There will always be a chance you will get [hurt].

But you dive in anyways
                   because if you don't, you will wonder what could have been.

       By taking a risk you will know what love is and you learn to love again.
Trying to play with spaces. Experimenting.
Sam Yarbrough Dec 2015
I watch the sun see through the trees
through the glass,
see through me.

This great star
saturates my window
brightly warms my hand,
as if in proposition.

My smile concedes like a girl
that has just been asked to dance.
An unstoppable smile.

I belong out there, in the trees
At the source
Eating sunshine and
sipping starbursts
Filter free.

I roll down the window
as if to shout
Drop me off here".

But all I have are excuses:
"Bad timing," I say.
And the sun may see,
but it does not hear.
Shawn Callahan Jan 2015
Quietly she sits
in a the roar of society
Keeping to herself
Invisible to the passerby's

The wall feels the curve of her spine
and the ground bounces her foot
cracks in the cement keep her gaze
People passing and not seeing.

But I see her.
She has the aroma of anticipation
and the look of flight
Waiting there for her signal to take off.

The squeal of brakes are heard
brown eyes snap to see the sound.
Inexplicably grabbing her bag
Tightening her fist
with the contortion of uncertainty

What is she waiting for?
Here is her chance, her destiny
She struggles to move
Does she need a push like a baby bird?

Go! Go my feathered soul.
Don't hesitate
Don't look back
Answer your calling
Run! Jump! Soar!
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Ethan Titus Oct 2014
Why am I afraid to go dance?
Why am I afraid to take a chance?
I just want to cut loose and express what I'm feeling
The ideas of having eyes on me has me reeling
To let go of fear and set myself ablaze with internal fire
Right now, this is my only desire
Why do I watch but never join?
Why do I leave my fate to be decided by a coin?
Why am I afraid to take a chance?
Why am I afraid to cut loose and dance?
Jose Valdovinos Sep 2014
Is it wrong,
Taking a chance?
I think not.
For i rather fall
And get up,
Then not to try
And just fail.
Ive took many chances some good some bad but I have learned from them and thats whats making me a stronger person.

— The End —