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Poetic T Feb 2019
Breath was exhumed from the corpses
lingering impressions.
   But all were merged beyond
                           the futile emotions of the flesh.

For where reflections were void,
             only true deliberations stigmatized.
                                    Everything of before,
               that  were psychedelic illusions.

Reminiscing of stained windows,
                recently cleansed of the memories of
Only now were remnant fallen dreams buried
                                           beneath falling stars..

                           That crawled like maggots
                                                 in the heavens
burrowing deeper the more they fell...
                And still though falling, there breath still
                                          gasped as death only exhales.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I am shunned
Because of my
I can’t help it.

I am a lepersy patient
When it
Comes to finding love
No one wants me.
Because I am scary
I can’t help it.

I am told
I am ugly because
Of ethnicity
I can’t help it.

I am an out cast
Because of
My intelligence
And knowledge
I can’t help it.

I am evil
Of my
Mental illness
I am not evil
I can’t help it.
Irene J Jun 2018
I could smile.
I could cry.
I could tear a wall.
I could burst into laughter.

I could hate you so deeply,
but I could forgive you
like it never happens.

I could be the quiet one
in a middle of a conversation
but I could be the louder one
when you start a conversation with me.

I could talk a little,
I could talk a million words.

I could sing terribly,
but I could sing beautifully.

I could notice the one thing
people will never notice.

I could forget things,
but I could remember things
that people won't remember.

I could be perfect,
but I never could be perfect.

— The End —