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  Sep 10 Amulya
why love me?
Amulya Sep 10
So, yeah,
I'm not like the rest of the heard.
I'm Different.
Thank you for spreading the word.
Amulya Sep 10
I  cannot really tell,
The reason I'm shaking now.
Is because of a lack of a healthy diet,
Or from anxiety within,
Raised to a great height.
Any suggestions or usage of words would be appreciated:)
Amulya Sep 6
It's not that I can't think,
Or I'm lost in my thoughts,
It's because I didn't have the courage to trust my decisions,
Because no one believed in me,
I was always a second choice,
I  thought it was better not to raise my voice.
Any suggestions or corrections for usage of words would be appreciated x
Amulya Sep 4
You called her crazy for being weird,
Now she's taking pills,
To actually stop going crazy.
The words you use affect people profoundly
Amulya Sep 2
I made mistakes,
But so did you too.
A random one...
I know this is completely outta context but I can't upload my profile pic.Y'all can't do it too?
Amulya Aug 31
I spent hours picking a dress,
Because it is a big deal to look good for pictures with friends,
I got up early just to do my hair really curly,
For the only fest that comes once a year,
You all made memories,
You all took pictures,
You didn't ask me to join,
Uh oh,I thought you were my friend,
You probably didn't notice me holding other's bags,
I didn't feel like asking,
I didn't want my friendship forced on you,
If you really want something, you'll go all the way to get it,
Sorry I got my hopes up.
This really doesn't sound poetic but I had to get it out x
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