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Daniel Z Mamza Sep 2017
In your voice, I speak
I'm unconquerable, I am unbeatable
And I cant be defeated by the weird silence nor
The eldritch darkness

Am not ashamed to speak for you
Am the light in you
You are made from me for me; you behold my face
But in your heart, a war rages
A war of self-condemnation, a life devoid of chastity

You stand alone
Broken, petrified, voiceless
But I speak for you
I speak to you, and I speak through you

Youre no longer a slave to fear
You have the light in you, dont hold it all in
Like dust trampled upon many feet
You shall rise and speak forth!

Up from the repeated trampling upon
Up from the pseudo self-preservation
Awake, thou slumberer
The world await earnestly for your rising
I in you, together hand in hand
We will conquer
We are invictus
Yes, you have a voice and you're no longer a slave
To fear
Perfect Love Cast Out All Fears

— The End —