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Mahima Bisht Mar 25
What happened to those eyes full of laughter
Passed on one generation after

Be ceased for all,
For not following something that had to be done afterall

So people its time to wake
do not put each others life at stake

Time to be aware
but don't to be scared

It is time to co-operate
as something cannot be any late

Practice hygiene
that essential lesson which was taught in tween !

Nobody is keen
to live in quarantine

But it has to be followed
to continue life which is mellow

As they say,a person one in a million
One with a queer attitude
Will help us avenge this feud

But what about the remaining billion
Can't they uproot this villain!

So the virus shall die
To complace all those cries

For that shouldn't go vain
As it all revolves around our brain

Whatever might be the fate
But remember it's never too late

However far we stay
But we want to accomplish the same

The thirst must be quenched
For once the Earth must be avenged TOGETHER...

— The End —