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Today, tiredness
has strapped itself
to my ankle bones.
I'm walking upstairs
with adult weight,
dragging eyelids open,
nudging consciousness
still lying in the road -
desperate to drive along
that towering bridge
and back into

last nite, the strokes
of three, four and five
passed me knowingly
like a former lover.
Grudges were embedded
long before the peak.
There were teeth marks
left in breeze blocks,
street signs stolen
as the town went under.
Down a park slide,
we deep-dived life.
Climbed theatre roofs
to discuss our plays.
Threw our shoes,
plus socks, in frost,
before settling on home.
American video calls.
Empty cereal bowls.
Maybe six or seven
goodnight smokes
with a slumped hug,
voicebox croaked
during the final tokes

and I'm under covers -
today, tomorrow.
There are crumbs
on a camera lens
and fingerprints
smudged on mirrors
hidden behind a face.
I'm not coherent,
feeling anything
but God, this Sunday.
Poem #2 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. This poem is about wild nights and the sense of achievement that lingers the following day... despite the fatigue.
C Jul 20
When this is over, our eyes they shall meet.

My heart, it will flutter, as you pull out my seat.

Light hearted banter, what should be the first toast

Cocktails or bubbles; what have we missed most?

My hand may graze yours lightly, no longer a crime.

Our smiles will glow brightly, your grin matching mine.

We'll savour each second, indulge in each 'feel.'

Zoom; you were great, but life is best 'real.'

Surrounded by laughter, the warmth of a crowd

Won't hear my own thoughts; will LOVE that it's loud.

Giddy with excitement, for I've had time to think;

Yes please mr barman, I'll order my drink.
joren's Jan 2019
Does it bother you
What I'm proposing
Feeling numb
My thoughts I'm freezing

I dont need to leave
I just need a break
I'll be back by tomorrow
And pretend things are great

I hide it away
Under the ice
I'm taking a break
Not taking my life

I'm just explaining
The path I have chosen
I think id feel better
If my thoughts were frozen

It's not forever
It's like temporary death
I just hit pause and
Its so cold I see my breath
Frozen is about just hitting pause on emotions and taking a mental health break, whether it be a break from a relationship, socializing, etc. I'll eventually put this one as spoken track on YouTube
Cana Dec 2018
I got lost in a slew of plans.
Let's go here, let's do that.
You can come too, wait you can't.
Ok fine, i'm sure it'll be ok

It wasn't
Too many plans.
Cana Jul 2018
Sitting, baking, smoking, faking
Smiles, glances, eyebrows, advances
Cigarettes, ****, flying, skied
Leaving, time, behind, I'm
Sweat, sweet, dalliance, discreet
Screamed, moaned, words, intoned

So how was your Sunday night!?
mythie Dec 2017
I want to be friends with everyone.
Is that selfish of me?

Why yes, it certainly is.
You're a very selfish little girl.

I want everyone to like me.
Is that wrong of me?

It's human nature to want to be liked.
However, wanting everyone to like you is quite selfish.

I want everyone to be happy.
Is that bad?

For everyone to be happy, you'd have to remove their egos.
Do you really want to mess with everyone so they become lifeless?

No! Of course not.
I just want to be good.

You want friends.
You want to be cared about.

I do.
Is that so wrong of me to want?

You're an extremely selfish girl.

But, people say they like me.
Is that a problem?

It feels good, doesn't it?
You feel warm and tingly.

I want more friends.
I want to be wanted.

It's unfortunate none of your friends actually cherish you.
You know that, yes?

Shut up.
Be quiet.

You're selfish.
You only think of yourself.

That's not true!
Shut up!

You only want to feel good.
You don't care about anyone else.


Aren't you the one saying these things, anyway?
CP Sep 2017
I don't want to walk in to a room full of strangers
have you even thought of the dangers?
Well I have at 3 am each night
they sure do bring me great delight

I don't want to walk in
oh my god give me some gin
They won't like me
I'm just a wannabe
Imposter syndrome
I just wanna go home

I don't want to walk in
They're looking at the white's of my eyes
I don't mean to dramatise
but I might die

I don't want to talk in
and I can feel my chest
I'm so ******* stressed

I'm walking in
Is this auto-pilot because this is your captain speaking and get ready for a crash and ****** burn
I've reached the point of no return

Walk in you big ******* baby
whats the worst that could happen?
I talk too fast with too much passion?
so what if they don't like me I already sound like banshee
At least try to be care-free
I can't make any guarantees
but step by step in to the room
it won't be all doom and gloom

Just walk in and see you might even make a friend in the end
who didn't want to walk in to too
The smile
Your laugh
Just for a moment
Hide the deep pain of sheer hell
Of loneliness
at Jul 2017
pacing breaths,
squeezing hands,
clenching teeth.

my lips move,
my throat knots,
tears pour instead of words.

hold my hand across the screen
kiss my shaky breaths and whisper
“you are Brave."
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