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flamingogirl Feb 22
I wasn't sure at what point
my feelings of
inadequacy and failure
would penetrate the boundaries
of my thoughts and
manifest themselves in a physical way
which scare not only the strangers
that pass me on the street
and see my now skeletal body
but also those I love the most.
Today I choose recovery. Today I choose to quiet that voice because it has changed from something I had control of and felt comfortable in, to something which scares everyone around me and myself.
Artistical Apr 2019

above my head.

And the swans' necks snapped in unison.
Through each of the valleys and ever anon.
I am chased by the waifs and the hooligans.

I hide in the caves, but hither they come,
they steal and they sneak through the heath;
and as I lie broken, bent and alone .
I have come to this wretched belief:

That over the aeons - through centuries passed -
there are bones of all those that were lost;
for they, too, were buried and left for the wolves
in caves, that from life, they were tossed.


over my ears,

and the bullets leave holes through my head.
Please, somebody come, and gather the bones,
of me and all those that are dead.
I don`t know what this is. I just had a dream...
Rockie May 2015
I'm the adult of sophistication,
The evolving dreams of kids,
Asleep and high and drunk,
Of the promise of the end of time,
Where birds are skeletal creatures,
With blood for wings and beaks of gold.
One of the verses for a song I'm writing for my friends and I :)
Invocation Oct 2014
I thought I knew what love looked like
now every time I log on
I get lost in your eyes

I thought that I was stronger than ever
but your smile makes me feel weak
I thought I had matured and grown
you make me feel like a schoolchild crushing

Whatever it is, it won't matter
Whatever it is, it can wait
Whatever it is, I don't care.

Will I be enough?
Are you real?
Are you warm to the touch?
What does your hair smell like?

I thought I was crying
until you made me look

we have time
// gg

— The End —