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Artistical Jun 2019
Let’s start this with some counting
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
One in three girls
In this room will
Suffer at the hands
Of the one who swears
They love you
The one who swears
They’ll never hurt you
But it happens

We pretend
It only
Happens to us
Let's do some more counting
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
One in four of you boys
Will be affected
By the words she said
By the cuts and bruises
She caused
You have no clue
How they happened
Because it's embarrassing
To admit you got your ***
Kicked by a girl
Only due to the fact
You refuse to
Hit her back
Because you respect

More counting
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
One, two, Three
Three women will have died today
From Domestic Violence
It's such a strange paradox
Domestic is calm and tame
Violence is a force that is intended to
hurt, damage, or ****
And from where I
Stand there is
Nothing- Nothing
Domestic about Violence

Knowing these Facts
It makes me afraid
I am afraid
to be a
To be a
Because when I look at my past

When I look at my past
I am afraid it will repeat
I am afraid
I’ll choose a man
Who beats me with an aluminum baseball bat
Like my own mother did

When I look at my past
I am afraid it will repeat
I am afraid
A man will choose me
And I’ll abuse him with my words
And he’ll take it
Like my father does

When I look at my past
I am terrified it will repeat
I am terrified
My children will
look for an escape
Like the five million children do
Like I do
This was just a topic that was on my mind...
  Apr 2019 Artistical
Oliver Philip
Scorpio ♏️
Scorpio needs the healing of Aquamarine
Charolite, Turquoise, Malachite or Emerald
Obsidian Black , Golden Topaz and Boji Stone
Ruby, Lapis Lazuli,Green Tourmaline,Kunzite
Peridot , Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodochrosite.
I know of Variscite Hiddenite n Apache tears.
Or Herkimer Diamond ,Hiddenite , or Variscite
Written by Philip
December 22nd 2018.
The healing crystals of Scorpio
  Apr 2019 Artistical
Oliver Philip
Gemini ♊️
Gemini never grow up.They are so  flirtatious
Ever wooing and seducing their audiences
Moonstone,Agate,Aquamarine,Tigers Eye
Into the healing powers of Chrystoprase stone
Naturally Green Tourmaline and Serpentine
I also see Anyolite, Citrine,Thulite and Variscite
Written by Philip.
December 22nd 2018.
The healing stones of Gemini
  Apr 2019 Artistical
Decaying bodies
Empty Heart
Another bad thing
The thick fog
Hiding the gun's muzzle
Spoilers for Of Mice And Men, based on Lennie during chapter 5 and foreshadowing chapter 6
  Apr 2019 Artistical
Lady Misfortune
You'll never believe that I am the secrets and you're the words
Just like I don't want to believe I was the ball and you were the bat
What am I even saying
Why am I still writing
These words don't feel the void in my chest
Church says God bless
But then talk down about you
I can attest
I'm drowning in myself
The beast of my mind is consuming me
How much is left
I have no ambition to fight
I'm weak and you'll never know how it feels to be me
No matter how much you relate
You won't know how much I feel it's in vain
Depressing words to match feelings
Dressed in a uniform
Tears roll down my cheeks
Snot dripping nose
All, just leave me alone
Yes I'm broken hearted because the crack was never sealed
And although I act like a cold blooded murderer
I'm the one dying
I'm fading away
You'll never believe that I am the secret and you're the words
The ones I never heard
I don't know myself
Death is stuck in my head
These words you're reading don't mean a thing
Just another broken soul
Probably nothing original
Everyone feels pain
These emotions are cliche
Nothing, still got the same feeling
Drowning in my thoughts I couldn't cough up what I thought. I never did know my feelings....
  Apr 2019 Artistical
Perdue Poems
I've tasted cream
I've tasted milk
I've felt cotton
I've felt silk
Yet nothing was as rich
Nor ever quite so velvet
As my tulips on yours
To make me feel angelic
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