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Unpolished Ink May 2021
Ants on a dry leaf
conquerers and pioneers
sailing the puddle
Ron Conway Mar 2019
It sits alone now
Derelect, long neglected
Empty except the transient shelter
Provided to fox and deer
And swallows cliff and barn
The roof collapsed, the shingles succumbed
To a thousand windstorms
The south side sinking
Drowning in the earth

Yet from it's bones you can see
How it would have appeared
Had a century not unfolded
Timber walls hewn by hand
Corners locked and dovetailed
The craftsman's pride disguised now
Behind the ravages of time

Reflect upon the family
Those pioneers so strong of heart
Who built and grew and loved
And carved a life beyond existence
What hardships felt and conquered
What anguish never overcome
Can we imagine now
From our comfortable perspective
The priorities within that fold
Of time and circumstance?
This is about an old settler's home on my land. I see it and think about it every day.
Seazy Inkwell May 2018
Over time they will look back on you,
The one who rose with morning drew
Cared for everything, and have so few,

Lastly, they will take up on your cue,
When your words become the last adieu,
And people you encouraged start life anew.

Lately, they will think back on you,
The hardworking and patient mule,
For you our thanks overdue,
For your sacrifices, we never knew.
Thanks for reading!
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Ethan Moon Apr 2015
Under the bridge
Pills, muscle & back relief
Cigarettes, mirror pond pale ale
Sail away from consciousness
**** slowly
Socials Studies 10 homework
Conflicted cultures, transient economy
Fur hats
Exploration, exploitation, for
Fur hats!
Litter, candy wrapper
What are you underneath that pretty shell?
Hard heart
Soft heart
Lost hope, failed system
Still the stream runs on, runs away
A steady hum, a constant purr
One day the stream will dry
And be forgotten, swept away into
Our memories, our ghosts
Numbed by the sound of water
Vanishes in time's cascade
Like pioneers and their fur hats.
A poem about the garbage I found under the bridge.
From raging fire
Heroic fates fall dire
Lives given flight
We shall forever be in your debt.
You will never be forgotten.
In this vast world
I thank you by word
These people who chose to spend
And nuture talents that bend
For you knew
That there was something new
That could rot while fresh
Talents of the young,minds still fresh
Not enough to say
Attention you pay
Your time you sacrifice
Us you service
Broader even you grow
Your territories shall ever grow
The world shall worship you
Like for me I celebrate In a ewe
Just for my success to join you
To all poets in here
Let us remain to teach here
Comments that never cease
A good to defend case
Success in this field to achieve
And die to the archive
For the ever new
In the years,more or few
To know
You ever existed
Somehow touched someone somewhere

— The End —