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Love  Jul 2014
What is sexuality?
Love Jul 2014
I. Sexuality (textbook definition) - capacity for ****** feelings.

II. Sexuality (urban dictionary) - having been born liking either males or females. Sexuality encompasses being gay, bi, straight, lesbian, *******, or transgendered. Sexuality is the drive designed in humans to what they are attracted to. Most people mistake the word lifestyle for sexuality which is why there is ignorance in our country.

III. Sexuality (to homophobes) - a sin unless you like your opposite gender. No exploring your sexuality before marriage. If your sexuality is anything but straight you're going to hell.

What is sexuality when you develop a sexuality before you even know what *** is?

How is something a sin when it's developed before you reach kindergarten?

I knew I liked girls before I knew how read.

How did I choose to be gay when I have no recolation of ever making that decision?

So the question I come to ask myself is what, I rather how is sexuality?
Poorly written but it expressed my thoughts.
Thoughtful  Apr 2015
Thoughtful Apr 2015
my sexuality has nothing to do with your traditional ways
my sexuality has nothing to do with your religion
my sexuality has nothing to do with your sexuality
my sexuality has nothing to do with your morals
my sexuality has nothing to do with what you think is gross
my sexuality has nothing to do with you
Josie Hoskins Sep 2016
My sexuality is that 1990's ice cream flavor
Lost to time, but something I no longer seek to savor
My *** is that 1777 font
Pretty to look at, but nothing I want

My sexuality is found in the not-places, of memory
My sexuality is not *** and is not celibacy
My sexuality is defined by my individuality
My sexuality is not a catalyst for my morality
My sexuality is my not-***
My sexuality is not-ever as opposed to not-yet

My sexuality means
My sexuality is mine