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Bryan Amerila Apr 2016
Lion lords jungle.
Flaunts brawn, other creatures bow,
Trips to ant’s red kiss
I feel the passion smoldering my vision;

I am enraptured by your earthly eyes,

And your delicate, bare skin against mine

Is the ultimate nirvana; it's an addiction.

My skin crawls where you have touched;

My neurons detonate, triggered by your voice.

I'm infatuated with the high of desire.
svdgrl Jan 2015
I bit down on my back teeth,
and let the air release from my nose.
I want to scream,
I want to break things,
but I can write fury instead.
There is a typhoon in my chest,
that is ejected from my pen.
My paper rips from the pressure.
I imagine it be like skin,
and how this ink bleeds
boiling hatred
is what I thirst for when
the adrenaline kicks in.
Because when all is said and done,
and bloodshot eyes glance downward.
The reality washes over me-
I have made
in madness.
svdgrl Jan 2015
I looked at their hands,
and how effortlessly they laced.
She wore a pastel purple and he was all black.
And they were impossibly beautiful.
Everyone was enjoying pineapple cake,
while the band played orchestrated indie music.
The place was large, and I was passed the mic,
Say some things for the happy couple!
I am really jealous, and I could only dream
of something remotely close to this
in my future.
Real love
I'm talking about a real love.

I...hope they go on like that...
-motioning at them making out-
In the back of my throat there was almost
a satisfying fear forming
that they'd become a statistic.
It never left my mouth,
it just stayed in my stomach until I met him.
svdgrl Jan 2015
I lift my head ever so slightly,
snuggle back in.
When do we ever really owe ourselves?
And what?
Respect? A second chance?
Slumber is what we deprive ourselves,
or make bed-ridden with guilt,
when we should rejoice.
I am at peace when the phone is unimportant,
and I forget the day of the week.
****, this poem was perhaps my biggest feat.
But I'll tell you more, once I get some more sleep.
svdgrl Jan 2015
I lock my eyes to their counterparts-
the alter-ego of my ego.
I stare into the mirror
not to remark on my beauty,
or the flaws that can seem etched
into the glass,
but because I can't trust any other window,
to look into my soul as deeply.
And when I look at this mere reflection,
there is a love so superficially profound,
that can only be understood
when pupils match up perfectly.
Courtney Gaura Jan 2015
For seven days
We lived
But we were
Told that we
Could only rest
For three nights
Each could choose our
Own nights
For the first three
Days we enjoyed
this new life
Then Marie
Another day
Thomas and Juliette
They died together
After finding love
Next day
Alex died
I'll miss him
Halfway between days
five and six
Three more died
They died
For life
There's so few of us
Just me
And Jackson
At sunset on the sixth day
Mira tripped
And fell
Into the river
Lamar jumped in
To save her
We never saw them again
I am scared
Because I can't
bear to be awake
Any longer
If I don't rest
I will past out
That will be
My final night of rest
I will die
I know it
But what of Jackson
He has rested
Only once
Will he live
Past our seventh day
The sun is rising
on my last day
of life
Jackson holds me
As the last of
The life
Leaves me
I'll see you tomorrow
he whispers
Up to your imagination.
every good catholic is raised in believing
that there are Seven deadly sins.
****, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Pride---
just to name a few.
Me? I believe there are Eight.
The original seven, and Love.
Love is a deadly, venomous sin.
it takes you from who you are,
and makes you someone you are not.
one day you're smiling and laughing,
the next day your hands shake
and the scars are blade deep.
Love, is the ultimate sin.
It changes you.
And some times,
Without you knowing it,
It changes them too.
a realization that hit me today as I saw my life change, I hope for the better, for her.
Auss May 2014
Hello,  my name is wrath
I live in your soul
I'm carving a path
And giving your soul a hole

A hole for the darkness
A hole for the pain
A hole for the betrayal
A hole for the shame

Its like an infection
It will start out small
Then will cause you destruction
Until you'll surely fall.

Then you I will greet
It not being the first time we meet
I'll pull you up,  up to your feet
And then we will blow,  blow up the street
Wrath.  My favorite sin.  It's my weakness and my strength
Auss May 2014
A lazy body
Isn't naughty
But Beware the soul
That's where there is a toll

God is great.
So do not wait
for the Lord
To give you some secret word

Rise against inequality
Stop the immorality
Worship him
For your life is his whim
Sin #2
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