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Irina BBota Jan 2018
Who are you? I will probably never know.
Your words are decorating my bending soul.
In silent mornings when I drink my aromatic coffee
Reality disappears, and hypnosis unfolds.

Who are you? The longing that knows my heartache,
Words that I used to believe so easily?
A mute Self, between much white and much black,
Looking constantly for himself in the gloomy parade?

Who are you? You are the world's greatest discovery
Who learnes all about the soul's immortality?
Who sees ice and fire in two distinct colours
And silence speaks to you in tremendous words?

Who are you? A soul with congestion of lava
Who can erupt anytime, leaving behind just waste?
Or a heart pulsing, passing through conversion
And hides his feelings through lyrics and prose?

Who are you? Are you heaven's demonic angel
Who lives and has the courage to shout in the silence,
Who often plays serenades through written poems,
Through mute words, non-words with the gates closed?

Who are you? The one who thinks white will turn gray?
The one who hopes one day black can become white?
Try to see in the fog more colours of your life,
Don't care about time, dual space or duration.

14.01.2018 London
M Harris Apr 2017
Psychic Trance & ****** Dance,
Emitting Chemical Solace Dipped In Her Capital Romance,

Feral Atmosphere Written In Her Carnal Elegies,
Rapturous Serenades Forming Phantasmal Effigies,

Magnetized Synchronicity & Metamorphized Reciprocity,
Animating Foreplays Dazzling Her Astral Virtuosity,

Phantasmal Lips Illuminating Cherub Faces In Draped Compositions,
Painting Supernatural Visions Forged In Her Vocal Inhibitions,

Prototype Voids & Spiraling Realms,
Religious Frenzies In Her Temporal Screams,

Autumn Sun Reincarnating The Light Of The Spring,
Glass House Perspectives Blooming In Her Prismatic Bling,

Rhapsody Confessions Of Her Divine Obsessions,
Rainbow Skies Dressed In Her Spiritual Progression,

Coral Spells & Synthetic Desires,
Floral Pastels Engineering Her Romantic Fires,

Nightlife Flatlining Through Her Lonely Avenues In LSD High,
A Congenital Sinner She Respires ****** Hues With A Luminescent Sigh!

– 05:13 AM –
M Harris Mar 2017
****** Escapades & Moonlight Serenades,
The Crystal Apparitions In Her Sanctified Masquerade,

Paper Trails Breathing Under Water,
Out From The Ember, Her Seductions Conquer,

Silhouettes Of Her Castle Clouds,
Injecting Primal Instincts Out Loud,

Eleven Summers In Her Pseudo Emotive Desires,
Holographic Afterlights & Freezing Fires.

Twilight Light Bulbs Under The Liquid Nights,
****** Openings Of Her Sensory Delights,
Unfettered Mythomania & Kaleidoscopic Highs.
****** Verses Scattering Light.

Divine Impulses & Rainbow Divinity,
Spellbound Chaos In Her Dilated Virginity,
Intimate Enigmas Veiled In Shades Of Insanity,
Makeshift Empathy Resonating Sympathy,

Animated Specters Reflecting Crimson Streams,
Oceans Tides Pulsating In Her Silent Screams,

Static Reveries Of Her Cryptic Demise,
Textured Amplifications Emanating Chronic Lies.

- 03:04AM -
jane taylor May 2016
in the heart
of the night
a slice of moonlight

i rouse
its mesmerizing lure
gently stirs
a hazy

from shadows i emerge
hearkening its echo
you’re dreaming

its shimmering light
engulfed me
prying open my stubborn eyes
in the onyx

its silver glow
enticed me outside
i stood silent
whilst glistening dewdrops
danced on my toes

a sterling lunar crescent
enlightening midnight

wake up
life’s a trance

in an ocean of emptiness
i heard
a celestial orb
and ne’er slept again

Daniel Mashburn Aug 2015
I've had as much talk about fear and distraction as I can react to before I start going numb.

Between the secondhand smoke and the lies in the bedroom, these serenades to no one start to feel rehearsed.

Like I couldn't tell that I'm ****** up. As if I didn't know I was boring. No. I'm not talking. I'm just choking on biting my tongue.

— The End —