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Jieun Oct 2019
It’s so wide and so clear
But it could also be misty or filled with tears
Tears from the clouds that held on for too long
Thunders and lightnings from the heavens who were tired of being strong
I wondered what it’s like to be in the sky
So way up there, just so high
The breathtaking view and the relaxing air
Oh how I wish, I was to be able to live there
Jieun Sep 2019
You saw me
I saw you
You went up to see me
I smiled back too
You asked me how I’ve been
I said I’ve been great
Then your tears started to pour
You said you regretted everything..
You regretted pushing me away
When I kept on catching you
You regretted hurting me
When I was the one always saving you
You looked at  me, crying
Shaking and looking scared
“I regretted losing you when you were the only one who genuinely cared”
Melili Jun 2018
One day,
I'll leave the world
and never, ever
come back.

You won't hear
my annoying voice
or laugh ever again.
Neither see my smile.

You will miss me
when everyone will leave you
and you are all alone.

Tears might fall out from
your beautiful eyes.
Drop by drop.
Drop of tears
falling from your face.
Tear by tears.

Everything will end
right there.
I will be gone.
No one can fix it.
I always think "May I die?". And my head answer "No". I want to die by all the pain I have right now. My Head thinking of you and my heart telling "Talk to him, get him back". I said to myself it all lost now.

— The End —