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Melili Aug 2018
I've been waiting for the day
you say you want me back.
I've been alone all this time,
that I seem not to understand it.

You threw my heart into the flames
I took our pictures out the frames
I tried to throw my heart out,
but I still keep 'em just in case.

If you're wondering if I still love you
after so much time has passed.

Since you ask,
I don't really want you back.
I just want the life we had.
I don't really want you close.
I just needed you to know,
that I don't really want you back.
Sometime you need to let thing go, to keep moving your life.
Melili Aug 2018
Baby it's 3:00 A.M.
I had you on my mind
And it's not the first time
That we've gone thought this.

I want you more and more.
I can't help but think
Of what we could be.

Baby if I could tell you.
How much I care.
I'm so despair to tell you.
I don't know what I'm writing. I don't know what it mean.
Melili Jun 2018
Should I disappear from you?
From everyone?
From your world?
Or from the universe?

There will be no more me,
to irritate you.
No more me,
to annoy you.
No more me.
to bother you.

If I disappear,
I won't be there,
to make you laugh.
Everything will change.

So be grateful.
Enjoy my silliness
caring loving and
stupid company, before
I close my eyes forever.
I don't what to do. Can you tell me?
Melili Jun 2018
One day,
I'll leave the world
and never, ever
come back.

You won't hear
my annoying voice
or laugh ever again.
Neither see my smile.

You will miss me
when everyone will leave you
and you are all alone.

Tears might fall out from
your beautiful eyes.
Drop by drop.
Drop of tears
falling from your face.
Tear by tears.

Everything will end
right there.
I will be gone.
No one can fix it.
I always think "May I die?". And my head answer "No". I want to die by all the pain I have right now. My Head thinking of you and my heart telling "Talk to him, get him back". I said to myself it all lost now.
Melili Nov 2017
I hate myself
by hurting the person that i love,
by making a mistake without knowing.
Do I deserve that person?
I think, I didn't love him
the way that he loved me.
From my heart, my words, my feelings. Answer me: Do I deserve you?

— The End —