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Dean Chittenden Oct 2014
Its sad to say that will we probably never be. I think that I do love her. Its first time in my life that I can use that word and clearly understand the power behind it and still be comforable with the meaning. She told me there was someone else and well.. that ripped my heart to shreds. Pieces I cant put back together because the damage is already done. In the end I had so much fun seeing her. We spent every moment together for 2 days and a half. My life will be hard to come back to at home. Living a life where no one desires me the same way. A world where im a undesirable.
Same girl from Her
Dean Chittenden Aug 2014
We live in a world where I feel every soul has its breaking point. Some are lucky. They have someone there to put them back together. Well, for lost souls like me you dont get so lucky. You fall apart with no one to help you but yourself. You don't want to help yourself. Broken apart into pieces is where you stay until people pick up whats left of you. Then you wait once again for the world to break you in the neverending cycle.
Dean Chittenden Jul 2014
Friends are what we are. What we always been. Best friends. You thought you fell in love many times. Surely we stayed best friends. This time you really did fall in love. And I know you did because well now, I dont exist. I hope you will always stay happy.
Letter to a close friend I will not send
Dean Chittenden Jul 2014
Its burden we take. Spending time the people of our choosing. We become addicted to who they are and the idea of what they bring to us.the lust,the love, the greed. It all takes a toll each day on our souls. Slowly and painfully. You can try to suppress the process. Eventually it will catch up to you.You will learn that this world is so cruel. Dont spread yourself to thin. You will find yourself walking through a maze with no exit.
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