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To let release one's grip,
Not hold on anymore,
Walk away,
Rip it off,
Break it...
Though it cannot be undone.
The point was done,
It occurred, or it happened!

What was, was
What is, is
What is to be, will be!

What we were, we were
What we are, we are
What we will be...well...if we are to be, will be!

To let go is not easy.
It could be, but...
It also could not!

We could let it be,
Whatever that may be,
However it is to be!

'To let go requires the now.
What was done requires to let go now.
Let go now what was done,
Also requires to let be what will be!

To let go and let it be is part of the process of being,
It requires the now.

To let it go...
And let it be...

Past. Present. Future.
The one that stands above these is the present.

The present allows us to look to the past for lessons for the future.
The present is the best present!

The present! The gift!
I hope you not only enjoy, but are able to reflect, learn, and apply.
Sweeter than the song of a nightingale 
Gentler than the whisper of a spring wind
Quieter than the murmur of  summer  grass 
Softer than the symphony of hyacinths 

Hypnotic like the splash of blue seas
Tinkling like a stream that flows 
Mesmerizing like the cadence of rain 
Enchanting like the hush  of snow 

Like the faint breath of a scarlet dawn 
The rustle of clouds on a turquoise high 
A duet of  night and an ivory moon
A Capella of  stars in the sky

A hymn, a chant, a choir of angels 
Singing  on a rainbow of time 
Celestial is the serenade of love  
A tune and a note divine.
Thank you for your wonderful responses and I am so happy this poem was selected today. Means a lot to me... :)
Who am I?

I'm nobody special.

I drive the streets and give rides to strangers.
I stare at the night sky waiting for something amazing to happen.
I talk to God like how one talks to one's self.
I kiss my kids good night or goodbye as if it's my last.
I am waiting to die or for the coming of the holy king to establish his kingdom.
I could come across as dull or perhaps gloomy.

I adapt, but no longer...
For it does not what I do because I prefer to be nobody, because I am letting go!

Enoch walked with the Lord and was no more...
So to I shall be!
"It's wet outside today baby girl.
A few drops fell for us today."
I told her as I carried her in my arms as we stared out the window.
"Pretty? Yea baby."
Time is,
When a child,
Like honey,
When grown,
Like a drying lake.

Mo chuisle, if this specter shalt cease;
                      Keepeth mine writing's in a chest for safekeep's.


Mo chuisle, if mine eidolon doth release;
                      Remember mine amour', please do not weep.


Mo chuisle, I feeleth soon this heavy flesh shalt succumb;
                     No tears, no fear's, I am thy chosen one.


Mo chuisle, I don't knoweth how many more breath's art left;
Though if this is mine last, always remember lass,
I wilt forever loveth thee mine pet, though we hath not met, soon we shalt. Keepeth thine window open so mine spirit canst cometh and goeth freely, to enter in, and cometh out. Thou art not alone, if even thou shalt feeleth it, mine soul is mobile, I'll travel universal-global; I'll doeth all to protect thee mine Asian Noble. A hierarchy of cherub's and seraph's awaiteth me now, I think they needeth me soon, to be a poet in God's room, just looketh high, I'll be aloft the ground. Mas mahal kita Reyna, never forget these word's, they might be mine last, mine sweet Jane, mine soulmate, mine all, mine all of me;
Mine best friend..  
Mine other half
Mine life;
Mine wife..........

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
Mo chuisle means- my pulse Irish tongue...
specter is like a ghost..
eidolon- is like a specter same as ghost. Unused word these days.
Mas mahal kita- means I love you more then if you add Reyna into it its ( I love you more queen in Filipino tongue)
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