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My beloved
And beautiful Faisal
You tell me the story
Of your horrific childhood
And ask
“Love me for me”

My beloved
Gift from Allah
I tell you
In bits about what happened
To me
And I say
“Love me for me”

We are two
And broken souls
The product of the same

‎ وجميل فيصل
‎ أخبرني القصة
‎ من طفولتك المرعبة
‎ و إسأل
‎ "أحبني لشخصي"

‎ محبوبي
‎ هبة من الله
‎ أقول لكم
‎ في أجزاء حول ما حدث
‎ إلي
‎ وأنا أقول
‎ "أحبني لشخصي"

‎ نحن اثنان
‎ وحيد
‎ ونفوس محطمة
‎ منتج نفس الشيء
‎ مصدر.....
‎ الإرهاب
(ah...a flickr of nostalgia washes over my psyche for those days of yore, when going to the local playground ranked as a big deal to offspring well prepared for young adulthood).

Paradise visage and eyes a bulge with dollar signs
   whets imagination with PowerBall ticket bought
expect the usual outcome after next drawing
   to yield monetary naught
temptation for instant millions

   human foible to reach for elusive *** of gold
   streak of universal desire
   for potential wealth overtakes rational self
   with delusions of grandeur caught

allow, enable and provide flirtation
   with fate to experience rich draught
envision emancipation from penury
   a distant battle fought
and tacked hard scrapple existence wrought.
at the core
legal tender in such precious chronically
   in short supply within this family of four
though times eye desire at least

   another son or daughter more
at such urge (long silenced of this
   ram by ewe to who) did vehemently roar

boot budding young girls
   I whole-heartedly love and adore
who rush into my arms whenever back
   from trivial pursuits

   nearly squeezing out digested gore
when casually and nonchalantly
   turn the key to open the front door
akin to the finest crafted clock work

   to sound the time of day
   they still dance and frolic like kittens or puppies
   bring newspaper and slippers

   sharing silly concocted faux pa lore
inviting me to play make believe games on the floor
enjoying revelry without keeping score
yet…creating memories I will forever store.
Financial straits
   make our existence hand to mouth
all grandiose aspirations to succeed
   in life frequently head south.
Creative endeavors find excitement
   and linguistic pleasure
   thru the attempt to pry
   poem or prose from mind

deliberate semblance to communicate
   and extract idea from cranial rind
words that synchronize suitably
   in poetic third eye bind

readers may espy hidden puns
   within this rhyme lined
with challenges or commiserate
   and complement via words of positive kind

although large sum of money would be  a dog send
   delivered by one blessed angel in disguise
   redemption and salvation considered thankful find.
Much rather be cursed with excess wealth
Deliverance to life, liberty and mental health
Depravity foreign concept never to rue by stealth.
Alienpoet Oct 2016
As your soul gently drains into your iPhone.
Cold and alone in a sterile home
They call it progress
However we can't go back...
Advertisements sell products on the net quicker than crack.
Hungry for all we lack
Wanting our childhoods back.
The future doesn't fit us
There is no pity for us
We curse our poverty
As the planet dies
An emoticon fills our eyes
It's a smiley to gloss over the truth.
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
The violence, the cruelty, the ignorance,
Is this really what’s become of the human race?
Pain, drugs, belligerence,
The kids’ childhoods are gone,
Did they even exist?
Their parents’ lives are done,
Due to drugs and violence.
Must their lives suffer, too?
Must they grow up this way?
All these things that are taboo,
Why can’t they just go away?
There’s a tolerance for stupidity,
A lack of logical thinking.
People all around, just sitting.
Our economies are sinking.
As the crime rate grows,
The number of deaths do, too.
The soldiers are all fighting,
A war that never ends.
Quick! Just hit the lighting,
Camera ready? Let’s begin.
It’ll be a movie about reality,
The real one, not the fake.
A lesson on morality,
The laws our people break.
And as you sit down watching,
I hope you stop to think,
About the tears that shouldn’t be shed,
And the blood going down the sink,
From the people who shouldn’t have bled.
Why are people turning on people?
Why are kin abandoning kin?
No one gets left behind!
Did that get tossed out to the bin?
You must be loyal, you must stand strong,
And when your back’s against the wall,
You must continue fighting!
Catch each other when you fall!
We want equality for everyone,
Not just the privileged few!
You want us to be happy?
I’ll give you a little clue.
Treat humans like they’re humans,
And give respect where it is due.
I’ll keep trying to save this world,
I hope that everyone else will, too.
Written 9-9-14
A video of me reading it is posted to Youtube.

— The End —