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J Fletcher Jan 17
its taked much
enrgy write just line
tired this fkd world
hands hrut
chest tight
J Fletcher Oct 2020
The end approaches
Surrounded by one last burst of color
A desperate final flurry of activity
Those that can, fly away
Off to warmer sunny days
Even in death trees carpet the ground with color and give what they can to to provide warmth and food to others.

Cold comes, white fluff obliterates all
Memory of what once was
The world becomes hushed, flat, enveloped nothingness
The white, all colors combined into one
Takes all life, wraps it up.
Frozen, killed, stored up for a resurrection day.
No one remembers what once was there.
Death is white cold
We fall down in flames of yellow, red and gold.
Down to the green grass to be covered and forgotten.
J Fletcher Aug 2020
I guess a woman's love wouldn't help me
... That's what the shrinks say
You must find love inside yourself.
... I don't even care if she loves me
I just want to feel desired.
Used, is close to feeling useful

But I am unloved, no attractive woman has ever said I was good looking.   Fu#&ing  A

I'm f'ing done with life.
J Fletcher Apr 2020
She's abandoned me to hell
I've lived here so long
She took me out for a walk
And I saw the light
I heard music and felt young.

I thought I had something to give
But I've been ****** to hell
No more looks in my direction
I can give but not receive.

Can't I get something?
I die alone every night
I would like to die for her
But she's abandoned me to hell

I've been here so long
J Fletcher Sep 2019
I'm so tired
  I don't know why
   Please give me a reason
    I really would like to live...
J Fletcher Aug 2019
Circling overhead
Riding currents of stench
Falling upon the carcas
Sitting alone on the fence
Tumbleweed wanders
Sun bleached bones
J Fletcher Jul 2019
I want to be loved
I will pay,
Not in that way.

I'll pay with tears,
I'll pay with time.
Just tell me what to do,
I need help!

I'm so helpless,
I want to die
Then I won't realize
That I'm lying alone

I'm cursed
I'm *******
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