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J Fletcher May 15
Dear old Mom
Can I go to sleep now?
I've done my chores
For forty years
I made my bed this morning
And used the soap when I took a shower.
My clothes are folded and put away
Not sure if I'll need them another day.
I kissed your check
And I love you more than words can say.
I'll wait till you've gone to bed
But my eyes are heavy
I'll rest here for a bit.
Wake me up when you turn out the light
For the last time....
J Fletcher Apr 18
Dream in silence
Dream all day
Dream of light
Dream of May
Disappear the strangest way
J Fletcher Mar 18
I leave these things behind
To those who come after me
I have nothing but clothes and tools
not even un-requited love
I had mostly words, left unspoken
I leave no hope, it's all been taken
One thing i can bestow
Is this lesson,
Almighty GOD is in heaven.
J Fletcher Mar 18
Goodbye dear friends
I never had
the strength to truly know
what a blessing your
friendship could bestow.

Your will to live
the best life ever
Is strong and alive
Every day getting better

Thanks for the moments
full of lessons
I am a child
scared and lonely
on my way to no where
drifting slowly.

Looking at the empty room
I once lived in
luxury is over rated
modesty is understated.
J Fletcher Mar 18
You all are my ears
   You hear what this world ignores
I shout with this pen
  I write a placid verse
   Trying to express this curse
They cannot hear what does not speak
  A frozen tounge is blessed but meek
J Fletcher Mar 8
Just like the field, After a rain,
  You've seen those flowers
You can't forget it.
  Golden drops on every petal,
Each one unique,
  Tests your mettle.

Somewhere down deep
  I want to do it,
Run right through it!
  Burst those drops
Let fly those petals!
  Your golden curls
shine and glitter,
  With a toss you make
Them quiver.
  Deep inside I want to do it,
Let my hands wander through it.

I  bite my lip
  And bide my time,
A million rainbows will be mine.
For that golden haired girl that commented on my poem
J Fletcher Feb 2
We are together
... I will not be alone
We live in the sun
... I will not suffer in darkness
We can choose our path
... I am not chained down
We sail the open seas
... I am not drifting or lost
We are braided together
... A "knot" forever
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