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Naomi Firestone Mar 2019
At last we lay silent
under the bliss of Joy
Your body drifting off
into another realm
where calm blankets
your stillness
I watch your chest
rise and fall
listening to your breath
ebb and flow
like the gentle rhythmic tide
as you retreat and return
to the moon sprawled
across your bed
Without interruption
my eyes take in
every aspect of you
I find my fingers
brushing your hair
away from your face
kissing the crevice
between your nose and cheek
settling on your warm mouth
as your out breath emerges
from your lips to mine
I watch as you fall
further and further away
knowing we are separate souls
unable to save each other
from the dark night
but for now we have found a place
for our bodies to rest
in embracing arms
Syncing our heart beats
until day breaks
where we part again
Tiffany Merkel Mar 2017
Keep your bones in your body,
Keep your brain in your skull,
Keep your blood pumping.

There's a dream to be lived.

Don't rob the world of that beauty.

You are one of a kind.
Camila Feb 2014
I hope he knows that holding my hand
is the closest way to the heart on my sleeve.

I hope he kisses my eyes shut
to give me sweet dreams.

I hope he whispers ballads
like soft spring wind.

I hope he knows I won't need a coat
as long as his arms are around me.

I hope he can make me love him,
make it blossom from beneath.

— The End —