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Mikey Pooler Jun 2016
There can be a bad hour
in a good morning

There can be a bad morning
in a good day

There can be a bad day
in a good week

There can be a bad week
in a good month

There can be a bad month
in a good year

I know sometimes we all go through
bad times

In those bad times we think we live
a bad life

But as our clocks tick and they wind
you'll look back on your life

Realizing that in life there are
bad times

But count up all of the
bad times

In your lifetime you'll realize that life is
full of bad times

But all those bad times don't add up to a
bad lifetime
Mikey Pooler Jun 2016
I cleansed myself of my bad habits.

I cleansed my lies with the truth.

Day by day our love fought, until year number two.

My fear of losing you was the roof,

Our lips met I wish they'd have stuck together like glue.

I was ready to take the leap to the deep oceans blue,

You opened the door just for me to walk through.

Saying the type of love I wish for isn't with you.

Desperate for company on my lonely walk home,

I lit a cigarette if only I'd known...

I thought cleansed my bad habits if only I knew,

To cleanse my bad habits I had to cleanse myself from

Mikey the Poet
Mikey Pooler Mar 2016
Every so often I fade
deep in my thoughts and
get lost in the days

A land before
clocks would invade

The beauty of time
was then slayed

For a minute it seems
as if mankind got
lost in our ways

But I'm not afraid.

To be a leader

To be remembered
by the readers

So dearest cosmos,

"I must know when my time is."

As my generations finest

who with
a thousand words

paints an image
vivid enough
to cure blindness

brushed with
these thoughts
I let linger

To all these strangers
but see

That's the danger.

For I feel as if
they know me better
than I know myself

These voices surely can't be
right for my health

For my ears they bleed
as they scream

"Don't give them too much you."

"But what else am I to do?
To get my message through?"

"Don't let them take control."

"What if they have?
How am I to know?"

"Please if there's one thing you do.."

"Honestly what do I have to lose?"

"Don't you dare lose your soul."

Its all physics
so please put your ego

For if it were to collide

With your soul
there'd be no
standing point

for your demons to hide.

Its been one hell of a ride,

As the cosmos I must
let it be known
I've heard your

Deepest of cries.

So when you ask me
when will it
be your time?

I say to you my child
*December 13th
the day the genius did rise.
Inspired by January 28th by j. Cole

4th piece off of "The R.A.P project"
Mikey Pooler Mar 2016
Scared is my lone feeling,
scared of my own

Scared of my own ceiling,
scared I'll die of

Stared at my own image,
scared of my grown

Glared at my told limits,
dared to be stopped by

It's clear
who bestowed this
hex on me.

I bleed
clear, that's

I fear
for what's
inside of me.

I can
no longer hide it

So just
don't forget
about me.

even when I
doubt you.

Know I do now,
I'm no good
without you.



The temperature's

The predator's

He doesn't think that I can,
see but
I feel him watching.

As I'm shaking hands with
the dark parts of my thoughts,

They sense body heat yet
with that shake I might as well be,

Now see sometimes
to stay alive you have to
**** the warmth up in your,

They're gnawing on
the mystic,
clawing up
the magician.

Repeating simple phrases,

"One day at a time."

As someone holy insisted.

I want the markings left on my skin,

to mean something again.

Please don't leave without me.

I know how fast doubt be.

Don't forget about me,

For even if I doubt you.

I can't leave without you.

another piece off my upcoming book The R.A.P Project
Mikey Pooler Feb 2016
I'm not suppose to be here, yet I breathe on.

I cheated death many times, coincidence it must be beyond.

If I detailed my life, how would I be described?

A house isn't a home with a broken family inside.

his smile subsides his favorite mask to hide behind.

A mask isn't a face just a cover with a broken genius inside.

I go for my morning walk                              

                                        hail's pelting my skin

It's time for my morning talk                            

                                     hell's melting within

I can't                                                                      

                       I can't keep acting like I'm fine

I can't                                                                        

                    I can't save my mind this time
I'm not suppose to be here but I am. So there must be a reason, I learned that. Then ran.

Mikey Pooler the Poet
Mikey Pooler Feb 2016
"The only true wealth lies within love..."

  They say

Love is as it leaves me,


Some days I'm rich                                              

                                         sometimes I'm broke

Somedays I spend too much                              

                                          on the wrong people        

Sometimes I even spend all my                        

Mikey Pooler the Poet
Mikey Pooler Feb 2016
We're gathered round under the soft glow of christmas lights.

The energy gets heavy you can feel it, for once it seems im in a place, for the first time;

I can't explain everything just feels right.
December 12th acid trip
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
When I think of you
                                        I just smile I guess?

It happens all the time
Like when I was walking through
                                             the forest brush.

To put it best
If I fell for you
when I was all alone
                                             would you hear?

I fell for you
not by
looking in your eyes
because they
                                            always catch me.

I fell for you
when I needed to be caught
but could not
                                               find your stare.

If I fell for you all alone
in the dark
would you find
                                               your way here?

With a glass of your soul
oh that soul
that opened my mind's gate
                                     this must be heaven .

A glass of your soul
when I'm lost all alone
That's my
                                   *spiritual refreshment.
Our spirits are thirsty for love. They're dying of thirst. Baby your my glass of water for my ice cold heart.
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
I Remember the first time
I got butterflies merely
by a response

Your interest in me that second
that second
was the second
I was no longer lost

I felt on top of the world
in an instant
two years later
I was melting
away in it's core

But then I met her
and I was sure
by god
she's a
breathe of
fresh air

Your vibe is so bright
I'll go blind
but I don't mind
the glare
I still stare

My last love left my blood boiling
soul melting at it's core

but you brought
my drowning ego

for you I'm willing to
risk that feeling
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
You were wrong about me.
A 5 word poem I'll read to you in 5 years
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