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Quills Jul 10
She was an ocean
during a storm
with the tide raising
and I was wading through your frigid waters
with stones in my pocket
but your love was worth drowning in
Quills May 2020
I soak
  My pillows
              In tears
So often
   That they've
To grow mold
Got an honorable mention from my college.
Quills May 2020
I wish that, for once when I heard

I Love You

There wasn't an expiration date attached.
Quills May 2020
I think
   I outsource love
   I don't believe
I deserve my own
Quills Apr 2020
If I was there
  I'd run my fingers through his hair
Tell him how much I truly care
  I'd sing to him softly
and kiss him loftily
I would talk about non-sense
and everything of importance

If I was there
I wouldn't be in such disrepair.
Quills Mar 2020
A simple kiss
one gentle caress of the lips
a small tug of the hips
Sends my thoughts in a twist
  and my judgment to miss

It's utter bliss
and complete oblivion

Head over heels
My worlds upside down
with you in it's center spinning 'round
and bringing me down.

Quills Dec 2019
I’ve been beaten and abused
My body’s been used
My skin I scarred
My heart is left hard
My mind is weak
My outlook is bleak.
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