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Becky Littmann May 2014
Straight to the eye
Tears fall without the sound of a cry
Cursing & swearing worse than a sailor
Profanity yelled at its loudest to the savior
" ******* *******....**** IT!!"
****, I should sit
The fast lane
To becoming mentally insane
I've heard the rumors said
Round & round they're quickly spread
I'm crazy....oh ya??....plain mental!?!
Why is everyone so **** judgmental?
I'm still exactly the same
Nothing's changed, nothing's to blame
Actually..... I'm doing really, really well
But don't think all my secrets I will tell
That will never in a lifetime happen
So please, continue to only imagine
You'll never really know the whole plan
But I am only human
Therefore my happiness will only increase
& I'll continue to keep my peace!!

— The End —