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Monica Mourad Aug 2020
She lives amongst the stars
Thoughts are galaxies away
It’s safe up there so they say

Eyes like shooting stars
Fly across her sky
Glances of belittlement, pity, judgement
Soar fast across her sky

Silently dimming their twinkling lights
Mindless carefree flowing  thoughts
The ones they say her galaxies are made off
Are laced with unseen meteors of doubt, uncertainty, worry…
Meteors that leave craters as big as the moon
In her “perfect” galaxy

Sleep is blurred by the constellations of anxiety
Her favorite ones are imperfection, failure, loneliness  
Beautifully woven, tangled and outlined
Family.. friends…. lovers…
Intertwine and form the lines - connecting
These celestial masterpieces.  

The stars in her wide brown eyes never dim
Shinning bright,  giving off an aura of warmth and light.
They see a girl- a daydreamer
As Orion’s belt wraps around her waist tight.
Binding her to this utopia they say she created.

Head in the clouds girl
Oh how I want to be you  … they say
To inhabit this wonderfully created planet you live in
Called  La la land

Visit if you dare she says…
Appearances can be misleading. We are carrying our own burdens so choose kindness when you can. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
A  pile  of  arms
  have  been  stored
in  a  dry  place.

Rainy    season  and
  flood  came
  the  tows   can  not  do

  A   pile  of  arms
  are  the  barking  -fears
of  a  street dogs.

After  having   a  3 rupees
his  barking  attitude
turned    into
  peace  -keeper.
KathleenAMaloney Jan 2016
Never before
so many .....

A figure eight
scorched within the  race track of living

And yet, there it remains..
Fearless flying
the decision to go beyond Eternity...

My decision is with them
A prayer for a song
and an unbidden reckoning up

Life's Gratitude.. sweet Flight!!

All that remains... Undefinable!!
Only God can understand that Light

The answer
Will You miss her?
The Question.
Judge Not  Life.


And  So It Is.
Becky Littmann May 2014
Straight to the eye
Tears fall without the sound of a cry
Cursing & swearing worse than a sailor
Profanity yelled at its loudest to the savior
" ******* *******....**** IT!!"
****, I should sit
The fast lane
To becoming mentally insane
I've heard the rumors said
Round & round they're quickly spread
I'm crazy....oh ya??....plain mental!?!
Why is everyone so **** judgmental?
I'm still exactly the same
Nothing's changed, nothing's to blame
Actually..... I'm doing really, really well
But don't think all my secrets I will tell
That will never in a lifetime happen
So please, continue to only imagine
You'll never really know the whole plan
But I am only human
Therefore my happiness will only increase
& I'll continue to keep my peace!!

— The End —