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Azmi Oct 2018
Her naked body
   Always turn you on!

Her soft skins prospected love shower
Not any hone!

Her hairs to prevent your time to go any park, forest such as garden!
Because once time you'd play it by your fingure,
That time those peace gives you so much pleasure!
Her forhead makes you craved for kiss
    The time you should framed those moment scared to miss!
Every girls want such a seemly gaitey.

She's have a dark deep eye!
   There'r only place for beautiful spy!
May be is perfect place to dive
   Without any rive.
Trust me  it's doesn't matter you knows swimming or not!
Her eyes is only  satiety for you.
That,time you realised don't need find any kind of paradise!
   Because her eyes perfectly allocate to rise.
May be you don't need any wet
      Her lips's enough to comfort het.

Her naked  neck  make you hardly, feral love
        And gives you pleasure around like long rove!

Her breast make you thirst!
   Not only compress nor ****,.
This orgnan to help act excited hardly ****.
Doesn't matter are she's have a
flat stomach or fat!!
  She's the only one who'r able to cover inside
Your love! Within till 9 ******.
   Is really good pleasure through your penes!
She steed canvas on the ground,then rises like an acrobat!

Those steed deep dark and strong,
  Sometimes plop-egg, drop-egg!

Earn kudos from the eartsy folk,
Be hip --- plucky 'lay an egg!
           Every months how much she's suffered to "******" pain!
   Only due to blood rain!

From hip to legs make you dabbler in *** activity!
     her legs gives to indicate to make a fascinating moment.
   Her legs like a ride
Which could not make your emotions hide!
Jzt **** out every parts!
   Think 'bout tommorow uh'll have not this type of love kart!

Her barefoot on your foot
She treads softly!
   Without any costly.
please if  I make  any  grammatical errors person me..
and  one  thing remember that,
women is an masterpiece of  art.
her  body ❤
My skin is cracked
split apart

Mucous forms, blood bubbles
fat popping

Hair afire!
skull snapping
arm bones

Collapsed in two
scream fire

To Ashen State,
To Ashen State,


To Ashen State,
To Ashen State,

A Man cannot be the  Sun.
"The Druids taught their disciples many things about nature and the perfections of God, and that, there was only one God, the Creator of heaven and earth. One name, under which they worshiped him, was Esus or Hesus (“He," in Celtic meaning, "Lord," ) or Harits which is their name for Horus..."

~Julius Caesar from [Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, by Albert Churchward circa 1912] [Page 186]

"He,"  -meaning, "Lord," and "Sus," being the most ancient Minoan form of, "Zeus," therefore, "Jesus," means in Celtic and Greek;

"Lord Zeus."

The word "Harits," being Sanskrit identical to, "Charits," and "Marits, Maruts," a mythical epithet for Aryas, or Aryans so the usage of it for his name means it represents him as being Aryan.  

Jesus as an Aryan.

If You can prove it, prove it wrong,
then do so here or do so in song.
If you can also, do it in verse,
then truly you'll deserve a purse.
I do not believe there will ever be,
on this point,

...a mortal man to challenge me!

Good Luck
Stroke the boney-smooth
boney smooth


The further West we go,
the further Right to the beginning


clenched fists
angry thoughts, centered on...



...the fluttering


Turner it around,

skin stretched tight
muscles, display

On the Farm with Ole MacDonald
I live


Storm on horizon, lightning split the air,
thunder crack the night now,
'Cause we're always there.
You know Eight Owl's sittin'
stand in a council everywhere?
Forget your hopes see the future now,
Aryan teeth are bared.

I drive past a sign for Trump.
I see a clover in my heart,
  two trefoil shamrocks do adorn my breast,
          these spider's webs on my elbows, -covered,
                    with moving foot never do I rest.

Upon me soul and in my mind,
           resides a brotherhood to wit I'm joined,
                        from home of Prometheus a story born,
                                  seed of Gomer passes through my ****.

I have a clover in my heart,
   a turning foot makes this world mine.
      The Caucasus seem so far from me,
              with six-thousand years in brotherhood; time.
To see the history of the world read The Antiquities of Nations by Paul Pezron. Aryan from Aryas meaning, "most high, heavenly, stature, class." Celtae from Keltos meaning, "raised, elevated, above..." Aryan.

— The End —