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raquezha Jun 27
I still remember the night
I asked if I can hold you tight
the feeling was light
your smile was so bright
and your hands fits just right

Do you remember the kiss
on the night we'd never miss
under the stars we wish
above the grass to stay like this

We traveled so far
just to find a place
but yours is the safest space

You filled my bucket list
with sunny days
you make the rain go away
warm hugs and soft kisses
is on its way

So today, let's wait
until the end of the day
I'm excited to see you
until I see you everyday
raquezha Jun 27
that's the only word
I said that day
while we're sitting
inside a cafe
waiting for the rain to stop
I miss you a lot
you used to take me
to our local KFC
I'm always excited
you always make me excited
but I realized
you'll never be coming back
Take care

raquezha Jun 26
tonight I saw
a falling star
It fell on Earth
the star lost
its shine
that's why It can
never go back
A girl pick it up
brought it home
hung it by the window
and everyday the girl
gives it a pat
cheering for its
glow to comeback
I only need your smile
for my glow to comeback
raquezha Jun 25
Goodnight my dear twilight
don't let any bad dreams
come to you tonight
you're the leaves
and I'll be the branches
let's make a world
full of trees and happy places
and put smile on everybody's faces
Goodnight my dear twilight
sweet kisses will travel
the world for you tonight
keneth Jun 25
we always went the same route
six-thirty in the afternoon
we'll both be on our way home
riding orange-tainted jeepneys

and i never really paid attention
to the parked cars along our way
like how i never paid attention
to everything you say

i was on the same route
six-thirty in the afternoon
i was on my way home
this time, alone
notice those parked cars along the way? the road feels empty, now that they're gone.
raquezha Jun 24
fades to black
as rain starts to drop
I'm still waiting here
at the crossroads
will I ever sleep tonight
will you be my sweet dream
will you hold me tight
while I battle
these nightmares
every night
will you be my

raquezha Jun 23
sing for me
when you reach the stars
don't forget who you are
every night I dream
of you singing
behind the stars
it's when I hear you sing
that makes my heart sing
it makes me feel like a king
conqueror of feelings
you are my light
a light that never fades
raquezha Jun 22
you are the reason
for my music to exist
humming to a new melody
words are created
with a perfect harmony
you change how I perceive
the world we live in
each word that I write
give birth to another rhythm
you are my meaning
my thoughts and my lyrics
you are the reason why I sing
raquezha Jun 21
goal of a picture
is to capture
a moment in time
that takes you back
to a spiral journey
freezing everything
portraying nothing
just an imagery
of a timeless memory
stuck between
seconds and minutes
hours and days
here and everywhere
it's not just a picture
it's also about you
raquezha Jun 20
Baby, you make music
like a mother's love
you take your listeners
to their childhood memories
you make them miss their moms
your music kills all the cliches in the world
your music heals all sounds
your music captures my soul
so don't ever stop
until you reach your goal
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