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Justine Louisy Jul 2020
I know these people.

Their voice box doesn’t even need to be awake.

I know their character by the way their lips are dressed.

A streak of blue,
I know their brain is sweating stress.

A display of rose,
I know their flirtatious fever is always contagious.

A heap of  crust,
I know their anger stings the meaning of trust.

A stream of moisture,
I know their soul sooths and heals the shadows.

A thin size,
I know they seek comfort in a box.

A big size,
I know they feed off centre stage.

A nest of cuts,
I know they want the gift of love.

Justine Louisy
Copyright © Justine Louisy 2020
All Rights Reserved
Nigdaw Mar 2020
it is strange to see
irregular lines scrawled
across the page
in some small way I made them
helped to shape from where they came
then it slowly dawned on me
they could be better than anything
I have ever penned to page
ARI Mar 2018
No one seems to realize
Who I really am and all
The hurt inside me
Has been thoroughly hidden
Deeply within every poem
My exhausted hands have penned.
I’ve yet to be found.

Smriti Ranabhat Nov 2017
I am your poem.

From that mountain hole
Too many pains left
And from the island of the vexation
A little pleasure on the journey twinkle They made  a missiles
I was fabricated just below your heart
And I am the part of it

Just by planting a tree farm
Trouble dirts your hands
I was penned from composition of roughness
And I am the stanzza of it

Thunder thrown out of your eyes
They are more expensive than pearls
Drinking  nano water
I was  masterminded
And I am the Masterpiece of it

The debt too scared by itself
Searching for fertilizer tissue
Selling the blood of your own
I was painted from the words of penalty
And I am the same book of it

Momma ! I'm not a poetess
I am your poetry ....
I am the product of plenty of sufferings ,and vexation that momma suffers
I am her words falling and rolling in the real life   ,pattern of her language
And I am her whole book
Inaya Jun 2016
You reside in my eyes and flow through my tears, so I let you rest on my cheek for a while before you fall away from me.

— The End —